Should I choose Brazilian Cherry hardfloor?

rudyflOctober 1, 2007

I love the color of the prefinished Brazilian cherry or Mahogany. I hear that they will get darker overtime. I had old Ranch house. I am concerning that the dark color will make room darker and smaller.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/suggestions!

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Have you looked at Brazilian Teak (Cumuru)? It is rich and warm but doesn't change color. It has much less red than the BC or mahogany.

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I love BC and nearly picked it because it's so beautuful and durable, but the color change thing bothered me. So I'm going with Bloodwood, which is redder than BC, but more stable colorwise. Bloodwood is not for everyone because it's such a dramatic color, but I fell in love with it. My best advice - pick what you love the most, don't talk yourself into something less. You'll be looking at it for a long time and either loving it or regretting that you settled for something less than what you really wanted.

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gardenchick, that is one gorgeous floor.

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oofasis, thanks so much. We have it throughout our entire house except for the bedrooms and laundry room and absolutely love it. It's probably the most complimented feature of our home. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a floor with deep, rich, warm tones.

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read the august Consumers report on hardwood. BC changes color quite dramatically so it will probably be quite noticable to you

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As an FYI, last night we took up our area rugs in two rooms with the Brazilian Teak floor and there is absolutely no color change. Good to know the color on this floor is stable.

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If you like the brownish toes Tiete Chestnut is another specie that doesn't change color as dramatic as Brazilina Cherry. Personally I have always favored Santos Mahogany. More expensive, but gorgeous!

Brazilian Cherry..I often get tired of hearing about it, because it is the most abundant of all exotics and you'll see it in showrooms everywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I had read a comsumer report said that "it was among the worst for wear in flooring review, and quickly darkened in UV tests". Is this true? I like bright and a lots of lights in the house.

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"it was among the worst for wear.."

Probably because too many think a hard wood floor doesn't need as much maintenance as others. Not to mention it is the most often sold extotic hardwood out there. More consumers buying equal more complaints.

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We just put brazilian cherry in our living room, and it's beautiful. We went with pre-finished, bc of asthma problems in the family, and it worked out fine. It's a very rich color, and if it changes over time, well, that's ok too. If you love natural wood, you can live with that, I guess. Our favorite hardwood dealer is Kellogg Hardwood Lumber in Connecticut -- we did not buy this particular floor from him, because we got it from a friend, but Kellogg is worth a visit from the NYC area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kellogg Wide Plank Flooring

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On the BR-111 Site it says that Santos Mahogany does not darken anymore than Red Oak does and is a stable wood in terms of color. I am also going back and forth between Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany or Amendoim. I love all three and I wish I could see a home in person with the last two I mentioned so I can make up my mind since it is difficult to tell by a picture on the monitor or a sample although both do help a lot. I love the color variation and I love the red in all three wood species.

Some parts of my home office (where I want to put the wood floors and get rid of this beige wall-to-wall carpet that is so difficult to keep clean) are dark with not much light so they will stay lighter than the parts of the office by the window. Also my file cabinets take up a lot of the floor so I worry that if I move, the color will be so much lighter underneath. But I just love all three woods so much and I love my neighbor's Brazilian Chery floor but then again I wish her 2.25" planks would be wider to help me make a decision. I like both the 3.25" wide and 5" wide planks. I am sure I am going with Porcelain tile in the two foyer areas.

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We're in the midst of laying down Brazilian Cherry ourselves, and I'm really excited about it. We bought ours online and every page of the site's Brazilian Cherry products it clearly stated that it would darken over time.

How dark is dark, I wonder? I've not seen any photos...

Here is a photo of it being laid down (we're much further along, but this is the only photo I have):

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It is very hard to keep Brazilian Cherry tidy looking--the grain is so fine, and the dark color shows every smear and bit of dust. You could, if you are fussy, work on this floor twice a day to keep it pristine. I like the look of the Brazilian Teak, above. It has a more mottled finish, and probably conceals dirt a little better. Voice of experience speaking. ... .I wouldn't do it again.

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Anyone else that has Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors who would not do it again or will do it again? I wish they would not darken since I love their color when first installed.

