Daughter living in Italy needs visa advice.

adoptedbygreyhoundsMarch 19, 2006

Does anyone have experience or a contact in Italy she could talk to about work visas?

I realize this is not kitchen, home or garden related, but it is family related and I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.

DD has been living in Italy on a tourist visa which is about to expire and she will be home for a short while (YEA!!) But she wants to live in Italy (her fiance is Italian) plus earn a living teaching English. She has done this in the past, sort of under the table, has a certificate, and has taught EASL in Thailand for 15 months and the school (in Italy) wants to hire her full time as soon as she can get the work visa arranged. She thought the work visa thing was all worked out but there was a miscommunication and it has fallen through; She would have to come to the US, work for a company or university for a while and then be "released" to go to Italy to teach for a year. This is not very satisfactory for a number of reasons.

DD needs advice from someone in Italy with knowledge about visas, etc. Does anyone have experience or a contact in Italy she could talk to? DH and I are no help and we would all be very gratful for any advice or assistance.

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You don't say what city your daughter is in, but the obvious place to start is the American Embassy. In Rome it is easy to find at 119/A Via Veneto. Tel: +39 06.4674.1 Fax: +39 06.4674.2356 Other major cities, such as Florence, also have consulate offices.

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Also, if you want to help your daughter from your end of things, call the Italian consulate closest to you. There is one in almost every major city--Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, etc. Just search on the web and go to the visa section.

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Is she planning on getting married to the Italian boyfriend ... quickest way to get working papers!!

Seriously, the US does not hand out work visas to anybody who wants one ... I would think Italy doesn't either. Usually when a company hires a foreigner they are the "sponsors" of the work visa. I would assume the school in Italy would have to be involved as her "sponsor".

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Try the below link. It sounds like maybe you get it through the employer? Some visas in the U.S. work this way as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Italy Work Visas

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Thank you, thank you for your replies. She had already tried the It. consulate web pages, and visited the Sogiorno Polizia in Arezzo and, Chispa, they always laughlingly point out the marriage option but are not ready to do that yet, LOL. (And we are not going to pressure them to marry for that reason!)

Anyway, we may have something worked out. The school here where I took Italian, run by wonderful and friendly Italians, is always looking for good teachers and they may be willing to work out somthing and hire her. We're keeping our fingers crossed and will know something mid April.

Thanks again for your replies.

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AdoptedbyGH... When we lived in Korea, this happened all the time: Americans would come to Seoul to teach English, then their work visas expired or guest visas expired. They HAD to leave the country because they were not citizens. Don't quote me here, but I think there, the visas expired every 120 days. So, a solution was for the American to book the cheapest round trip ticket one day out of the country. Example: They would fly round-trip in a 24 hour period to Japan; their passport had an exit visa stamp, then Japanese entry visitor visa stamp, exit visa stamp from Japan, then re-enter Korea as a visitor/guest with a valid visa stamp for another 120 days (or whatever it is.) Apparently, this was the easiest and cheapest way for anyone without a contractor's job with the US Government to stay in Korea legally.

They use to hold seminars for American spouses that worked in their economy on how to 'stay in Korea' and be legal. I still had to get a visa stamp yearly even as a spouse!

It may be similar in Italy.

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Hi, Sherilynn, you're back! I missed hearing from you for a while.
Yes, Italy also has a similar rule for tourist visas, but I think it is 90 days. DD has also made several trips out of the country to comply. Her problem is she needs to earn a living and do it legally and so she needs a work visa. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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AG: Is she a teacher? The American Embassy may have an American school there that might be interested in hiring her as well.


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