maddiemom6March 4, 2007

Hi all!,

Sorry to worry everyone. I took a small hiatus from my kitchen to get a little perspective on life. Oddly enough I found there was way more to life than obsessing about my kitchen. And yet that does not get the work done and I am back to work on it this week. I got part of my wallpaper up and am praying that the plumber will see fit to come this week. Normally I would plumb it all myself but so much it going on that I would rather use my money more than my time at this point.

My husband is doing well but now has to have knee surgery. But his heart it ticking quite nice now and I am very happy about that. The kick in the pants is that my dad has cancer again/still? and I will be his caregiver again. I am hoping that he will be moving here into the house with us but I also have one of our duplexs open right now so he could also live there... I will know more about that soon.

I have missed so many of you and hope you all are doing well. I will check back in more often...but please also come by and say hi on my blog. I post word on my house, the kitchen and other projects there with photos. Leave me a comment so I know you came by!


Domestic Anarchy

Here is a link that might be useful: Domestic Anarchy Web Blog

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And about time too!LOL

We missed you Maddie :-). No one else brings such interesting things into a kitchen like you do, and then you make it all work!!

Sorry to hear about your Dad :-(

Hoping DH's knee surgery isn't too serious. I had knee surgery back in 2004 (torn ligament from rock climbing) and it was NO fun.

Will check out your blog whenever we see you missing again.

Take care of yourself.



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How nice of you to check in and say hello, Maddie! You certainly do have lots of varied interests and it's great fun to see your creations. We'd love to take a peek when you've added something else to your wonderfully colorful kitchen. Very glad to hear how well your hubby is, apart from the kneee, and sorry about your dad-- hope his treatments go well. My daughter had a new ACL installed last spring, and she's good as new now!

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Have missed your comments and chit-chat, am glad to hear your DH is doing better but sorry to hear about the knee, at least a quicker recovery with this. Sorry about your Dad, what a bummer to have him not well and to have to be a caregiver besides. Husband, kids, Dad, many things need your attention, just take care of YOU too. Come back sooner, we love to hear from you Maddie.

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Love your blog! :-) Thanks for sharing it!!!

Sending your Dad & DH healing thoughts,


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Helloooo ~ Sending warm thoughts your way. I hope your dad will be feeling better soon. Glad to hear your hubby's well (other than the knee surgery, which considering all else is a little blip on the radar screen of life) ;o)

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Boo back at you. Glad you checked in. Sorry about your dad.

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Maddie, I don't visit the KF very often these days, but you're one of the people I always look for when I do stop by. I've been fascinated with your unique plans and ideas for your kitchen, and I love watching them come to fruition. I'll enjoy reading your blog.

So sorry to hear that your DF is not well and that your DH needs more surgery. When it rains, it pours. Thank goodness, you seem to be the rock that everyone in your family counts on. More power to you!


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Ah, you all are so sweet. I had big plans that we were going to get a lot done this week.. but my plumber, my painter and my air guy and all put me off since they are swamped.. ~sigh~.. but on a better note I have been doing a lot of cleaning to get ready for them to make a mess and right now the house is looking pretty good!

I still have no decided what to do with my messed up tile work.. I have not had the foritude to pull it out.. nore test a few other ideas.. I will take photos and put them up on the blog so I can see what you all think.


Here is a link that might be useful: The blog

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