Carpet Questions, Choosing between Anso Nylons

NoMoreApartmentSeptember 27, 2012

We are building and need carpet for 3 bedrooms upstairs & finished basement rec room & another bedroom, plus stairs. After much reading, I had narrowed it down to Smart Strand or Shaw Anso Nylon but pricing through our builder has steered us towards the Shaw Anso Nylon.

We had a really bad experience with our last carpet at our old house. I don't know what kind of material it was but it did not hold up well and was extremely uncomfortable from day one, so we are over-analyzing this decision and could use some input. We have 2 kids, 8 & 10 and no pets at this time (but the kids are dying for a puppy.)

3 Carpets we are considering are:

Shaw 100% Anso BCF Nylon called Chance Encounter. It comes in I, II & III. We really like the Chance Encounter III the best b/c it is the softest but could save a bit by doing the II.

Product Chance Encounter 3

Color/Pattern# 211

Color Name/Item Baguette

Width 12.0

Grade 1st Quality

Gauge 5/32


Face Weight 53.6

Total Weight 90.3

Fiber Brand 100% Anso BCF Nylon

Chance Encounter II

Face Weight: 045.8

Thickness: 0.770

Total Weight: 082.3

Weight Density: 98058

Density: 0002141

Ply Twist: 6.90

Durability Rating: 4.00

Gauge: 5/32

FHA/MEA: 52504

Stitches (Contract Only): 5.50

Primary Backing (Contract Only): Polypropylene

Secondary Backing (Contract Only): Softbac Platinum

Second choice is a Shaw Tuftex Move On Up Z6968 with a 46.8 Face Weight. THis is the only info I have found so far about it.

Our last choice is a Shaw Broadway EA042. It is also a Anso 100% BCF Nylon. This is the one I can't find any information about online.

We plan to go with a 8 lb pad. Would love some feedback abou the carpets we are considering.

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Can't really comment on the Shaw, but I can comment on our carpet buying experience when it comes to this style of carpet. Our carpet guy tried to steer us toward the Shaw carpets that compete w/ Smartstrand when DH balked at the SS price (granted, DH hadn't done any research on the carpets or even touched the SS). After feeling the Shaw sample and comparing to the SS, I said absolutely not. Like you we had issues w/ the carpet we put in the last house not being comfortable and stains would reappear a couple days after a steam cleaning & I definitely did not want a repeat on either of those fronts. We went w/ Smartstand and have been very happy with it's performance so far. Super soft luxurious feeling & stains come right out with just a little plain tap water and a clean cloth (even blood splotches from when DS2 cut his foot and tracked quarter sized blood splotches into his bedroom, across the room to his bathroom and back across the beautiful white SS carpet)--AMAZING!!

Can you go outside your builder's carpet guy? If you're looking for a better price on SS, try Lowe's. Their price is so low that the local dealers can't touch it--it may even come in less than the Shaw carpets you're looking at. Each dealer's SS has different names assigned to the different weights so you'll need to have the specs to compare apples to apples (i.e. the dealer's SS Intelligent Style is the same as Lowe's SS Lucky Star.) Remember too, that when you deal with the builder's preferred vendors, they like to talk about how you get a builders discount/builders pricing. What they really mean is that the builder will be getting a kickback/referral fee from the vendor for giving him the business. Additionally, the builder may pad the charges from the vendor. All in all, you may come out much better by going through the local Lowe's.

Hope this helps!

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We too purchased Smart Strand. It is getting installed tomorrow so I will let you know how we like it.

There are not a lot of reviews on Gardenweb (other than yours, Mydreamhome). But nearly everyone on here who mentions it talks about how soft it is.

Can't wait!

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Congrats, newlywed!! Can't wait to hear how you like it! What style & color did you end up choosing? Lowe's or independent dealer?

I think alot of people who reno or build new end up posting on the building a home or remodeling forums and don't ever post over here and that's why we don't see many reviews. I would also bet that alot of people just go with the old standards as they are less expensive and often what was budgeted for either by the homeowner or the GC. By the time you get to carpet selections in a reno or new build, you've often gone over budget in other areas and there is no more wiggle room left to upgrade the carpet. Lucky for me, I knew what carpet I wanted, how much it was going to cost and prepared up front for it to ensure we had the funds available at the end. There were a few areas of our build that we planned for this way and those are the things that I most love in the finished house (my luxurious Smartstrand, my bath tub that makes little teeny tiny bubbles that caress your skin vs. beating you to death, 2 dishwashers, upgraded granite for the island, vessel sink in the powder room and awesome oversized 1-3/4 kitchen sink.)

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Just had it installed yesterday and we LOVE IT! But the installation was delayed and it was a nightmare!

The installers came and ripped out the carpet in our bedroom and got it ready to install pad and carpet. When they went to unroll the carpet I realized it was the wrong color! I stopped them and put my sample that I had down on the roll and they all agreed it was much lighter than the sample. I had picked Grecian Column which is light to start with! It's the lightest they offer! The carpet was lighter! Installation was halted and I went back to the store with pictures (thank God for my Iphone!). They agreed the color was off. To reorder would take 3 weeks! They had already removed the carpet so I didn't want to walk around on subflooring for 3 weeks. So we cut a sample of the carpet and brought it in the house and with my lighting it looked a beautiful creamy white. They gave us a huge discount if we wanted to keep it and we did! I didn't ask for the discount but it was offered immediately. Lowest was fabulous and their installers did a great job.

It looks and feels like a dream!

MyDreamHome, I was beginning to think you worked for Smartstrand because your reviews are so awesome :) But now I believe you! Sure hoping I'm saying the same in a few years! :) Thanks!

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Yes, SS is soft, very soft in fact. But that is not even the reason I would recommend it NoMoreApartment. Save yourself a LOT of trouble and go with SS for the durability.

I can't tell you how many times SS has saved me when paint or wood stain has been spilled on it. Also, no matter how many times you will move furniture on it or heavy traffic, the resiliency is phenomenal.

this should have some more info for you:

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