Hardwood floors & pets

twingleSeptember 24, 2012

I hope you don't mind I sure this is asked often but I searched and didn't find an answer. I would like to put in hardwood floors on the whole first floor. I have a 110 lb puppy. I was looking at Brazilian Cherry , Brazilian Teak or Oak. Anyone have any of these floors with pets??

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You're right. Your question has been asked many times before and been asked by one of our customers again. Here is my answer."It is hard to present a wood flooring product
to stand a big dog. But there are some options that will perform better than
others. Such as distressed look, oiled low sheen finish, etc."

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I agree big dogs will scratch the floor regardless of species although some will sctratch more easily but all wood will scratch.

Best way to minimalize is keeping his nails trimmed and try to avoid playing fetch on the floor.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

A friend has some sort of rather shiny hardwood and has 2 med/small dogs and I'm sure their nails are kept clipped. She has numerous rugs and rug runners covering her hardwood and says it is not easy keeping the floors and rugs clean.

After seeing her scratched hardwood, and me having a dog inside, I decided there was no way I would go with hardwood and then have to keep it covered and protected.

I'm leaning toward a wood look tile of some sort as I have some ceramic in several areas and consider indestructible.

Here is a link that might be useful: wood look tile-scroll down for pics

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I have 200 lb dogs and hardwood and have no problems at all.
I do keep the dogs nails not only trimmed but also dremeled nice and round to keep them smooth. I have more issue with cat nails than I do with those of the dogs.

More importantly, I do teach the dogs the difference between appropriate indoor behavior and outdoor behavior. They are not allowed to run or rough house indoors- at all.
They learn easily enough if you are consistent, that is if they are challenged enough daily in their exercise needs and given adequate outdoor time. I run my dogs hard everyday to keep them tired- when they come in they are happy to just lie down and behave.

If your dogs are allowed to run wild or do not get enough outdoor exercise you will have problems.

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Trimmed and filed nails.

The trimmers leave a sharp edge all the way around the cut nail, so round them off with a doggie nail file.

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I have oak floors and two 60 lb dogs, they scratch up my oak floors. I am moving next week and I put in laminate instead!

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