Suggestions on flooring in reach-in closets?

c_e_e_gSeptember 4, 2012

I'm in the midst of a gut renovation of my apartment, including five closets which have been cleared of everything down to the cement floor. I hadn't given the floors in the closets much thought so far, because save for one slightly larger closet (maybe 4'x6'), they're all reach-in or pantry depth. So I won't be walking in them, and not much flooring will be visible.

However I'm finding it more difficult than anticipated to find photos or discussions around flooring within small closets (perhaps because most people's hardwood floors continue uninterrupted into the closet). So I was hoping to hear what people would do with a small closet floor space. Ceramic tile? Click wood flooring? Carpet squares? Terra cotta? For reference, my floors are cherry-stained parquet, and my overall apartment look leans towards classic/traditional (read: I'm a fan of white subway tile). The closets will be painted white and not have much frill. Anyway I'd love to hear what people with similar situations have done with their closet floors, I'm starting to feel the pressure of the decision upon me. Thanks!

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Closet flooring should be a continuation of the room's flooring. Otherwise you will have to deal with transition strips or thresholds. Plus, it's much more attractive to use the same flooring and brings greater continuity to the home as a whole.

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I definitely agree, and ideally that would have been the case. However the construction in the apartment was such that the parquet flooring ended (rather unelegantly) at the threshold. The previous tenant had some vinyl flooring in there that was basically one notch above contact paper, so I can't really take any pointers from his solution! My sense is I should go in a direction away from hard wood, so as not to draw more attention to the transition from floor to closet. Does that make sense?

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