advice needed regarding air conditioning refrigerant leak

ashshaidkFebruary 24, 2013

I have a heating system with heat pump (6 years old, and never had any problem with it), and since about two days I have noticed that the heat pump is not working, but the heating system is working fine and my house is worm as usual. A reaper technician came to my house today ($69) and informed me that there is a leak in the system, and therefore I have to replace the heat pump and the cooling coil / evaporator coil (the triangular shape thing) which going to cost between ($1600 to $2000), for some reason IâÂÂm a little suspicious that the technician is not honest, he did use a tool with tow gages and the diagnostic process took him about 10 minutes, therefore it will be great if somebody can give me some advice and let me know if I need to have a second opinion (probably another $69) ⦠or I just need to accept my bad lock and replace the hall thing? Thank you all for your help in this regard.

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You need another opinion from a reputable company with a qualified tech.

Six yr old heat pump system? still under warranty?

The idea that your heating system is working just fine suggests you are running emergency heat which is very expensive strip heat. Be prepared for an expensive power bill.

What is the service history on your system? Any regular PM yearly service visits?

There are SOP techniques to locate leaks. Some can be repaired at a reasonable cost. Others can't. Usually dye is included in the refrigerant
system for hard to locate leaks. Some leaks though are quite obvious as to location.

Your starting point though is another opinion on your problem.

Post back and let us know what a real tech finds.


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The system warranty was just for 5 years, regarding service history; last time the system was checked by a tech was at the end of the warranty period and it was OK.
The tech who checked my system yesterday is from the same company how installed the system in my house (the system was installed at the time when the house was built) and therefore I believe he is a qualified tech, but it does not make since to change everything because of a leak!
The tech mentioned that to locate the leak it is going to cost me $300, and after finding out where it is leaking from, then he can provide me with an estimate for fixing it (if possible . . . that what he said) and therefore the total cost could end up close to replace the full system. So his advice is to replace the system because in this case IâÂÂm going to get another a 5 years warranty.
Is it a good idea to ask for adding Freon and see how long it will hold? So based on that I can predict if the system has a serious leak or not before spending the $2000.

Thank you all

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You are telling me a tech has recommended you replace a 6 yr old system due to a leak that he never located or even bothered to show you?

A junk yard hack.

That's the reason for another opinion.

You never want a gas n go without locating the leak and making the repair. Unless you just like to waste your money.


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I cant get over what some of these so called techs are pulling these days. Maybe its their boss who is instructing them on this but thats just crazy !
If i were you, I would be pissed off at that company. I'd call them and give them a piece of your mind. Tell them "How dare you sell me a central unit that needs to be partially replaced after only 6 years, according to your own tech" I bet they didnt tell you that when they sold it to you !

Make the tech show you exactly where its leaking. I take all my customer and show them where there systems are leaking.... a squirt bottle & flashlight or the UV light & dye.

Hope this helps

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