What the heck is this all about?

fairegoldMarch 8, 2007

This thread... the last post and "new" member of GW.

Here is a link that might be useful: last post (as of this minute)

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I'd be curious to see who else, if anyone, disappears when they send that user name to Disneyland.

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Fairegold, How do you know that was the (last post as of this minute)? Did you remove the "new" member?

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At the time I started this thread, the last post on the cited thread was from "Hybridhater". It was the last post on that thread when I made my post. I have no power to remove anyone.

I was just wondering who did what to whom, I have not opened that link, nor do I intend too.

SOunds like someone with a grudge,

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Sounds like an on going feud between those 2; I opened the link, it's the most juvenile thing I've ever seen here over the years, probably from a 13 year old; nothing disturbing at all.

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It appears that someone actually took the time to register under another name in order to add that gem ~ what a waste of time!

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Makes one wonder about the maturity level of some of our regular posters, eh?

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I dont' get it. The turbo chef article was fascinating and I'd love to see an online discussion of it. Did it appear as part of some kind of tragic flame war between two other posters? Who cares, the article and the turbo chef sound interesting. For those who didn't see it the process of design was described in a way that really made sense and some of the design elements, like the knobs, the auto-stop at "80 percent done" and the way the thing programs and remembers really makes sense, to me, in a way that the more computer oriented models don't--and I'm a computer junky. I just don't like programming my meals.


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Late to the party (again)

But now the link goes to a pretty benign and unreferenced place with little followup. No turbochef, no poster wars, nada.

Such a thorough cleanup. Like the CIA was here...

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Celticmoon, there had been a link on one of the posts on that thread that was pretty juvenile (I think it had been maybe the 4th post on the thread), but now the whole thing is sanitized and a number of posts are gone.

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