Country White floors, and two stains meeting

mohan37September 5, 2011

Hi friends! We're having our floors sanded and refinished tomorrow and had a few questions.

1) We're doing most of the first floor in ebony, but have a dark-paneled office that we were thinking of doing a DuraSeal shade "Country White" (We're trying to get into the habit of being more bold with our choices). So, does anyone have any experience with that color/stain? Most posts/pictures here seem to feature darker stains.

2) If we do the office in the lighter shade, then two stains will meet at the doorway to that room (Country White and Ebony -- we're a biracial couple so this works for us :P ).

How does this work? I once saw a house for sale where two stains met, and they had bled into each other and looked awful. I mentioned this to the floor guy when he came over and he looked pretty shocked...he assured us that wouldn't happen. So what does happen? Is the line sharp? Do you need to put some trim over the line?

Thanks! We're excited and a little nervous about the big change ... we've had light carpet here since we moved in 3 years ago. Our 9-month old will be the most surprised of all.


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If the boards run in the direction of the doorway, simply choose where you want the transition. If the boards run perpendicular to the doorway, then a sharp dividing line needs to be done. Not impossible.

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Thanks Glenn. The boards do run parallel to the doorway, so we're in good shape. The floor guys said they'd pick the boards closest to the middle of the doorway to do the transition. If we still don't like the line, we can do a piece of trim too.

My big question is still what the Country White stain is like, and if anyone has experience with stain/color like that. The floor guys are supposed to call me over to check out a sample in the closet this afternoon.

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Is there a chance that I could see a picture of your Country White stained floor? I'm going to have a DuraSeal stained floor, too, and have no idea what it will look like. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


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In case you can't post it... can you email it to me?


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