Who did the off site FAQ for Kitchens please?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaMarch 28, 2008

I am a lurker here, and have seen members referred to the off site FAQ. What a wonderful idea! It seems to cover absolutely everything while taking nothing away from the actual forum.

A friend and I are considering something similar for some of the Exchange Forums, to assist newbies joining us. Right now we are just in the early planning stages, but when we near getting it set up, we will have questions, that hopefully someone might help us with a little.

Feel free to just drop me an email via the link on my page if you feel the originator of the FAQ would not mind. Thank you.

BTW...I love lurking here, and enjoy all the wonderful pics.


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I believe her name is starpooh.

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Not to take a single bit of credit away from Starpooh for her incredible efforts on this forum (and which aren't limited to the FAQ but include many more resource pages), but much of the content of the FAQ consists of the contributions of the dedicated TKO forum members, and it's the result of their own initiative. However, where credit is due goes to Starpooh for culling all that valuable information and creating -- and maintaining -- an extremely user-friendly resource page. Late last summer or early fall a few members expressed a desire for a central place where much basic information could be readily located, and the enthusiasm of many on this forum resulted in instructive and experienced contributions in all phases of a kitchen remodel. And it was Starpooh (who almost never posts!) who put it all together to make it happen.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Thank you both. I appreciate it.


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Thanks for the kind words!
I've been helping to "collect" info for forum members since 2004 when AnnaLeeF suggested that someone start a blog to archive soapstone threads (The Soapstone Blog). Next came the FKB since everyone wanted a collection for finished kitchens. I started the FAQ after years of trying to get GardenWeb to give us a Kitchen FAQ (similar to the Laundry forum FAQ).

The Kitchen FAQ was probably the easiest to setup; I used wordpress with a simple premade template. I like wordpress because it has awesome categorization capabilities (unlike blogger, where I had to use del.icio.us for categories). I gave update access to several volunteer members who have added their input. But I have found it very difficult to get volunteers... everybody seems to want things done but not many step up to the plate. :-(

Good luck!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Thanks Starpooh,

You and the other did such a fabulous job! It covers so much...explains everything so well. It seems perfect.

I have been given the OK to do some updating at the Seed Exchange FAQ, but don't see anyway everything could ever be covered there as nicely as you have set up the FAQ off site. There are so many newbies there that are just lost it seems, especially since GW SEED X was mentioned recently in Mother Earth News magazine. We welcome our newbies, and would like to help them get 'on board' with joining in the fun of seed trading and sharing.

I hope to cover a few of the more basic things of getting started at the Xchange, and another member is going to work on all the tons of other info along with handy tips that are good to know.

I'm hoping she is computer savvy enough to get it all together so nicely, as you have.

Sue...(I'm thinking she 'may' have some questions later maybe)

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