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Have it (Bellawood pre-finished BC) and probably would not do it again. It is stunning, when it is clean. vedazu is correct -- it shows every smear, drip and crumb (especially the glossy finish like ours).

I always joke that it looks like a gem for about one hour after you clean it.

And yes, it did darken -- but really who cares -- no one looks under your area rugs anyway.

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Thanks Stir_Fryi for your reply. It looks like glossy dark floors are difficult to keep looking nice so maybe I should go with semi-gloss or a satin or low luster. I am still going back and forth between Santos Mahogany, Amendoim and Brazilian Cherry. I wish I could see them in homes reather than in pictures to help me make up my mind. I just want a hardwood floor that is very hard with some red in it. I really wanted Cherry floors until I found out how soft the wood was.

Stir-Fryi, any pics of your floors?

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I finally installed a spell check and after it spell checked, I forgot to press preview again before sending. I am good at spelling but my keyboard is having issues and I need to buy a new keyboard. I type "r" and it types "re".

Anyone know which gets darker in the end: Santos Mahogany or Brazilian Cherry?

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I love my Brazilian Cherry floors, and I'd probably install them again, simply because I love the color so much. But yes, they do show every little bit of dust and hair (and I have two cats -- that's a lot of hair and kitty litter specks to show off!) You either resign yourself to swiffering the floor twice a day, or just deal with it.

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Thank you rivkadr for letting me know how much you still love your Brazilian Cherry floors. I have allergies to dust so seeing the dust may make me clean the floors more often and I do not think I would mind for that beauty. My furkidz are nonshedding dogs so that may not be too much of a problem for me with the animal hair.

I found an installer to install the tile I want in my two foyers and to install the hardwood I want in my living room, dining room and family room. I need to pick out a kitchen floor still unless I let that go until another time despite it needing to be replaced also. I am now pretty sure based on your pictures and my samples and the hardness of the Brazilian Cherry, that I am going with that wood. I love the color as well as the variation in the colors and grain a lot. Again, thank you.

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dan_dhrt, I love your kitchen so much! The Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring in the Jatoba Expresso Stain really adds a richness to your kitchen and looks wonderful with your creamy beautiful kitchen cabinets. I appreciate you sharing and you are right that I should go with my first choice which was the Brazilian Cherry flooring but so many people kept trying to talk me into going with a lighter floor. I love the richness of the Brazilian Cherry and I just feel it will look nice in my home office and in my family room as well as being a very hard wood. If I sell the place and under the cabinets it is lighter, I read that with sunlight, that area will darken up to match also.

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Hi Lynn,

Yes, Sam, the salesperson who we dealt with for our hardwood told us the same thing, that over time the Brazilian Cherry will darken.....over time, i.e. not within a week or a year. :-)

That's OK with me as I had thought that sun on wood made the wood lighter, not darker, until Sam corrected me.


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Yes it will start to darken within days, when exposed to a lot of UV light. Have a room with tall windows, and letting a lot of light into the room, and it will almost change before your eyes.

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I feel sad but I think the darkening up will not be good for my home office since one of the two rooms has no windows so will look like I have two different hardwood floors in the adjoining two rooms. I really love the color.

Now I am going back to my Amendoim idea since I read that it only has mild darkening. Is this true?

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We have nearly 2000 square feet of Brazilian Cherry in our home. They do darken over time. Ours is 5" wide with a satin sheen. It is wearing very well--much better than the red oak in our last home. It is much better at resisting dents and scratches than our previous floor. We would certainly do it again. If denting and gouging is an issue look into the strand bamboo. I put some in a rental home--I got a deal on it--and the stuff is like iron. I hope this helps

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Jeff, do you have any pics of your Brazilian Cherry floors? What brand did you use? I have to use an engineered hardwood flooring due to the slab my townhouse is on.

I moved the big samples from the dark part of the room to in front of my desk where I have light and I am getting used to the dark rich multi-color that is so beautiful. The sample is of 2.25" boards that are busy. I am wondering if I had a big 7 plank sample of the wider boards, it I would like the look better in my home office that has a lot of darker cherry desks on the floor as well as putty cabinets with light walls and only one wall that has windows so the rest of the room does not get much light and I had to buy more floor lamps since I dislike working in the dark.

