Which of 2 Grouts for my new Kitchen Tiles- only 2 Pics to choose

susanlynn2012October 12, 2011

Please vote on which of two grouts would look nice with my new Kitchen Tiles. There is only two pictures to choose from. Laticrete Permagrout: Either their Mushroom or their slightly lighter Antique White. I have posted a similar post in the kitchen site also worded differently but the same link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vote on which Grout- only 2 pics to look at

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Both of those colors are great choices. I am leaning towards the mushroom.

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Laurie_2008, thank you so much for your vote for the mushroom. That was my initial choice and then I saw the Antique White and I am still leaning towards the Mushroom but wanted to be sure so thought I would ask others what they thought.

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Keep in mind that grout will inevitably darken with age, even if it is sealed and maintained well.

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Ronaka, so I should choose the lighter Antique White grout? I was told that the grout dries slightly lighter than the stick so maybe that is why the stick is lightly darker. Which grout would be your choice? Thanks for letting me know. I definitely will be sealing the grout.

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I think you should select the color you like, but just be prepared for it to darken a little with age.

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