High gloss or no gloss laminate flooring?

raineygirlSeptember 12, 2012

I'm hearing from some folks that high gloss laminate wood flooring shows everything from smudges to small particles of dust/lint. It appears that high gloss can be high maintenance. I wonder if no gloss or low gloss is the same way? I know that the darker the wood color is, the more it would show dust, etc. But, would that be the same for light colored wood floors?

I'm still trying to decide on a color and I really do like the high gloss but I'm afraid that I will become obsessed with any smudge or footprint that is left behind. I don't want to spend all my time trying to keep it looking good. I know it's a transition from carpeting since carpet pretty much hides everything until the next time you vacumn.

Anybody here have high gloss or low gloss and what are your experiences?



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When it comes to choosing flooring material, many homeowners choose laminate flooring and that too laminate flooring because of its high shine finish. In general, high gloss laminate flooring doesn�t require much maintenance than high gloss hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring does not require regular waxing as hardwood does and can be cleaned with a regular broom, vacuum or mop.

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We've had laminate floors for a few months now. The upstairs is a lighter, low gloss finish, the downstairs is a dark, high gloss finish.

The upstairs is the easiest. Just a quick vacuum with a stick vac and a run over with a microfiber dry mop and we're good to go.

The downstairs? The same thing, but it needs to be done more often (every other day, vs. twice a week) Still, for the look of the downstairs high gloss, it's well worth it to me. I do have a spray bottle of Bruce cleaner for laminate floors, but I hardly ever seem to use it, and when I do, it's mostly for the entry hall where we come in from outside.

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