Did you find that parts of your room are lighter than the parts that get more sun? I guess I fear that the room behind the half a wall high and half a wall long will stay much lighter than the room in front of this wall since my home office has two rooms with one of them no windows but they are connected onto one big great room. Does the floor make your room look dark?

I really want a floor good at resisting dents and scratches with a red tone. Every time I decide I better go with a lighter floor, I see someone's Brazilian Cherry floors that I love and then I am back to thinking it may work in my home after all despite the dramatic color change.

Maybe the wider planks will look lighter with wider boards that are lighter among the darker colors? I just love the wood grain on the Brazilian Cherry species.

Also where did you buy the strand bamboo and what brand was it since the samples I have here scratched easily.

Amazing that I am back to square one with my floor that I was at a few months ago with not sure between Brazilian Cherry or Amendoim floors but now I also like the Bruce Park Avenue Laminate flooring but fear the extra glossy coating will be slippery and always looks smudgy despite liking the way this African Cherry Laminate flooring looks and how sturdy it is.

At least I am sure of the foyer tile so I made one decision. When I picked out my cherry office furniture 14 years ago, I made the decision in 30 minutes. It was love at first sight. But with the floor, I am scared to make a mistake since it is permanent and I am scared that under all my file cabinets will be a totally different color that I will have problems explaining to buyers why this is so if I ever sell my townhouse.

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Lynn, the Brazilian Cherry I have is Chinese made/Bolivian grown and supplied by Black River Floors. It is engineered 9/16 with a 4mm wear layer. The quality of the floor is good, but not on par with Mannington. Of, course it was half the cost of Mannington as well. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again.

The floor does darken and I have some light spots when I move my furniture, but they do even out in time. The darkening is even throughout each room, except where furniture is, but that evens out when I move it.

The strand bamboo was a customer return at Lumber Liquidators and I got a deal on it. It was cheaper, including glue, than mid-grade carpet for my rental. It held up very well during the time I owned the property. It looked decent, but the I wouldn't put the style in my own home.

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lynn, if it would help any, I could send you a few of our left over boards. They wouldn't be gigantic, but maybe a few of the foot long boards, if that would be of any help. Send me an email through my profile if you're interested -- I know how trying to make a choice through the tiny little sample squares they send is near impossible.

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rivkadr, I sent you an email with my address. Just let me know what postage I owe you. A few boards would be great to help me make a decision since these little samples are too small.

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Hey Lynn2006,

I've been following the thread with interest.

On the question of narrow or wide planks, my preference would be for wider planks. It will be easier to keep clean as you don't have to worry about pushing dust, etc. in the space between the boards.

BTW, yes, we tend to clean our dark Jatoba Expresso Bazilian Cherry than the light coloured ones we had in our other home. However, not by as much as some have tended to indicate here that they do. And, to clean it we just use one of those Swiffers that are advertised here and it takes no time at all.

I hope that helps,

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Thanks Dan for the information on your floors. I am leaning back towards Brazilian Cherry and can't wait to get the sample boards from Rivkadr. Thanks for letting me know that you prefer the wider plank boards. Your kitchen is so beautiful and the rich dark floor really enhances the beauty of the room.

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rivkadr, Thank you so much for the boards that arrived today with the various colors you chose. Amazing that they arrived in such a short amount of time all across the USA!

The boards have shown me that I love the 3.25" width size in my office since the hallway area is narrow being that I have file cabinets on one side and my desk on the other side with more file cabinets. The BR-111 Engineered Triangulo is made so sturdy and is much better to see it in this size than in the tiny sample I have that is of the cheaper engineered wood they sell. I love the wood grain on each piece that is not like oak ( I have Bruce Engineered Rotary Peel cut oak in my foyers right now that are damaged and I always hated the heavy coarse rotary peel look) that I am so tired of.

