I'm so upset

MariposaTraicioneraMarch 8, 2006

And it's not because of the item, but sentimental value attached to it.

On Friday I went up to the hospital to visit my sister who was receiving her second round of a 48 hour chemo treatment. One of our friends (Judy) has been kind enough to visit often and has helped sis out so much, that I wanted to repay her somehow. It was Judy's birthday and I told sis that I would buy her a gift, cards and balloons, bring up a cake and some drinks and we'd have a mini-party in the room. Of course I had to take my digital camera as well for pics. On my way out of the hospital, I used the public bathroom on the cancer floor and FORGOT THE CAMERA. I felt sick in the stomach when I realised what I had done on Saturday morning, and immediately called the hospital. They said someone had indeed found the camera and brought it to the nurses station, but she wouldn't leave it with them. She said she was taking it to 'lost and found.' I felt relieved when I got this news, but today I spoke with the woman at 'lost and found' and she said the camera was never turned in.

How can someone do this? I don't mind losing the camera, but those pics of my sister and Judy mean a lot to me :-(.

I could never do something like that.

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((((hugs)))) Mariposa.

That is so upsetting. I'm so sorry for that to happen to you. That meant so much to you, and I know you will be feeling that sting for a little while, still.

Even if you can only get a disposable camera, go get one right away so as to not "miss a beat" with your sister.

I think photos are great, and I'm so glad to have those that I do. Yet, just remember that sometimes the Universe wants us to be in the moment. DH always wants to run and get the camera when we see a rainbow. I just want to stand and stare at it, and etch it into my mind's eye.

This is such an important time for you. I hope your sister regains her full health and your next photo spree is doing a celebration jig on a cruise deck somewhere!!

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Does the hospital have all visitors sign in?
There is probably a record of who visited who, room and floor.
I would report it to the Hospital security at once!
This person who said they were returning YOUR camera stole it or "Lost and Found" stole it.

The nurses could ID this person!

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Don't most hospitals have security cameras? Maybe there was one in the general area of the bathrooms and the nurse can view and id the person. Long shot, but worth a try! Talk to their security office.

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Thanks for the hugs Shezzy.

No, we don't have to sign in while visiting which is a shame. But after speaking with the woman in 'lost and found' I got the impression that she was unwilling to entertain any questions, so I will go higher up and insist on additional help.

Thanks for the support.

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Good suggestions above. Also, large institutions may have more than one "Lost and Found" (e.g., one on the wing or floor, and another in a central office area or security office). It seems to me that someone who mentioned that she was turning it in (although she could have just slipped it into a pocket without saying anything) was being honest.

Another possibility is that the person who found the camera didn't have time to bring it to the L&F as she was going home. If that person is a frequent visitor, she may return another day and bring the camera with her. So there's still hope. Would the hospital permit you to post a sign in the rest room where you lost the camera?

I sure hope you find it! But, if not, at least you'll have the memories.

My very best wishes to you and your sister,


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Any possibility the nurse knew what patient the camera finder was visiting?

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A thought here - perhaps the person did in fact turn it into lost and found, but someone who was operating or had access to the area never "got" it. The person who tried to return the camera the first time may not be the one at fault, and I tend to think that since he/she tried to return it in the first place.

That really sucks. Can you take the pictures again with Judy? It may not be the birthday again, but togetherness is always a reason to celebrate. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

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I called the hospital again and spoke to someone in Admin. They're going to look into what happened and report back to me.

Yes Snookums, I can take pics with Judy again. I know these things happen, but I guess my emotions are different due to the fact that sis is undergoing chemo etc. She's in stage 4 cancer and not expected to live more than 2 years, hence the urgency of wanting to keep every last pic I have of her :-(.

I'm still hopeful that SOMEHOW the camera will turn up.

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Suggestions: Does your community have a "Ken Amaro" , a TV News consumer reporter, like we do here in Jacksonville, Florida? Ken's the type of reporter that does some investigating/consumer reporting for the community at large.

Maybe you could write him to ask him how he would approach a local counter part person in your home town to get a 'human interest' story out there. He could possibly tell you how to get access or "motivate" someone to view hospital security cameras before they're destroyed or packed away.

His email is: kamaro@firstcoastnews.com

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Maybe put up a "reward" flyer somewhere in the hospital, no questions asked, and perhaps it might show up?

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Well the lady apparently brought the camera back a week ago, but guess what? The lost and found area at the hospital said they cannot find it!!

Talk about being really mad now. I'm waiting on a call from someone higher up over there to see what can be done.

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Good luck and now would be a good time to become the Squeaky wheel. The hosp. had it and lost it!!! I do hope the pictures you took are still in the memory. How is your sister doing?

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Thanks for asking. She had her 4th round of Chemo this week and will have some blood work and other tests done to see if this first round of treatment made an impact. Other than that, she's in good spirits and continuing with some classes online.

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I'm sorry you are having to go through this. My thoughts are with you and your extended family...I hope the chemo has made a real impact.


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