Nuheat mats installation

meltitusOctober 26, 2009

In what rooms is Nuheat usually installed? Is it can be installed even in bathrooms?

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That's where it's USUALLY installed.

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Nuheat is perfect for master bathrooms, kitchens, kidÂs bathrooms, mudrooms, sunrooms and family rooms; really, any room where you spend time and would appreciate a warm floor. Many people tell that the Master Bathroom is installed first and then the desire for more heated floors spreads to other rooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: nuheat mats

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Julie-- are you a rep? If so, glad to have you in here!!

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We are installing Nu Heat Pads in the Kitchen, Sunroom, Office, Bedroom, Master En-suite and Guest bathroom.

Make sure the subfloor is clean, clean, clean

We used Laticrete 253 Gold

Set into the thin set and work into the fleece matting.

I have a bunch more pictures at my Photo Bucket Account of this process.

Here is a link that might be useful: Installing Nu Heat Pads in Vancouver

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So the pads went in fairly well it was just at the folds that we had some larger air pockets. I cut these out and skimmed over top and she is good.

All in all this was a very straight forward installation. We are having a speciality concrete coating pumped into these rooms and the look will be very contemporary. Nu Heat here in Vancouver is excited about the end look and is using our little install as a case study.

Hope it turns out right!

Any tricks you pro Nu Heat installers use to flatten down these creases. On one fold I tried a simple 2"x4" and a 5 gallon bucket of water. That was the only crease that did not need attention. To insure I did not stress the mat when I removed the 2"x4" I gave it a light tap sideways before I picked it up off the ground.

Still two more matts to go in. And so much drywall repairs. And to think we should up just to install a tile top point drain and provide a vapour and waterproofing for the steam shower...


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