I did it ........ and I'm pretty proud of myself!

momj47March 15, 2006

I snaked out my kitchen drain tonight! What a job, but I probably saved myself $100. My kitchen sink stopped draining last night, and I dreaded calling the plumber, taking off work and waiting around, only to wonder if I could have done it myself. I called my neighbor for advice (they are a wonderful family, one of the reasons I stayed in the neighborhood after my divorce, neighbors like these are keepers. Here's a picture of their having lunch with my daughter and me at Rainforest Cafe).

I did have to go to HD and get the heavy duty, 50' 1/2" snake. My neighbor tried with his small, shorter one, and it just wouldn't reach. He gave advice and took the trap off and put it back on (that's my next lesson), but I snaked that thing down 20 feet or so several times, until it moved through the blockage. My arms are like rubber.

Now, to figure out why. It looks, from the stuff I got out, that lint from the washer is getting caught in a pipe, guess that's the next problem to be solved.

Now I can run the dishwasher, and air out the house, that stuff smells awful.

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Good for you, you should be proud! I hope your arms aren't feeling worse today.

LOL at that mound of ice cream & the faces ~ great picture!

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Wow!! I'm really impressed! And inspired. Next time we have a clog, I'm going to HD and get me a snake, LOL.

And good heavens, what IS that ice cream delight??? Very cute picture, BTW.

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I"ve always tried to do a few simple repairs over the years, my XH wasn't real handy. My dad was amazing and he taught me a lot, but I've never done anything like that before. I also found out I can rent one of those big power snakes from HD. It might be a good idea to give the waste pipe a good cleaning. I probably should have done it when I remodeled the kitchen - I have 30 years of accumlated gunk, heaven only knows what the previous owners put down the drain! LOL

That's Rainforest Cafe's Sparkling Volcano - it comes with a sparkler on top. My daughter and my neigbor's younger daughter share the same birthday - so I try and take them both out for lunch (along with her little sister and my SIL and anyone else who thinks they have to come along).

It's funny how birthdays have worked out, the older daughter has the same birthday as my niece and my grandson has the same birthday as another neice. I have no excuse for forgetting birthdays.

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You go grrrrl! I was wondering if you'd had to buy a snake but I guess it would be like an umbrella, if you have it, you don't need it.

Glad the flow is back. Maureen

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