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rococogurlMarch 23, 2006

We've been having a little drama in the park, just 2 blocks from my house (which some of you may have seen on TV) and the account of it all in one of the papers this morning is a bit of a hoot.

So I thought I'd post it for all to enjoy.

In NYC we really do tend to root for the critters that defy man (well, not cockroaches or rats), even when they are inconvenient or a bit scary.

IN my family we call this a "quality animal story"

Here is a link that might be useful: The story of Hal

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That's hilarious! Talk about excitement in Central Park. It was rather amusing when the reporter gave this hectic account of Hal's whirlwind, jet-packed tour of the park and then capped it by proclaiming that Hal was a "healthy young animal". No kidding!

I do love that he stopped for a swim in between. ;-). I thought my cat was the only animal with ADD - he does the same sort of thing in the middle of a frenzied chase: comes to a screeching halt half a tic before making the nab of the century to groom this spot 3.5inches north of his tail, preens tries to remember what he was doing then goes shooting off again after the "prey". (fortunately, prey is either the other cat or a foil ball and nothing more exciting)

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