hardibacker installation

JBTileSeptember 26, 2011

i am currently on a job that i am using 1/4 inch hardi on and 1/2 inch plywood underneath, now heres the problem the owners of the house have already installed radiant tubing in the floor so therefore i can not use 1 1/4 nails or screws.. is it possible to use smaller nails or screws or will that void any warrantys? i suggest using ditra mat myself..

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Ditra all the way!

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ditra is definately the way to go in the case of in-floor heating.

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First off, your 1/2" subfloor is substandard.
For tiles and mortar, a minimum of 1-1/8", before the anti-fracture membrane slip-sheet, or CBU(hardie)

The enemy of tiles and mortar, is movement.
Your subfloor does not meet the L-360 deflection rating in ANSI Standards, for ceramic and in no way meets L-720 for natural stone and mortar.

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