Dark or Light Hardwood Flooring???

elle7September 1, 2009

Our main level is small, only 950 Sq Feet. We are getting rid of the ceramic, carpet and old beat up wood floor. Was told doing wood floors throughout will make it feel larger. I love the look of a very dark wood floor contrasting with light painted walls and white base boards etc. My husband is concerned this will make our small space feel even smaller. He wants to go with a lighter floor. Any suggestions?

BTW, we have a black lab...I'm concerned about scratches showing. Also have heard dust etc shows up on dark flooring. I'm keeping both factors in mind. Any suggestions?

Thanks a ton. I'm getting a headache wrestling over and over with these concerns!!!

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When I started I had a headache also. Someone on the forum recommended BR111 Amendoim which is medium color. It also has a lot of variation which hides the dust. My floor is new so I don't know about scratches yet. A friend has Santos mahogany (dark) which she says shows scratches a lot and someone else I know has a very light wood and is very happy with it. I put the floor down in the den and my new furniture is black leather and my family and I noticed that at night the room is much darker than before. We may have to add more lighting. Just something to keep in mind. We didn't think about that when we redid the room and were surprised.

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We installed Mannington red oak in a medium tone called Saddle and are very happy with how well it looks. It's been in for a few years and just has some minor dents which are barely noticeable. Except for areas in direct sunlight, sometimes you can't see that there is dust unless you get down on the floor and look at a certain angle. I told my DH it's like having a giant coffee table you have to dust. But I'm happy with the color and plan to install the same color in my kitchen.

We helped install BR111 in Brazilian Teak at our niece's home and she has two golden retrievers. I was worried about scratches and shedding getting in the grooves, but her floor has held up really well. I think a medium tone is great for not showing scratches or dirt.


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