I am going to put the pieces outside in the sun and cover half of each piece to see how they look in a few days and how they look in my room again. They are very nice and the pics you show are beautiful. If I did not have so much furniture in my room and had more windows on both sides of the room, I would not be worried about the change in color. I like the color better than the Amendoim but I like that the Amendoim will not change so drastically in color that may create problems since I will be unable to move the heavy furniture and I would have to use more lights on the other side of the room to get it to catch up with darkening. I really love the boards you sent except for the very dark brown one but I know with the Amendoim there is a board that I also did not love. Real wood has variation in colors and grains that is beautiful. The samples were such a nice gesture that is helping me and I really appreciate your help. I will send a check to you right away for the postage to your return address. Again thank you so much!

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Tonight, I grouped all the Brazilian Cherry Samples I have in front of my Credenza with the foot long boards (five engineered boards that Rivkadr sent me and a few other foot long boards that are solid wood).

Then I have the Makore Samples next to the BC samples (4 since I got one sample from Brutuses and three others I bought online). Next I put the Amendoim Samples I have (only two very small ones are engineered since I was able to only get solid wood samples despite knowing I am not using solid wood).

I love the look of my floor now near my credenza since the samples are covering this 18 year old beige carpet that I am tired of and that never looks clean to me no matter how many times I steam clean it

I have a beautiful floor now created from samples of just three of the species (Brazilian Cherry, Amendoim and Makore). The longer boards really make a big difference than all the little pieces I had. I just love all three species! The Amendoim matches very closely to the Makore's color.

The sunlight only darkened up the samples I bought online when I had them a few weeks ago out in the direct sunlight. The boards Rivkadr sent me stayed their beautiful colors despite keeping them out in the sun for several hours today with half of the wood covered. They are very rich and beautiful. One of the darker pieces has some whiter mineral deposits that did not bother me like I thought it would.

Maybe none of the woods will get dark in my townhouse with all the trees hovering over my backyard and the fact I live in an interior townhouse so I do not get much natural sunlight. Most of my lamps on my office are the new three modern Fluorescent Touchier Lamps that give off 400 watts of light (the manufacturer claim 500 watts each) so most of the light is going upward not darkening the wood as I see it since the wood stays the same rich beautiful color. My office is so bright and happy now that I honestly feel it can handle a warmer color on the wall other than Linen White now with white trim. I also feel any of the three final choices I have on the floor I will be happy with.

I just love the Semi-Gloss Shine on the BR-111 Triangulo Engineered wood better than any of my engineered wood or solid wood samples. I also feel it is made so well which I would have not known without seeing the foot long boards. Amazing that so many short pieces are used in exotic woods.

Also the Glossy Makore just looks beautiful and not too glossy since there is no sunlight or lamp light shining down on it.

I will bring out the samples in direct sunlight for a few more days and the make my decision which I will use in my two room home office and family room. I wish I could use all three in my home since amazingly I love all three so much.

Thank you all for being there for me. I live alone and most of my friends have moved away out of my expensive state and the ones that stayed have no interest in decorating and do not even...

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I had to put off my flooring decision until after my busy season due to the tile guy foyer installation problems that I had. I love my new beige Akoya Bone Porcelain tiles in the two small foyer areas that to me and others look like real Travertine Stone but now the always dirty looking beige rug is still in the other three rooms and I have to make a decision within this next month.

I keep going back to the Brazilian Cherry Flooring despite my fear that the color under all these 42" wide file cabinets will be so much lighter and create problems if I move.

Anyone have Brazilian Cherry Flooring and have problems with selling their home?

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I'm about to install Brazilian Cherry floors in my condo. It is my first choice and I knew it was the floor for me when every hardwood flooring place I went to, I was drawn to the same floor! A few comments:

1. I would choose narrower planks (3") for smaller spaces and wide planks (7") for very large rooms. For my condo, I chose 5" planks.

2. Brazilian Cherry does darken but it will not keep darkening forever. At one point, it will stabilize to its permanent colour... a natural deep reddish brown.

3. I chose Karelia brand floors. It's manufactured and milled in Finland and does not use aluminum oxide for its top coating. Aluminum oxide is apparently very bad for you, especially during the sawing and installation as dust is created and inhaled. Also, because of the stricter regulations that exist in Europe (Aluminum oxide is banned there), the flooring will not release formaldehyde gases which can be particularly harmful to pets and children. Other European brands to look for would be Upo (same as Karelia... just a "select" wood) or Kahrs. The Chinese makes will most definitely use Aluminum oxide and have a lower precision milling method.

