Gettin' our Mojo Back

sweebyMarch 25, 2006

OK ladies -- It's time to get our Mojo back!

There are a lot of us here that are tired of weighing more than we should, tired of not exercising like we know we should, and tired of feeling bad because we're not eating right and not exercising enough. And many of us are battling depression, hormones, remodeling stress and family crises to boot, where we'll need all of the energy we can muster to bring ourselves and our families through it.

So this is a turnaround thread. With the help of my friends, I know I can turn this ship around. Anyone else want to climb on board?

Turnaround Date: Wednesday, March 22nd.

Weight: X - 0.5 pounds so far

Exercise: 4/4 days

Mood: Determined!

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Fine, so what's the program boss?

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The program is whatever works for each one of us.
For me, that'll be a Weight Watchers eating plan, plus morning walks for exercise and clear-headedness, plus hormones (cross your fingers).

I'm thinking that a regular dialog will keep us all cognizent of our own goals, accountable to each other, and available here to help our i-buddies over the hurdles. If each of us can identify what it is we need from this group to help us start the turnaround and then keep it going, I'm betting we can each find what we need. (For me, it's accountability. I thought about skipping my walk today, but didn't so I could post a 4/4 instead of a 3/4. That's what I need.)

So who's in?

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So will you enforce the rule that I cannot post here until I RETURN from the gym instead of getting on here and yakking and then never going?

I'm going on So Beach as it worked well before. Gotta drop 20 big ones and get back in shape to get rid of all the aches and pains that I never had before I became addicted to the internet.

They're out grocery shopping or whatever with family day today but expect you'll get signups through the week.

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Turnaround Date: Monday, March 27th.
Weight: X
Exercise: I'll shoot for a long walk at least 3x week
Mood: Scared!

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Ugh. I'm in. And please use me as an example:

Remember those 16 pounds I lost in Cairo before I came home? TEN of those friggin pounds are back. I could cry. It's just so hard with the remodel and eating out. But I am determined this time.

I'm IN. And this time I won't do it alone. I'm going to go on WW online and get the books and calculators and stuff. The workouts will likely be the same as before. It worked once. If only I could have kept it going.

I'm IN!


Turnaround date: Monday, March 27th
Weight: 177 pounds (take that to your grave)
Exercise: 30-45 min of Cardio and weight training.
Mood: Pissed.

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Must I fill out the little chart? I don't disclose my weight or my age and when pressed I fib.

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Oh, I need in too. Bad.

Haven't been to the YMCA (1/2 block away) in weeks. (Proximity to the Y was one of the reasons we bought this house.) DH goes daily and at 50+ is sporting a six pack and a 33 inch waist. Disgusting! Meanwhile my arms feel weak folding laundry!! Everything is going soft and heading south!!

My weight is ok thanks to genetics, eating light/well and being way hyper. But this shapeshifting has gotta stop.

I will commit to a Monday Y run and report back victorious, or I guess forever be in shame here....

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So speaking of age.....the other day I'm walking down the hall with a girl friend of mine, who's in her earlie thirties. Well and good. She says hi to this TOTAL cutie pie guy....but he looks kinda young. Do you "know" him I say, coyly. "No, he's too young. He's only 23."

Suddenly, I realize OH MY GOD!! I could be this guys MOTHER!!! I could have given birth at 19 and he'd be MINE!!! HOLY SMOKE (not exactly, but I don't want to get run off the forum.)

LOL! Okay okay, I'm only 42 and that is super young. I get it. I also (by the grace of God and good genes) look more like I could DATE this guy than have given birth to him. But man alive!! What an epiphany!!

Nooooo, no one should have to fill out the form. I am just SO disgusted with myself that I considered it a well deserved punishment.

So, now you know ALL....'


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Filling out the form can be optional, right?.

Sweeby, you are awesome and are totally motivating me. I'm gearing up for tomorrow ~ Tell me, did you decide to follow a regimined eating plan?

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I'm in.

No qualms about revealing age, but I lie shamelessly about my weight. Thank God I am married to a man with poor eyesight. For my birthday last week he bought me a gorgeous outfit more suited to a 5'11" 120lb model. I tried it on and was a dead ringer for Miss Piggy. Except my hair is short.

Turnaround Date- today, March 26
Weight- 125 (TOLD you I lie)
Exercise- long walk 4x/week, eat better!
Mood- a little hung over from drinking Veuve Clicquot last night...but totally worth it.

