Any experience with big box hardwood?

phoggieSeptember 24, 2012

Has anyone had experience with solid hardwood flooring from Lowe's or Home Depot? I am wanting stained hickory and they are several dollars a sq ft less than flooring stores. Pros and Cons please....thanks.

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From what I've seen, a whole lot of really short boards. If that's ok for your application it's probably fine. Probably very loose, if any, control on color and quality. I don't know that a "flooring store" would be different. I buy my flooring from a mill in Michigan that lets me specify exactly what I want in terms of wood grade, color, figure quality, lengths and widths. I haven't seen that level of choice offered in any kind of store. It also tends to be inexpensive for the quality offered.

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Hasn't anyone on this forum used solid hardwood flooring from Lowe's or Home Depot?

Thanks rwiegand for your reply.
Others, please chime in.

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