Allure floor planks don't line up

gardencluelessSeptember 1, 2009

OK, apparently I'm not just gardenclueless, but I'm floorclueless as well.

I am laying Allure vinyl planks in a bedroom with attached bath. The bedroom area went fairly smoothly as it's a rectangular room. The bedroom has two doorways on the same wall, about 8 feet apart, and each leads into a vanity/sink area. Between these two vanity areas is the actual (tiny) bathroom. So essentially I am laying these blanks in an "O"-shaped area, where the middle of the "O" is the wall between the two doorways and separating bathroom from bedroom.

I did not snap chalk lines before I started; however, it's now becoming apparent just how out of square the walls really are. As I worked my way from one vanity area, through the bathroom, and out into the other vanity area, I'm finding that my planks are not going to meet up where I stopped at the doorway to the bedroom. In fact, I have nearly an inch of space between planks (lengthwise).

Obviously it is too late at this point to start pulling up planks and trying to square them up. I am thinking I have two options:

1) Keep going until I meet up (as close as I can) to the plank in the doorway and just lay a very narrow strip to fill in the gap; or

2) Stop at the doorway between the bathroom and the vanity area and just have the planks in the bathroom not meet up with the seams of the planks in the vanity area (in other words, the planks in the vanity area would all be shifted over about an inch from the planks in the bathroom, and seams would be shifted over accordingly).

Neither option is ideal, of course, but I'm not sure which is the lesser of the evils. On the one hand, I think it makes sense to have the wonky spot at the doorway to the bedroom b/c someone (like the next person to buy this house) would probably lay carpet in the bedroom anyway (I have pets, hence the vinyl). On the other hand, this is a much more visible area than the bathroom/vanity area, and at least in that case, I could lay down a threshold strip if need be to hopefully de-emphasize the fact that the planks don't line up properly in the two rooms/areas.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to which option would look better? Or is there a better alternative I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance!

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