4. I chose a semi-gloss which, for Karelia, is very natural looking with a sheen. They also have a matte finish which looks like bare wood. A very nice finish if you want a more rustic look. A lot of cheaper Chinese manufacturers version of semi-gloss will look somewhat plasticky.

5. Each individual Brazilian Cherry plank will darken to a different level so there will be noticeable variation between planks, which I like. I actually really like seeing the individual planks and would have gotten a V-bevel edge if Karelia offered it with the semi-gloss version (it is available for the matte version only).

6. Brazilian Cherry is one of the hardest hardwoods so the complaints regarding the amount of wear (mentioned earlier in the thread) do not make sense to me as most other hardwood flooring would, over the same time and traffic, be even worse.

I'm so excited to have the floors in. About 2 more weeks of renos and the flooring installer comes in!

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Kenjwan, Thank you so much for your post. I have been looking at posts trying to find pictures of the Brazilian Cherry floors in 5" wide planks. I just ordered the BR-111 planks that had no outgassing and the boards fit together so tightly in my samples. I called the store today and if I wish, I can change the order Monday to the 3.25" width planks but I am starting to feel a little bit better about the width I ordered since my family room has a high ceiling and my living room and dining room is really one bigger room so I thought the wider board made the room look bigger but I was wishing the plank size was 4" which is the look I wanted. I love color variation and I love the mosaic of colors I see in the 3.25" width foot long boards I have here that someone sent me from the flooring forum last year that had me fall in love with the Brazilian Cherry Floors. I know I will love the coloring, I just wish the boards were a little less wide. I may stay with my order since reading your post. I wish you had your floor installed.

Please post pictures. I just found out that my client has this floor in his bedroom. My client lives hours from me and heard how stressed I was the other day so he measured his boards and told me he picked the floors in his home for color and not for width. He was surprised the reddish laminate he loves in his basement was 5.25" wide. He was surprised that his bedroom's Brazilian Cherry floors (that he loves_ was only 3.5" wide since he thought they looked wider and he still loves the floor. The rest of his home has 7.5" wide boards and he felt 5" would not be too wide and I am worrying only because in show rooms they have the slimmer boards and I can't see in person what the floor would look like with the mosaic of colors and I fear that the look I fell in love with would go away.

I remember some 5" wide boards that I loved in pictures but those posters took their pictures away.

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Why don't you look at some hardwood flooring manufacturer's web sites as they all have photos of the floors.

As for the plank width, because of the variation to which each plank will darken, my feeling is that with a narrower plank, the floor will look too busy. Something to consider.

Try some of these links:

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Thank you Kenjwan for the pictures and reassuring me that I am correct that due to my very long combined two room office area, the wider plank will look best and not too busy. I am feeling good tonight about my decision and finally cleaned off my desk so I can catch up with some work.

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Nole95, What wall color did you use that looks so nice with your Brazilian Cherry Floors? I really like the paint color. I am trying to decide what color to repaint my BM Linen White Walls with that is a little bit warmer but not too dark since my home office does not have a lot of light.

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KenJWan, what an amazing transformation of your home with the gorgeous Brazilian Cherry Floors! I love them! I also love all the other changes you have made creating a beautiful kitchen and living area. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Are you still following this post? I would like to ask you about your comment on Aluminum oxide banned in europe. I am in california and we have new regulations about offgassing that are supposed to be stricter than Europe. Would your concern about Aluminum oxide still apply? I would love a europeon oil stain engineered wood, but my budget is limited.

I am looking at light maple (stain)or white oak low sheen Chinese products and am a little weary of quality. But now you bring up the Aluminum oxide issue. I would be asking the installer to cut the board outdise so as not to get the dust particles in the house.

I can not seem to find much of anthing on the internet about Aluminum oxide except for they use it in so much of the finishes.

Right now I am considering Millstone maple wheat or Elegance San Simone. Appreciate any feedback about Chinese products and finishes. Or alternatives that are moderately priced.

