Why are my carrots white??

catherinetMarch 1, 2008

I'm preparing a bunch of veggies to serve after my daughter's recital tomorrow. And the baby carrots are all white! They are all newly purchased and have an expiration date 2 weeks off. I've washed them, which appears to help, but then the white all comes back. they look like crap. Bummer. What to do? Thanks.

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They're old and dehydrating, doesn't mean they aren't safe to eat. Those packaged baby carrots aren't really baby carrots at all, they're made from big carrots that are chopped up into smaller pieces then run through a grater/sander type machine to shape the chunks into little carrot shapes. Carrot flavor diminishes and/or gets more bitter as the carrot grows from finger size to theose monsters you sometimes see in the produce dept with all the cracks etc.

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Thanks pkguy,
I knew that about the "baby" carrots. I couldn't believe it when someone told me that when they first came out!
Do you think I could rehydrate them by keeping them submerged in water, until I need them tomorrow?

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The white could also be from the bleach they dip them in also....read that somewhere. Probably not much you can do short of removing it.


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Sorry to butt in, but yes, it would help to soak them in cool, fresh water for a while, it does take some of the whitish "bloom" off the surface of a dried-out carrot.

However, as they sit out on your platter, they will still get some of that whitish appearance again.

The trick I learned a while back was to toss them with a little bit of a neutral tasting oil, like canola, just before putting them on the serving platter. It masks the white appearance quite well, and doesn't dry out like water.

Just a little bit -- say maybe a tablespoon of oil to a pound of carrots. Easiest way to do this is to put them in a ziplock, add the oil, and shake or stir them around through the bag to coat.

You don't want them swimming in grease, just oiled up a little bit.

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Thanks Nancy and denninmi,
I was thinking about using a little oil. Would the people end up feeling the oil from the carrots on their fingers? (even with just a little bit)?
And would anyone have an allergy to oils, and think the carrots were safe? (I'm sort of a worst case senario person!)
They didn't look white in the package.....but I'm realizing that they keep some water in there, so it doesn't show up!
I guess we might just have to live with it, 'cause I sure don't want to scrape 300 "baby" carrots!

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"White Blush" on cut or peeled carrots is common, and harmless. It has to do with surface dehydration, which is intensified by abrasive methods of peeling or dull blades used in cutting. Soaking the carrots for an hour or two before serving them should alleviate the problem long enough for them to be eaten.

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See???? That's why Annt Doesnt eat carrots!

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Thanks rachel.

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Store bought carrots are pretty tasteless or woody or bitter. I never much cared for carrots until I began growing my own and got spoiled. They worsen as they grow larger so get the smallest thinnest fresh ones you can.

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My mother grew white carrots last summer. I heard on television too that carrots were originally white to start off with. The orange color was something that the Dutch did. Something about symbolizing the color of something of their country... can't quite remember.

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you musta creamed 'em.


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I had some like that and just peeled the white off and put them in Chicken soup.
I always buy the carrot bunches now.

i wonder if you could do the oil thing with people when they turn white.

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Lou - Don't you recall in the 70s when all the girls would oil up to go out sunbathing? That's what they were doing. :)

Catherine, if you decide to go the oil route, use canola or olive rather than corn or one with nuts if you're worried about allergies.

I've found "real" baby carrots in Trader Joes. If you need 300 it would be cost prohibitive, but they taste delicious. (Ann, I know you are not convinced.)

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Thanks everyone,
I had stored the washed carrots in ziploc bags with a little sprinkling of water. They sat there for 2 days. When I got them out to soak them the day of the recital, they were all beautiful again! There must have been enough moisture in the ziploc bags to rehydrate them, so I didn't need to soak them or use the oil.
Now I realize that's why they have a bit of water in the bag with them at the store.
Thanks for your help everyone.

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Glad it worked out well for you, Catherine! How were the recital and the party?

I beg to differ on the "white" carrots. I LIKE them that way. Sometimes a fresh package of "wet" carrots will have one or two that have gone bad, and their sliminess contaminates the rest; at least, the "white" ones are clearly not decayed, just a little dry. (However, I don't know whether they lose much nutritional value as they dry out.)


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Thanks Sue,
The recital was great. My daughter is a junior in college and is a music performance major, playing the french horn. She did really well and we were very proud of her!
The recital meal went very well. My daughter told me to prepare for 30-50 people! That's quite a range! Of course, it would be my worst nightmare to run out of food, so I made enough for 50+ and there were only about 32 there! Oh well.....my daughter and her boyfriend got to take home tons of stuff, and we have food for several meals. Only 364 days until the next recital, so I'd better get busy! LOL!
Thanks for asking, Sue.

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