any connections to San Diego ?

trailrunnerbikerJuly 10, 2012

I hate to ask but am at a great disadvantage 1000's of miles away. DH is legally blind and thus doesn't drive. DD has to leave tomorrow for her home. The motel they are currently in has raised the rate to $160 a day ! due to the computer convention in town. It was $90. Does any one have any knowledge /friends/family there that perhaps could assist DH in getting around and or finding a short term ..hopefully very short rental/room ?

Any and all suggestions are welcome. DH is in touch with a therapist that we used in 2010 . DS needs a 28 day program and has insurance for July/Aug/Sept only. I am throwing this out here to see if the wonderful minds in this group can help us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. c

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My son has used Hotel Tonight for last minute rooms at a good price. I would also try Priceline.

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This is my DH's latest communication we do need a short term rental ; thanks terriks !

' G went to AA last night and is going to a meeting at 1:30 today. Said he got a lot out of the meeting
and will go to them every day. I may rent a place here for a few months instead of the road trip. G is going tomorrow
to his hearing about unemployment, and we are looking into treatment programs here as well. We will
see Pete at 5:50 Wednesday as a start toward other treatment.
( therapist )
G does want to get better and I was able to get him out of bed and talking to me so that is good. Maddie
has been a great help. She returns to ATL Wednesday"

so if you have any other ideas about rentals...I am going to look at Craigs list now....thanks for any all is looking a little brighter. c

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If you don't come up with any personal connections, you might want to google Al-Anon in the San Diego area. It lists a telephone and the people who volunteer to answer these phones should be able to help you or refer you to someone who can. The same goes for the AA meeting. Lots of helpful people who have been down that road and want to give back.


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Liz...good idea ! Thank you and will pass along to DH and and DS2. Somehow the most obvious is escaping helps to have an extra pair of eyes. c

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Maybe try one of the vacation rental websites like Should be a bunch to choose from in San Diego. They might be willing to negotiate a lower rate for long term.

Good luck and well wishes. My brother is in re-hab right now so I know how hard this is.

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Caroline,... my youngest daughter lives outside San Diego. She is leaving tomorrow for a conference in Dallas, but I can call her and see if she has any ideas.................... have you found anything yet?

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thank you far as I know they haven't started looking so any suggestions will be welcome. This is so helpful. thank you !

keely ..great is worth a try. I will see what I can find. I sure hope your brother can get on the road to recovery. c

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Caroline, what area of SD are they in? where do they want to be? what do they need to be close to?

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His apt was in Hillcrest. He would like to be in that general area...there are several parts to that area..South Park and North Park , Normal heights etc. His therapist is not far from there. He does have a good truck so can drive some but the area would be good for my DH as he needs to be able to walk to everything . Thank you for anything that you can do. c

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trailrunnerbiker have an email from me through GW....c

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Caroline.... not sure how to access the email you sent via GW. I have not been able to get in touch with San Diego daughter. Left her several messages, i guess she was getting ready for her flight to Dallas today. I will try again, and ask if maybe one of her friends can help. Sorry for the delay in answering.... I had to go have a CT scan today.

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I have used the Marriott Residence Inn in Kearny Mesa before (we are using points to stay there for part of our reno), and they are usually less than the other Marriotts because they aren't right near the beach or downtown. I just checked their website, though, and their prices are really high through 7/15. I second the suggestion to try the VRBO type sites. Sorry I can't think of anything else.

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thanks for the help...jenna don't worry about it , They seem to have it taken care of. They are going apt hunting in the area where he lived before. I found several things on Craigslist that seem possible...they go fast though so there will be some tap dancing needed to get on it very quickly. My son is at the hearing now for the unemployment. The state of California is broke but his employer sent a note that says they want him to have it so hopefully that will be enough.

kay..thank you but the VRBO is way way out of line so they will have to get an apt as soon as they can. I appreciate all the suggestions.

jenna...I hope you are OK ???? please let me know how you are doing. c

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Just wanted to update...they just signed a lease on a lovely 2 bedroom apt. DH and I will be using it too..only him at present. So I guess I now get to decorate a bit for DS. He has his hands full getting well.

I sure wish I could put some of my things here in my truck and take them. The rustic/beach/Mediterranean flare that the place has is really lovely. Oh least they are up and moving to a good place. And DS is attending AA every single day. One breath at a time....c

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Caroline, so sorry my DD didnt come through with help in time. It sounds like your DH has it under control.

Keeping you all in my prayers..... remember, One Day at a Time :)

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So glad to read that things are working out for them, I just keep reading all of your posts. Thinging of you.

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jenna...thank you they are moving in tonight as I write ! When these guys set their minds to something they really move on it. There is a Dharma center right around the corner from the apt and they have already visited so meditation is high on the list of things that they will be doing.

susan..thank you ! so far things are going OK...DS has opened up to the recovery process and that is all we can ask. DH is doing a monumental job . c

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caroline - hope you're OK too! the worry can be overwhelming esp from such a distance. warm thoughts to you.

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java..I am ok..just talked to DH..unfortunately we were using FaceTime and I didn't realize DS was listening..we were talking about money..sigh. So DS is feeling pretty sad at the moment. He is off to dinner with his dad and then an AA meeting at 8 PM. It is not going to be an easy road. it took him decades to sink this low and will take a long time to get up.
Thank you for thinking of me. I have the easy job...sit here quietly and...worry. c

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Maybe your 'higher power' means for you to "have the easy job....sit quietly, and worry", or maybe to "just sit quietly and trust your DH and son to handle it well".

Sorry, not sure that came out the way I meant for it to. All I am trying to say is that it sounds as if your DS is in good hands.
I have no experience in this sort of thing, but possibly his overhearing the money discussion will reinforce his commitment to succeed?

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