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carecooksMarch 4, 2010

The sad thing is that a lot of old threads are missing and who knows if they are coming back. It's frustrating to try and find a Garden Web page that you were interested in and discover that it's now gone.

I've been using an application on my Mac for years called Soho Notes to save web pages for later but it costs a lot of money. However there's a great app out there that works even better. I just thought that I would mention Evernote ( in case you don't know about it. It is a free application (unless you want the pro version which offers more stuff which you may or may not need) that can be downloaded to a Mac or PC and available online and even on your smartphone.

So download the application and when you want to keep something, select it and use the contextual (right-click) menu and save it to Evernote. You can make tags for it (like cabinets or storage or trip info). It's searchable and really easy to use. You can also sync your computer application with Evernote online so you can see your stuff even if you're not at your home or office computer.

Also, it gives you the original URL and sometimes I find that if I have the URL I can access the old Garden Web page even if it doesn't come up on search.

I find that it's really helpful for all kinds of projects but especially big ones like the kitchen where you see something that you're interested in and can save the page for later even when it's no longer available online.

It still doesn't solve the problem of searching Garden Web for threads that you've never seen before but at least you can now find the ones that you have seen.

I hope that this helps some folks.

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Does it save the entire thread, including pictures, as one or more files your local machine so you can access it even if the thread is no longer available on the web and even if the person deletes or moves their pictures?

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Yep! It saves everything that you've chosen. You look at your Evernote content and the picture is there. You can save a web clipping as a page in your Evernote file or as a PDF. If you save it as a PDF you lose the original URL and the ability to click the links. If you go back to the website and the picture is missing you will still have it. I also save copies of online receipts this way. They do have some videos on their website that are sort of helpful.

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If you have a PC and Microsoft OneNote you can just click the print icon at the top of the page and tell it to print to OneNote. An exact copy of the page will be in the unifed notes section of OneNote - pictures and all. You can then move the notes to folders and organize to your liking.

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Hmm. I've got a Mac, and I can just select "Save As" from the Safari file menu.

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Yeah, safari can save it as a 'web archive'.

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Actually, all the browsers have that capability.

Firefox: File -> Save Page As
Internet Explorer: File -> Save As

They all save the entire thread, pictures and all to your local machine. You can save the threads anywhere you want on your local machine along with anything else you've saved at the same location. I.e., no separate repository for your saved threads needed.

OneNote & EverNote may do the same...but you don't need any "special" software to do it if you use your browser. You cannot, though, probably save as a PDF unless you have the full Adobe (not the free Reader).

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Yes, all browsers have that save ability which is great. Anyone can do this without spending a dime. The important thing is that GW folks know that they can keep these threads and images for later. The key is that these are all snapshots in time so you have to go back and update if you want everything on the thread.

I will say that Evernote, Soho Notes and other applications make it a bit easier to save this stuff to folders and to search later. And one more thing about Evernote is that you sync to a free online version so that you can check your clippings on a different computer or smart phone. You're not tied to one computer.

One more thing if you're a Mac user. You can save anything as a PDF without Adobe. Just hit Command-P as if you are going to print. In the bottom left corner of the dialogue box it says PDF with a carrot for more options. One of the options is to save as a PDF. And there you go.

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