Carol (

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Hi lynn2006. Thanks for the comments. I was hoping you were still checking out this forum so I could show you the new floors. Did you get yours installed?

Carol. If you are able to have your boards cut outside, I think it would make a difference. As for off-gassing, I think any opportunity to reduce our exposure to chemicals would be a good thing. For example, I hear that as much as bamboo is "a good environmental choice", the demand has caused forests to be chopped down to grow bamboo and that the glues used to hold the strands together make off-gassing a bigger issue than traditional hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, environmentally conscious choices tend to be more expensive and will be until everyone gets on board. At the same time, if you are working within a certain budget and cannot afford to pay the extra premium on safer or more environmentally sound flooring, then I'd say just focus on getting an otherwise quality product that will not cause you headaches in the long run (pieces not fitting properly, thin veneer tops (if choosing engineered hardwood) that cannot be refinished, cracking or splitting, etc.).

As far as Chinese products, there are some very good ones and some really cheap ones. Just do your research before you decide. Ask lots of questions about the manufacturing process, warranty on material, etc. Mostly, once installed, you will likely never really think about it again, outside of admiring its beauty. :)

Here's a couple more shots showing the view in my place. FYI, this is DT Vancouver, BC, Canada and in the second shot, just above the right edge of the island (above the darker area in the window) is the former athletes village during the Winter Olympics this past February.

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KenJwan, your floors are beatiful! I wish I had all the light that you have so my 5" wide Brazilian Cherry floors would look beautiful all the time. I may try to find a way to add more light to my rooms since I have an interior townhouse. I love how your floors looks in every room especially your kitchen! Maybe I need to add recessed lighting to my rooms instead of just floors lamps like you have.

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Our first love was Brazilian Cherry. We have ended up doing "character grade" American Cherry. You know, the stuff that floor people throw out or disgrace with a second grade class. It has beautiful natural knots and gorgeous color variation. All the things installers avoid. We were also lucky enough to find an installer with similar appreciation for this natural beauty. He did so much as to set aside the "wild" stuff and placed it prominently in view where it could be appreciated. A personal opinion but we love it.

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boylanite2, my first love was American Cherry until I realized how soft it was so then I found Brazilian Cherry. I would love to see a picture of your floors that sound beautiful. I love color variation and wish my floor had more of it near my desk. My family room has a lot of variety in the boards but that is because I fired the other installer and the new one followed what I wanted.

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Has anyone had any experience with Brazilian Cherry from Ark Floors Inc. This is a South American timber - Cut/Finished in a Chinese Mill. In fact the parent company of Ark Floors Appears to be a chinese company ??

** I want to know quality of product - finish and cut

** How safe is it to have aluminium oxide coating since this since I have small Kids at home.

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Ark Floors, Inc.'s Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors Picture is very nice! I do not know anything about the company but the pictures on their website are very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ark Floors, Inc's Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors Picture

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The real Brazilian cherry change the color. So if in few years you going to move area rug or furniture,you see much lighter area. Its very bad i think.Also if you have to repair, change few boards , you never find matcing color board.

Here is a link that might be useful: wood floor ny

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this is my one big worry and I am leaning towards not buying Brazilian cherry wood because of this. However what other hardwood has the richness of that color, and the hardness of that wod?


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Despite not liking how dark my Brazilian Cherry floors became in my home office, I loved them so much in my family room so I have been so disappointed they were ruined in my flood recently. I have tried so many sample big boards from a local store and I am realizing that the wide board just does not look good in my home office and I do love my floors despite the color change. I am not back into deciding which exotic wood floor but in the 3.25" or 3.5" wide depending on which engineered width is being offered. All the really wide boards in other brands just do not look right in my home office with little floor showing to my eyes. Also if the boards are shorter and less wide, more of the light boards will be seen and I will see the mosaic of colors that I fell in love with almost 4 year ago when I installed my floors. Yes, they change color but no wood is perfect especially if one is stuck with engineered wood since I am on a slab floor and I have to make sure the wood looks good with my Putty file cabinets. Hope this helps others that despite the problems associated with Brazilian Cherry needing to be cleaned more often and darkening, I do love the exotic floors the way they dramatically make a room come alive if one can't have rugs in the room.

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