17-inch vs 18-inch ceremic tile?

BlackAceSeptember 12, 2012

We are about 2/3rds of the way through the construction of our new house. They started laying our floor tile today, and surprise! It's 17-inch tile instead of the 18-inch tile we signed for on our options selections. Apparently the particular tile we selected only comes in 13 and 17-inch options.

A tape measure reveals that the tile in our current house (18") is actually just under 17.75". The tile in the new house measures 17.25", leaving us with a .5" difference between the two.

My wife noticed it immediately, and asked me if it was smaller than what we have now. On paper, .5" sure doesn't seem like much, but it's pretty obvious.

Should we just not fret about it? Do you think a smaller tile looks different visually? All of the tile areas in our house are large, open spaces. Not sure if that lends itself more towards a larger tile, or smaller tile.

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1/2 inch ..you shouldn't fret as long as it;s the color you chose. I am sure they have this tile grouped in the 18 inch segment, and its impossible for a builder to catch all of this stuff. We would also group it in an 18 inch tile category. 17 and 1/4 inch is still a very elegant tile and is surely today's look.

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