Casabella Hardwood

reggie4October 23, 2008

I visited three reputable flooring stores today and they all sell this brand "Casabella hardwood". It is significantly cheaper and comes from China. I am looking at buying oak solid pre-finished. Any comments? Reggie4

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Good question,I too am curious if anyone has this flooring. I have seen it at some bigger flooring stores near me. I was drawn to the Asian Walnut. It was on sale for 4.99 sf
Can anyone please advise if they have this product. Also the samples of the Asian Walnut I have seem pretty soft. Is walnut a soft species

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I am having Casabella Hardwood in a antique handscraped asian walnut installed in two weeks time. I love the look of it, but am still a little nervous as I have not been able to find out anything whilst researching on the web about this flooring.

Our floor guy tells me it is a good quality floor.

If you do have any luck finding out any info I would love to hear it.

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Msg to Soraya 2008 - I am considering installing Casabella Handscraped Asian Walnut. I know you installed it about 4 years ago. How are your floors holding up. Were you happy with your decision.

Would appreciate any feedback you have for me.

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Asian Walnut is also called Acacia or Acacia Walnut flooring. There are big and small leaf Acacia or Asian Walnut. They are both from China. While small leaf is quite hard and with tight and more beautiful grain pattern, the big leaf is light in weight with more plain grain patterns. Small leaf Acacia trees are small size shrubs. So the floor boards are usually shorter from 1 to 4 feet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small leaf Acacia Hand Scraped

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We put in a Casabella hickory floor. Very poor quality wood - it varies considerably in thickness so there are big gaps in the floor and it isn't level. Wasn't even well finished - the tooling marks so rough that it felt like you were walking on Velcro when you hit parts of the flooring that had no finish on them. A lot of very short boards too. I definitely wouldn't recommend it.

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