Area Rug over Laminate Flooring

mary_maxSeptember 4, 2008

If we put down an area rug over the laminate will it hurt the laminate over time? Should we buy some sort of protection pad before putting down the area rug? Thanks

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The finishes they put on laminate flooring are so tough I do not believe you will need any sort of protective pad. i have a relativly inexpensice laminate floor installed in part of my house that was there when we moved in that has survied 2 dogs and 3 cats without any sort of wear. I has a throw rug by the front door that has nt hurt it. So i think any rug will not hurt the floor at all.

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The pad is as much for the rug as it is for the floor it is sitting on. Rug pads extend the life of the rug as well as keep them in place. Over time the rug backing can put fine scratches in any hard surface floor whether it's wood, laminate, or tile. Even area rugs with furniture on it can move a little bit. That's why they make a special pad for area rugs over wall to wall carpet application to prevent "walking" of the rug.

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I'm sorry to report that both responses are mostly inaccurate. Laminate floors have stabilizers in the clear wear layer that will cause discoloration regardless of what type of pad you use on a rug. Even a trash can will discolor laminate over time if left in place. An area rug, with or without pad will almost certainly do the same.

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I've going through this same problem. Want to put pad under area rugs on laminate flooring and got some that are: polyester scrim coated with pvc. Is this not suitable for laminate flooring?

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