Ditra membrane worth the money?

pinstripeSeptember 12, 2011

Hello. My contractor quoted me an additional $1100 to use Ditra membrane under the 400 sq ft of porcelain tile he will lay over the cement floor in our walk-out basement. He says it is a good product, but optional. I've seen it on TV and read a bit about it (which makes me want it, of course) but I'm concerned about the cost. Our existing cement floor is level so far as I can tell.

What do you think, is Ditra worth the money? Does your answer change if we install slate rather than porcelain?

Many thanks!

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Does your area freeze in winter and how old is the home? Yes it is a good product.

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you don't need to spend that much money.

any membrane is better than no membrane.

level-ness is not the subject here; your mentioning it means to me that you have a long learning curve still to go. If you have no time, spend your money and hope your contractor is competent and capable of making the right decisions for you.

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The house and floor are from 1980. We usually get a winter low in the 20s.

I understood that Ditra is intended to address flex and shifting in the surface underneath the tile. Do cement basement floors flex much? What other issues would the product address / should I be looking at?

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You probably do not need it. If it is a basement and there is no movement in the cement, you are more than likely good to go without. open basements, etc that get freezing that crawls under neath the cement causing some minor lifting or flexing and the ditra can do wonders to prevent tile issues.

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"If it is a basement and there is no movement in the cement..."

Until it cracks, and with a separation layer the crack will appear in the tile.

Walk outs also often have issues with freezing on the now 'exposed' edge of the slab.

It is no longer below the frost depth, and the ground under the edge of the slab can freeze and cause cracking.

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for membranes, see the following companies' web sites.
Custom Building Products

Post again after reading up.

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If the concrete is cracked now, it may still be moving. and no anti-fracture membrane is going to stop the tile from cracking.

Over concrete, Schluter Ditra is really overkill.

There are other products that will work just as well and not as costly.

You can use Schluter Kerdi, over concrete

NAC has some stuff too...

Here is a good link for you.

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