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I am definitely in !!!
Went shopping with my sister yesterday -- one of the reasons being to clothes-shop for both of us -- (her idea on the clothes part since I had told her no way was I going to buy "big clothes" -- We went to Chico's -- such darling stuff -- a place I've always had luck before, throughout any current weight du jour --
Well - -l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l ..... talk about total depression and feeling middle age frumpy !!!!! THAT did it !!! Nothing I tried on worked -- HATED the image staring back at me in the mirror !! Vowed right then and there that today is the day !!!! So, after meeting up with the whole family for Mexican dinner, . . . chips and dip included, . . . and probably packing on another two pounds . . . well, today is here !! and Spring is here, and I can't keep wearing the black stuff that fits me now all summer long !!!!!

Turnaround date - today !!! March 26, 2006

Weight -- 156 (figure if I admit it, I'll have to be more accountable !!! Cringe !! )

Exercise -- walk 5 mornings at least 15 minutes, and walk at least three afternoons a week

Diet for now -- I'll try Atkins again, for maybe two weeks -- kind of jump start the system -- it worked before -- Then shift to WW

Mood -- Rather disgusted with myself, a little depressed about it, but feeling motivated - I CAN DO THIS !!!

Sweeby, thanks for getting us going !!!


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Oh, man, I am so IN!

My story: I wasted most of my lifetime being overweight (lost weight on Weight Watchers several times but gained it back immediately and eventually gave up and became really obese). Finally, 10 years ago, I changed to a new doctor who took my condition seriously. I had developed venous stasis disease and borderline hypertension, and he encouraged me to walk (to improve circulation in my legs) and lose weight, among other things. For the first time, I was doing it for health reasons, not just appearance, and somehow that was great motivation. But walking every day had dramatic effects on my looks, too: it really reduced my waistline! I didn't follow any organized diet program, just "sensible" eating and total honesty with myself (I knew my personal pitfalls and avoided them; for example, I knew that "just a taste" of something sweet would start a craving, so I avoided temptation). Over a 15-month period, I lost 80 pounds and went from size 20 to size 8! The best part was that I didn't need to wear clothes that hid my waistline and I could shop in the "regular" departments of clothing stores.

I kept most of it off for a long time. Gradually, though, I've gained a few pounds here and a few pounds there (usually at holidays and special occasions), and I'm now about 20 pounds over my goal weight. I had to buy clothes in a new size this summer :-( I don't feel that I've totally backslid (I'm pretty good with the basic structure of my diet), but there have been occasional binges that left permanent evidence. I stopped walking, too, and became more sedentary. Now, sadly, I've got another battle to fight!

I know what I have to do:

Walk 30 minutes, at least 4x per week; maybe join Curves or a gym

Banish my customary snack foods (corn cakes, instant soups, raisin bread) from the house

Eat more salads, raw veggies, and fruits

Use oven more, instead of sauteing meats

Drink milk (lactaid-type)

Eat more at lunchtime, so I'm not so ravenous in the late afternoon (my usual downfall), and have an earlier dinner

When I was losing weight 10 years ago, I got lots of encouragement and compliments from my coworkers. Now, I'm 61 and retired, so I'm depending on you guys!

Turnaround Date: Sunday, March 26
Extra motivation: college reunion 2 months from today
Weight: Goal + 20 (really 25 from lowest point)
Exercise: 4x/wk
Mood: Determined!


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Wow. This is new to me.. online weight-loss motivation. But hey, I'm in! Always up for a new challenge.

Turnaround Date: Monday, March 27 (gotta put this off until tomorrow... today's my birthday, and indulgences are already planned)
Weight: Goal + 25 lbs (can't talk in absolute numbers)
Exercise: 20 minute power walk or treadmill 4x per week
Mood: To quote Spongebob: "I'm ready, I'm ready". And for more motivation... my employer also gives all employees $150 per year to anyone who completes an exercise program for 10 weeks straight. And I can set my own exercise regimen. Sounds so easy.... so why haven't I done this before? Time to stop being so lazy :-)

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Pick me, I'm in. (Hi y'all! I've missed you.)

My motivation was being diagnosed with Type II diabetes last fall. I absolutely refuse to give in to heart attack, stroke, dementia or anything else associated with this disease. (Diabetes turned out to be genetically predisposed in my family.) I'm learning the connection between exercise and food and how important it is. I've lost 23 pounds since December and finally ''get'' the inflamation and aging issues your body has when your blood glucose isn't where it needs to be. (I'm NOT sharing my weight...Ivette and the rest of you are brave!) I have a long way to go, but am happy with every pound that has gone away. My arthritis isn't so severe now, and I love having an little more energy.

