new laminate flooring creaking - mysterious!

xanderakSeptember 11, 2011

New 12mm armstrong illusions laminate just installed on concrete. Creaks EVERYWHERE.

Installers leveled the floor; floor looked very level to me while it was drying. Even if there are places that weren't leveled exactly right, that wouldn't explain why it everywhere else. Underlayment seems ok quality... 2mm green foam with foil moisture barrier. Foam feels stiff enough to me. Good ~1/4" gap everywhere.

Compared to my previous house where I put in laminate myself, this armstrong stuff doesn't "snap" together, it just kind of lays together with no wedging. Takes zero effort to take 2 pieces apart. Could that be the problem? That the flooring has a poor lock mechanism?

Trim not installed yet. I've only paid 30% so far. But I'm a pretty stand up guy and won't screw over the installer if the product I told them I wanted is junk.. what to do?

Thanks for help!

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It is a common issue with Armstrong. Change products. go to you tube and you'll will find some pretty graphic examples of the issue you are having. It is not an installer issue.

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thanks for confirmation. I just found the other post. Looks like they made a bad batch in 2008, and another one came out this summer. =(

Here is a link that might be useful: the whole discussion

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I think the problem is with the lock and fold. The ends of the boards just lay on top of each other and move as you walk on it. I have a whole house full of this creaking stuff. It's horrible. I've had it over a year and it's still bad. If at all possible, get something else that locks together differently.

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I know how annoying it is when you can't even have a conversation because the noise of the floor is great. We have the same problem with a locking type of flooring (Preverco engineered hardwood) and I had assumed that because it was locking and no glue was used, that makes it creak more (wood rubbing on wood). In our case, there are issues with the concrete subfloor level AND with too small of expansion gaps, so it might not be the floor's fault. But I did want to point out that you won't necessarily avoid it with something that locks.

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Bad installation + loose lock = creaking
Bad installation + tight lock = creaking
Good installation + loose lock = creaking
Good installation + tight lock = no creaking

So lesson learned:
Before ordering a pallet of flooring, buy one box of the product & make sure the boards lock together tightly (takes effort to unlock them).

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Installer ripped up flooring, relevelled subfloor, installed again. Still creaks and cracks. very poor locking mechanism.

Does anyone recommend for/against gluing? (between the joints, not to the subfloor)

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I think gluing could solve the problem. Floor squeaking is caused by relative movement of the boards in the vertical direction. The flexible underlay contributes to this movement. So the key is that all the boards under a foot step have to move up and down together, when the underlay gives.

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Look at all my posts, and videos.... We need to document every single person having these issues, and band together.....

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