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bjoscNovember 25, 2007

Could someone please tell me where to e-mail a picture to The kitchen table? Thanks, Betty

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I used to be able to just upload from my files to the gallery but am having trouble and am trying to find out the problem

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I figured it out I hadn't done it is so long.

Find the photo in your hard drive and put it someplace easy to find I think it hase to be under 60 units. Then go to the gallery and make your posting and preview then there is a place to upload from your computer. browse and find it and open it or click on it. the code will be in that brose window the hit submit after that look at it after it is posted and it whould be there.
I thought you could preview after doing the browse thing but you can't so make sure you click on the right photo.

Once I see the photo posted I save it to my favorites on my computer then go back to the front (discussions) and do a thread preview etc and then ciopy the url that is on your favorites that you saved.
It's simple when you know how and remember how Hope this helps

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