A 'Taste' of Maine-- Maple Sunday (a pictorial)

bill_vincentMarch 26, 2006

Every year, they hold what's called "Maple Sunday" on the last sunday of march. It's pretty interesting, and alot of fun. I got pics of both the way the sap used to be boiled, as well as how it's done now. I'll let the rest of the pics speak for themselves:

this vat is the resivoir of sap that feeds the boiler on a constant basis

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Mmmmmm.....can't wait to get some this summer. Bring on the waffles.

Great article in the LA Times today about B & M baked beans. Tucker Carlson worked there one summer! My grandmother lived around the corner from the plant. Love them.

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Very cool, Bill. It's pretty amazing that we get something so good tasting from the sap of a tree-lol DF adores the stuff, puts it on everything!

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Funny thing is (and this is something I just learned today) the sap-- you would expect it to be like any other sap-- kind of thick and syrupy and sticky-- It's actually more like water. Even pours like it.

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Really enjoyed these pics !! Thanks for sharing them !!
Reminds me very much of our trips to Vermont, and all the many cans of Vermont Maple Syrup we'd lug home in our suitcases !! DS grew up on Vermont syrup, and heaven forbid, one time we ran out, and I had to resort to store-bought !! He wanted NOTHING to do with that !!!! Still doesn't !!!!!

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I know what you mean. I grew up on store bought, and once on my own, I went to a huge annual fair they have every year in Springfield, Mass, called the Eastern States Exposition (AKA Big E Fair) and bought a jug of real maple syrup from the Vermont House there. From then on I've been spoiled for life!! Nothing like it!!

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Bill we tap our old trees and make our own. Nothing like the taste of it, and it smells heavenly.

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It sure does. My wife was even saying when we walked into the first maple house last sunday that she could FEEL the pounds adding on, just smelling the air!! LOL

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Bill, you answered my question - I was wondering if the air smelled like maple syrup. It sounds wonderful - thanks for the great pictures!

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