lubricating blower fan

stockrexJanuary 12, 2009

Greeting from west michigan,

carrier, 95% eff, 19 yrs old.

my furnace blower needs 30w oil to lube it up. when we bought the house 3 year back, it made loud noise when starting up, called the service guy, noise went away but came back and got louder till the summer scheduled service.

could someone pls tell me or point me to a website which has instructions on how to oil the blower and where can buy that little bottle with a long tube coming out of it to oil the darn thing


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Any heating and air parts house carries the "pull-spout" oil. Just look up the parts house in the phone book and they should have it.

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20 yr old hi eff carrier. Got a model and serial #

Does it use white pvc pipe for intake and exhaust or vent up the chimney?

You may end up pulling out the blower motor to access the two oil port caps.

Zoom spout oiler is what you are looking for. Most hardware stores have them I would think. It is just elec motor oil. I don't know why someone said 30w, seems kinda heavy to me.

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Thanks for the name of the oiling tool.
Electric motor oil, it is then. I think I read somewhere about 30w motor oil.

Sorry no serial # till friday, I am out on a business trip.

Er, where do I find the serial #?

white pvc pipe to exhaust and same for intake.

Yes, I think I saw the service tech pull the motor/fan assembly out a bit to oil the darn thing.

tlewis et wiley, thanks a bunch

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I've got a 21-year-old Carrier 58SSB060-8C(? may be -BC) natural gas furnace. The blower is making noticeable noise now. It's never been serviced, and I assume that lubricating the blower may extend its life and reduce the noise. I'm an unlicensed electrician/handyman, so I'm not afraid to get into the furnace and disassemble it partially if that's what's needed to oil the blower. I'm hoping it's easier than it appears. There's no OBVIOUS disassembly path, and I'd like to avoid unnecessarily disassembling areas that don't need it. I'd love to have some drawings that show what is where, but I can't find any data on the Internet. Can anyone help?

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I have 4 carriers in my house and they run fine for 10+ years. occasionally I have a fan (outside house - where compressor) stick or hang up. i notice there are 4 holes on the top of the fan motor/fanunit and I wonder if these are for lubricating
i'd like to lubricate these fans. can I unscrew the nuts holding it dowen and lubricate with wd40?

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