Cooked pork roast

eandhlMarch 5, 2012

How long would you keep a cooked, refrigerated pork roast?

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I'd feel good about it for three days, still eat it the fourth, days five through seven would be enjoyed by the dog. That's pretty much my timeline for all meat and poultry; seafood gets tossed earlier.

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If it were refrigerated promptly after cooking and didn't spend 2 hours at room temperature and your refrigerator is below 40 degrees, I would stretch it a day or 2 beyond Stumpy's guidelines....IF all those things are true....

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It was refrigerated right after I cut what we would use but it is 6 days old and I decided it isn't worth it so I shall toss it. Thanks.

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I don't like to keep more than two or three days and then toss. Mostly because I need the space for the next round of leftovers......:-)

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