I'm walking two miles a day (although I didn't start out there) and would like to bump up to 2.5, 6xweek. Considering I couldn't walk across the street last September, I'm feeling so much better. A respiratory infection set me back for a couple of weeks so I'm easing back up to it.

I'm (re)learning portion control, moderation (I refuse to feel deprived) and making them choices. If you're going to have health issues, it's good to have one you can control. The baker in me is learning how to cook better, and enjoy my ''little meals''. Thanks for letting me take this journey with you!

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Claire, you're one of the people I've missed most! Glad you're back and adapting well to the new eating and exercise life style! Congratulations on the 23 pounds!! I think there's a lot you could teach us all about portion control and the difference between "little meals" and all-day grazing. I'm not diabetic, but years ago I realized that my sugar binges in the late afternoon left me fuzzy-headed and unable to concentrate; I could barely put together something for dinner, much less follow a complicated recipe. Vegetables and protein snacks don't have that effect.

I'm not sure whether we want to post recipes in this thread or keep it strictly motivational. But I posted a little item on the Cottage Cheese thread, over on the Cooking Forum, and I'll repeat it here, in case it helps anyone. It's an adaptation of an old Weight Watchers recipe (use the sugar substitute, not sugar).

Mix cottage cheese with a little cut-up fruit (e.g., pineapple or peach), a splash of vanilla extract, some sugar or sugar substitute, and a little cinnamon (all quantities to taste). Spread on a slice of bread and bake till toasted. It's a "mock" cheese danish for breakfast or lunch!


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I'm in. I've been doing a pretty good job with the exercise. I walk 5 mornings a week with neighbors and when I get back from that DH and I go to the gym. So almost every day I am getting at least a 40 minute work out. We've even cut waaaaay back on our wine. Most nights we each have one glass with dinner. Nothing before, nothing after. It is amazing how long we can make that one glass last. LOL But last night...well that's a different story. We had wine and champagne while planning an Alaskan cruise with friends. So I really am motivated to lose before I go clothes shopping for that trip. It is in June, so I should be able to lose at least 10 pounds by then.

Turn around date: Monday March 27
Exercise: Continue walking and gym
Weight goal: Ultimate goal is to lose 40 pounds. Short term goal: Lose 10 pounds by June 8.
Diet: I'm thinking of trying the Sonoma Diet. Reading those books usually motivates me.
Mood: Determined!

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Wow! There are 10 of us in so far -- this is great! We've got:

Starpooh and

So what do you'all want from the group?
What kind of support do you need to succeed?

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Awwww, Sue, Thanks for the support (and for the recipe too).

Sweeby, I'm glad you started this ''accountability'' thread. It's going to be helpful to talk amongst ourselves. ;)

I'd like to see a compilation of everyone's tips/hints on how they're managing food and exercise. For example, when I started walking, I decided that 10 minute increments on the treadmill were easy to do, even though I couldn't imagine walking 30 minutes at a time. (Remember, walking across the street was an effort for me!) It's easy to find 10 minutes to do something. When I started feeling better, I added 5 minutes, an incline or walked faster. I've learned to like the treadmill, since when my time is up, or distance reached...I'm DONE, even if I decide to do one or two more 10 minute segments. (Exercise and I have a love/hate relationship.) I also like climate controlled walking and usually have the fan going full-blast overhead. There's a small tv straight ahead and up high, so I can forget about what I'm doing while I'm doing it. (Sometimes watching the Food channel is my vicarious thrill.) I also found that if my blood glucose went too high because of extra carbs, 10 minutes on the treadmill brought it down to acceptable levels immediately.

As far as food goes, I can't imagine eating a full meal any more. (It looks like a lot of food to me now, and although that was kind of sad to me at the time, I got over it.) Instead, I look at it as ''getting'' to eat 5 or 6 times a day. My full size dinner plates are being used as platters these days, and I've invested in several different kinds of small plates for variety...

I've got tons of these, but would love to hear from the rest of you.

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Some may want recipes but I DO NOT want anything that makes me hungry. Puhleeze ladies! Please consider that some of us have 0 and I mean 0 will power.

I'm going on South Beach because it's the only thing that works for me. No carbs, fruit or wine. Just the veggies and protein.

I do pretty rigorous gym workouts (when I go LOL). 30 minutes of aerobics (to start) on the eliptical machine followed by a full weights workout. I thought alternate days I'd try to go to some type of class -- pilates, yoga -- for additonal flexibility.

