Cryntel Italia Travertine

eric23September 19, 2009

I am considering installing the Cryntel Italia Travertine vinyl tile from Lowe's in my kitchen. It seems like a very nice product for the price. I was wondering if anyone has photos of this tile installed in their homes? Please post some if you do.

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I hope someone replies to you. no one did to my thread on the 13th about cryntel romastone tiles. I saw them at Lowe's also and loved them! I'm pretty anti-vinyl tiles tho so wanting to know how they worked out for others before i plunge into using them.

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My husband and I installed the italia travertine from Lowes last summer and it is awesome. We put it on a 45 degree angle and grouted it just like real tile. after looking around we liked it better than most real tile. I've been looking to buy more but they no longer sell it at my surrounding Lowes. I live in Cleveland NC, where have you seen the italia travertine? I can send pics if interested I'm not sure how to post on here! Thanks

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vickiehall - you might check out lowes website. the 12 x 12 italia travertine is listed and i believe you could order online and have it shipped to your local store for pickup.

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i am also interested in this flooring! bumping for more reviews on personal experience, especially in regards to peeling, which i saw some reports of on lowes customer reviews. would love to use this in bathrooms....

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Older thread bumping for more replies!

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I would also love to see pictures since I was thinking of installing it in my laundry room and utility room without the grout but if I love it also in my kitchen with grout. BUT, I had my heart set on bigger tiles in my kitchen and wish it would come in different size tiles. It looks so real.

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Sorry, I haven't been on the forum in a while. I am interested in your photos. I was considering putting it on a 45 degree angle and grouting it just like you did. They still have lots of the Cryntel tile at most of the locations in my area. You can order it online though.

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vickie - do you have the pics on your computer? do you have a photobucket acct? if not, sign up - it's free.

then upload the pics to photobucket

once on there click on the pic and it'll go to a screen where you'll see the different code options. 'copy' the html code and past it into the body of your text. do that for each pic to post here.

after clicking on preview you should see the pics in your post. if all is ok, click on submit.

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I still have the samples of this tile and really love the Italia Stone Fresco so much and if it was bigger than 12 X 12, I would use it in my kitchen. For now, I want to use it in the laundry room and utility room. I love the pattern and color still even after 1.5 years have passed which to me is a good sign if I can find it is still available. I would love pictures if anyone has them to share.

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They discontinued the samples I have here and love so I will have to visit to get different samples for my utility room and just get this project moving since the floor is cement due to the tiles getting damaged in 2008 from the air conditioner unit rusting out. The heater/air conditioner unit on sale cost me $8,100.

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