Need help with floor moulding

gleapmanSeptember 4, 2012

Last big problem with kitchen remodel. We're installing vinyl plank flooring (Armstrong Luxe Plank-Empire Bamboo). At one end of the kitchen the floor ends at a half-step down to a landing for the basement stairs. The old flooring had a big, ugly metal step nose. We want to go with something small and wood this time.

From the picture, you can see a sample of the flooring, then a 1/4 inch underlayment, then 3/4 inch subfloor. The underlayment and subfloor can be trimmed back as needed to accommodate whatever solution we come up with. Our floor guy has suggested either a stair nose or a baby threshold. I've seen 'reducers' at the big box stores, and that might be an option.

Our main criteria are that we want something in an unfinished wood that is less than two inches wide (preferably closer to 1-1/2 inches).

Have not been able to find anything locally (Denver). (The reducers at HD and Lowes are pre-finished.) Some have suggested going to a hardwood floor store, but I didn't know if they would have anything that could handle vinyl flooring, so I don't know what to ask for. Our flooring is 0.135 inches thick, so just over 1/8 inch. Have looked online, but the product pages usually show a drawing and few if any specs so it's impossible to know what you're getting.

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A good lumberyard mill ought to be able to make anything you can design.

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