So I'm doing 2 days on and 1 day off. I'll have to work out what happens when we go for the weekend but there are gyms here too.

My downfall is being lazy and eating outside food. It's such a pain to shop and cook I don't usually do it I order in. When I was on So Beach I used his recipes mostly and did cook that stuff which is pretty simple.

Fortunately I'm really healthy and my bone density is on the upswing. But I'm carrying 20 extra pounds, so many clothes don't fit and this has been going on for way too long. I've been a lazy slob for the last 3 years when I had nothing but time to work out.

Claire such good news for you. Brava on the loss.

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Hi - can I join too? I've been doing really well since I had my health related epiphany two months ago but since fitness doesn't come naturally to me (I'd rather do something on the computer than exercise) I'd like to be part of a group that helps everyone keep 'er going.

Turn around date: January 25
Exercise: Exercise bike 40 mins 4-5x/week; 40 min stability ball routine 3x/wk

Weight: weight was okay - just getting flabby, saggy and out of shape with borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol (though I have lost 7 pounds since the epiphany)

Diet: Just a generally healthy diet - lean meat, fish, fruit, vegies, whole grains, no/low fat dairy; I've given up salty snacks with the blood pressure thing; I think my only real dietary vice now is chocolate - I have some pretty much every day

Mood: VERY encouraged by the results so far - hope I can keep this up

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I would love to join in too! While my renovation did alot for my house, it did NOTHING for my hips :(

I lost 30 pounds 3 yrs ago, and it has slowly crept back on. My motivation at that time was a family cruise, and I did great. I think I am so mad at myself about re-gaining it that I just haven't been able to muster the motivation to get back on the right track. I'm so tired of dragging a$$!

My neighbor and I just started walking last week. We started at 25 minutes, and will increase from there. Now that I am moving again, I need to focus on healthy eating. My best bet is to dig up my WW books again, but South Beach is the other option for me. Anyone have opinions on one vs. the other?

Turnaround Date: Mon, March 27th
Weight: X (I can hardly even tell myself!)
Exercise: Walking 5x week Minimum
Mood: Mad (that I have to do this) and Determined

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Wow, I feel TERRIBLE that some have felt uncomfortable with the Get Fit thread. It was never meant for just those who belonged to a gym. In fact, I think when Maureen started it, very few had gym memberships. But the weather turned cold and we all just wanted to keep moving, so it was a more convenient way to exercise. The point of the thread was exactly what the title said, Get Fit.

At any rate, as long as people are getting healthier, I'm so happy to see so much interest in fitness.

Of course, if anybody has any questions about anything, feel free to ask, but congratulations to all who are making a commitment for better health.

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Hey Lor~
This thread kind of took off on its own when Sweeby & I were talking about dieting. We originally were going to do a weight loss buddies kind of thing and this sprung from there. You're absolutely right, since you've offered your help before, I should have thought to include you and the 'Get fit' gang ~ I hate it when I do stupid and careless things!!!

Honestly, I need to take off some pounds and get my body just moving before I do any real exercise (I'm on the way to recovery, I admitted it). Do you think it would be wise to have a thread devoted more to weight loss and one for those that can have some sort of an exercise routine? It might be less frustrating for those in my boat (I don't know a press from a scrunch-lol)?

We definitely need camp counselors here and I know you, Lor are a proven & successful motivator (I won't say drill sargent ;).

So, what does everyone think? I'm open to swapping phone numbers with anyone who feels they might need a bit more private and intense motivation, in addition to the on-line stuff.

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Hi Lori,

Please don't take offense or feel bad in any way about this discussion vis a vis the Get Fit thread. I don't think anybody even mentioned it till you did, and certainly nobody meant to "diss" it! It's not a competition. But I'll tell you my personal view: it's hard to jump onto a moving train, and the Get Fit train has been running for quite some time. It has its own set of regular "commuters" posting to it (I realize that newcomers are welcome there, but some of us may be shy about joining in late). Also, when I've looked in on it, it seemed to be concerned more with exercising (e.g., on machines at a gym), running, and fitness per se, rather than with dieting strategies. My impression is that it was for people who were already somewhat athletic. I apologize if I'm describing it incorrectly, as I haven't read it recently.

