Brazilian Multicolor - info needed!

kwscookSeptember 11, 2012

The interwebz is proving very difficult to find pictures of specifically Brazilian (or Brazil) multicolor slate installed. My husband would like slate for our new entryway expansion, and while I like slate, we differ on which one. He wants one with variation, but I'm concerned with too much gold. That just isn't our color at all. As such, I've ruled out California Gold and Indian Multicolor. I like the more solid Brazil gray or green, but he wants some movement, which I understand.

I've seen pictures of Brazilian multicolor on tile websites (Daltile and Emser, specfically), but not installed. It appears to have less crazy variation - meaning, you won't get wicked rusty / gold solid tiles. Maybe tiles with more of the gold mottling, but not solid gold or rust. Is that correct? And I like the pattern - reminiscent of stained concrete or rust spots on metal.

Am I understanding what this slate is like, or am I completely off base here? And does anyone have pics of it installed? Last, any recommendations on types that might work for our parameters (or even slate alternatives)?


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