Was there someone here who plays drums?

mahatmacat1March 2, 2007

I seem to remember that there was someone here who plays drums, a woman as I remember--

if so, I hope that person sees this thread--I have a question about stick holding for the snare--my daughter is interested--thanks!

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There are two different ways to hold the sticks. One is holding them both almost like clubs, so that your middle finger, ring finger and pinkie on each hand controls the stick, while you actually hold them between your thumb and forefinger. The other way to hold them is to hold the right stick that way, and hold the left stick so that with your hand laying palm up, the back end of the stick comes out between your thumb and forefinger, and the tip of the stick sticks out from between your middle and ring fingers.

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O.K., Bill, thanks for replying...that's exactly what we were wondering! It comes most easily to us to do the hand holds the same, but I remember classically it's "proper" to do the left hand that other way, which I could never get used to and which, in fact, contributed to my giving it up although I love drumming inordinately. I was wondering if by now it's somewhat acceptable to hold both sticks the same way--if she ends up taking lessons, will a teacher gasp, grab her left hand and correct it or is it an actual accepted alternative? Which do you do?

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I'm actually just the opposite, probably because I learned to hold the sticks originally in the "classic" manner as part of my high school's marching band, and although I CAN play holding both sticks the same way, I prefer to hold them the latter of the two ways I described.

Don't laugh-- this is many many many many moons ago:

One of the few times my Dad and I ever played together. :-)

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Oh! Oh! I LOVE the picture Bill! And your pants are right in style. The elegant flower and sideburns are sublime. Everything old is new again...

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Ya like the frye boots with the suit jacket?

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Dh wants to know if you know a paradiddle is??

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Even I know what a paradiddle is! Seriously. Takes me back a few decades, but yep. Now to teach that to my daughter without laughing? I don't think so :)

And Bill, ah yes, Fryes go with everything, man! :) The carnation in the jacket lapel is an especially jaunty touch, though :) I do like the art on the wall, seriously.

We went to a local youth symphony concert tonight and more than half of the percussionists used the mirror-hands hold (my made-up name for it) on the snare. So I guess it must be o.k., or maybe it's just for classical? But I just kept thinking of how I was told I *had* to learn left hand the "eggbeater" way, as I thought of it. Another improvement for this generation! Now to go look at some rock videos and see. I know Paul Hester used the old-fashioned hold, but his mom was a jazz drummer. Does anyone know of any jazz drummers who held the left the same as the right? (Claudia's husband, this is open to you :))

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Yes, I know what a paradiddle is.

Fly-- I doubt you'll find and rock drummers who hold their sticks classic style. As for jazz drummers, that's a good question.

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I don't mean to hijack your thread, flyleft, but I just had to post this photo of my brother playing banjo. I have no idea when or where it was taken, but the *ahem* decor is a hoot.

I used to wear my Frye boots with skirts!

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Oh I love these photos :) Who upholstered that sofa? And the floor--I think that was in our laundry room before we put the tile in--I'm not kidding!

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Oh, trust me-- I could show you ALL KINDS of old pics!! My sister put together a CD of old family pictures from when we were kids growing up and gave each of us a copy as part of our Christmas present last year!!

Me and my youngest sister's 1st Communion:

My boot camp graduation at Great Lakes-- same sister, and my little brother (who's now a Ct. State cop!):

Only about 3 years difference in the two pics. :-)

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Your sister looks beautiful in those pics, Bill. What a *wonderful* present.

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