I think the intent here was for newly motivated forum members to simply to join together with some enthusiasm as we embark on a new journey together. As you can see from our introductions, most of us feel very much out of shape, and some of us have been quite discouraged about our weight gain. By banding together, perhaps we can all benefit from the support and encouragement of the group. I don't know if we'll be concentrating on meal planning and healthy eating more than exercising on this thread; probably, it will be a combination of both. And of course, anybody--old or new--is welcome to hop aboard! :-)


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Pauline (et al), I hope I didn't sound like I was sulking...seriously, I'm THRILLED, THRILLED people are signing up. As I said, I felt bad others were intimidated by the GF thread.

No worries!! :)

Oh...and that's MADAM DRILL SARGENT to you. ;)

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Re: Sweeby's question -- what do we want from the group -
For me, I'm already getting things from the group, such as really inspirational stories of where some of you have been and how far you've come and how much you're still wanting to go -- Things like brutal honesty -- like Dr. Phil says, you have to own it to do anything about it, (or something like that !!!) Knowing that I'm not marching in this parade of being fed up with myself all by myself -- that there are others of you who are equally fed up with yourselves --

This will also serve as an accountability factor -- similar to WW meetings -- but we can check in daily, hourly, if need be !!!! If we're really tempted to fall off the diet wagon, we are a click away in computer land to find a sympathetic and encouraging ear !!!!

We can maybe hash about how we're feeling, what's made us overeat and not exercise enough -- talk about what is working diet-wise --- WW, Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean (I need to check into that one -- it seems to be regarded highly in medical areas -- I think similar to South Beach, but not sure )
Talk about ways to reward ourselves -- ways to keep us going -- (for instance, I'm hanging a favorite pair of jeans on my closet door -- Size 6!!! they actually did fit great at one time -- love them !! but can't zip them for nuthin'!!! Now, I'm size 12. Envisioning a trip to Chico's and actually liking what I'm seeing in the mirror !! -- stuff like that !!! )

I'm Day Two now of Atkins -- Did not blow it last evening !! Yay !!! This morning had scrambled eggs with cheese, as I did yesterday -- totally filling and satisfying, so I think that will work for me, at least until I absolutely cannot look another egg in the eye !! -
What I really do miss with Atkins is the fruit thing, but I figure three weeks is do-able -- I just need to see some progress rather quickly to stay motivated --
I do know that WW is probably the healthiest way to go --
but with Atkins, by weeks end, I know I'll be able to really tell some difference.

I need -- for me !! -- to feel good about myself, and to feel good !! I know I'm the same person inside, whether I'm 156 lbs. or 125 lbs. But I don't perceive myself the same. I'm much more confident at a lower poundage --

I'm really entering a new phase of life -
DS is graduating high school in June, then we're staring college in the face. Mothering, as I've known it, is changing -- and we're dealing with a lot of issues --
which college? go away or stay here for a year or two?
DS seeking new boundaries now that he's 18 -- me dealing with the new boundaries -- me still being the eternal worrier, and trying to NOT do that so much !! My identity for so many years has been as DS's mom -- not that I've lost myself along the way, it's not that, but I've been like the TOTAL mom -- have loved it all -- and now, it's changing, as it should -- "a time and season for everything"-- and all that --

Well, I've rambled here, but I guess that is a really great thing about this group, too -- we can just ramble our hearts away, and if anyone wants to read it they can, if not, then that's okay, too.

Hope everyone is doing great today !!!!
Happy Monday everybody !!


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Sue - I think your analogy of the "moving train" was a good one in regard to the Get Fit thread. I have looked on there occasionally, and it seems like people are way ahead of me in terms of about 5k's, kayaking, rock climbing scared me off!! I would love to be there, Lori, but I'm just not YET.

I have started today with WW, but am still considering South Beach for a quick start. I know WW, but if I do SB I will have to get my book out for a refresher before going that direction.

Chris - I can really really relate on the DS issue. Although mine is still a jr, we are getting into the ACT's, looking at colleges, etc. I know I have such a short time until he is off to college and I am really trying to enjoy all of it. Thankfully, I have a DD who will be heading into high school next year, but I know life will be different when one of them is gone.

One really good thing I did today was set up an appt. Thursday for a complete physical....eeeeekk! I have been putting it off for years and told myself I need to get real with myself and find out what my cholesterol,etc...numbers are. No more telling myself "I'm sure everything is fine". It's time to face the reality.

One more good thing I did today....dug that dirty, rotten, lying, nasty scale out...dusted it off....and actually stepped on it! It will now sit in the middle of the bathroom where it belongs!

Hope all of you are having a good day. Let us know how it went for you.

ps. meeting neighbor at 3:30 for our walk...

