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dances_in_gardenJuly 27, 2006

This is SadieSadie and Bunny_Lover.

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I had a GREAT time!! Dances insisted on buying dinner, so I said, "Oh, no. . . I couldn't" as I pushed the bill her way.

I just got home, so I get to go to bed today instead of tomorrow (if I hurry). BunnyLover took a picture of Dances and me together. I really, really meant to get a pic of all three of us, but they closed the mall on us--the nerve! When we got back to Dances' hotel, we were supposed to run in and get a pic. of all of us by the fireplace, but I opted for going home instead. Now I'm kicking myself, as it would have taken only 5 minutes more.

BunnyLover was a dear for driving ahead of me all the way back to the interstate. (Good thing, because I would have been SO lost.)

Dances, I'd love a rain check on that photo op. I, too, enjoyed EVERY SECOND of our visit!! It was great to meet my first two KTers. I had a super, wonderful, fantastic time. Lots of laughter and just plain FUN. Thanks again to both of you lovely KTers.

Now, g'night. . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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