Cake Icing Question

suellen45March 9, 2012

I am planing a white, sheet cake with lemon cream cheese


Is it a good idea to coat the cake with preserves before icing?

Sue Ellen

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Not sure why you're questioning it. Do you mean is it a problem to put preserves on first? It's really a matter of taste and what you want. It's fine to put on the preserves first if you want. Fine to ice with the lemon cream cheese icing without the preserves. Strictly up to you. Sounds great though. We are on a lemon kick lately.

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If you spread preserves on top of a sheet cake, then try to spread on cream cheese frosting, it won't stick very well. I prefer to use preserves as a filling between layers of the cake and frosting on the top and sides.

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I agree with Linda. You will have problems frosting the cake if you put the preserves down first. Put the preserves inside the layers or use it on top of the cream cheese icing after frosting the cake top. NancyLouise

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Nope, I disagree. It's quite common to coat cake layers with preserves and then frost. You're not slathering on the preserves. You heat them to thin and then brush on, preferably using a silicone brush. You then wait for a bit for it to dry or put in the fridge for a few to firm/dry. Then you put on your room temp icing.

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I think everyone is right, LOL. As coconut says, it's very common to coat layers with a thin coat of melted preserves, let it dry and then frost the cake. It's not anywhere near as thick as a layer of filling, though.

So, if you just want a "glaze" of melted preserves, that's fine and it adds a nice extra to the cake. If you want a thicker layer, though, put it inside the cake layers and then frost.


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Your response: "and it adds a nice extra to the cake".

Is what I was wondering about, ie is the process worthwile.

Sue Ellen

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