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Celticmoon reporting in, fresh back from the YMCA, rowing machine and full circuit of weight machines (had to dial em all way down from last time I was there. I am all weak and jiggly these days) I feel great. But I'm gonna be wicked sore day after tomorrow. Only cure is to do it again.

Re food changes, easiest for us is what I call the "No White Food" diet. Ditch the sugars and refined starches. That means no potatoes, rice, pasta, bread. Sort of South Beach for Dummies, except I changed the parts that make no sense to me. In this version, fruit, carrots, beets, corn can stay. All fruits and vegetables are welcome. Wine and butter too (gotta live). It could be a famous diet, but how can you write a book only three words long. No White Food.

DH and I each dropped 20 pounds painlessly to get to healthy weights, and have stayed within a couple pounds of there for 18 months. We do eat the "prohibited foods" probably at least weekly for some reason or another. Not a rigid diet. Just a general rule that food at home is mostly fruits and vegetables, with protein and dairy. Dinner plate looked really strange for a couple months without the gob-o-starch, but you get used to eating lighter.

On the inspiration front: I've pronounced myself before to be frugal and DIY determined, sometimes to a fault. We had water damage from skylight towers, now rebuilt, and estimates for drywall and ceiling repair up there weren't sitting well with me. But it was very, very ugly up there. DH said he'd give it a go, but his skills are not quite up this alley. And he is very stressed at work these days.

I have had a terrible fear of heights all my life, total knee knocking/buckling, hyperventilating, panic, vertigo, you name it...

Guess who dragged her 53 year old body up there Saturday, one step at a time, 5 minutes a step, talking to myself all the way.

I pretty much spent the weekend up there, redid some drywall taping and mudding, Kilz, cottage cheeze texture matching in the ceiling circle cutouts and paint cutting in on the upper walls. I am tickled I can now scoot up there with only a bit of momentary anxiety. Old dog, new trick.

So come on ladies, anything is possible!!! Turn off that computer right now, stroll around the block and check back in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't think. Just do it!!!!!!!

And I'll be back here to check on you all. But first I gotta go see somebody in the jail. BTW, *anybody* in there would trade places with you in a heartbeat and be thrilled to be free to take that walk. Go!

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"One really good thing I did today was set up an appt. Thursday for a complete physical" and "One more good thing I did today....dug that dirty, rotten, lying, nasty scale out...dusted it off....and actually stepped on it!"

Way to go Neverdone! Now THAT'S gettin' your Mojo back --

And Celtic - conquering your fear of heights! -- Good for you!

Lori - I meant no disrespect at all to the Get Fit thread. IMO, the moving train analogy describes it perfectly. Also, for me at least, it's more than just fitness and weight loss -- It's getting back my clear-headedness, getting more organized, more decisive, taking care of those doctors' appointments, volunteer activities -- The kind of things that separate the SuperMoms and Wonder Women from the couch potatoes...

Personal report for today: I joined Weight Watchers and weighed in, walked briskly for 30 minutes (workin' up), took special care of my skin (which has been sadly neglected), and have eaten healthy so far today. Next, I'm bringing my new WW books to the grocery store to load up on Core foods, and will plan something healthy for dinner.

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Chris, I agree with what you said about the "accountability factor"; I think that I pushed myself out the door for a 30-minute walk today just so that I could say that I took one! (And by the way, it was great! I saw crocuses, daffodils, violets, and forsythia blooming, and buds on the magnolias and rhododendrons. This year, I'll really experience Spring, close up!)

Neverdone, I think you brought up a great point about getting a physical, if you're due for one. It helps to have a baseline for weight, BP, cholesterol, etc, and anyone with medical issues should have the doctor's OK before making major changes in diet or exercise patterns.

You were also smart to dust off that bathroom scale! Some "experts" say not to weigh yourself more than once a week. In my case, when I was losing weight 10 years ago, I found that I needed to weigh myself daily, before breakfast, every single day--and I've continued with this practice. I keep a record in a notebook. It gives me constant feedback: for example, if I eat salty food one evening, I might retain more water than usual the next morning, but the trend should be reversed a day later. However, the effects of binges may last all week. If I'm in a state of equilibrium, fluctuations of a half-pound (the limits of my scale's accuracy), from day to day, are normal. Losses or gains of more than that are REAL changes that I can celebrate or lament.

Celticmoon, you should be so proud of yourself for conquering your fear of heights! And I'm glad to hear that several of you have signed up with WW or are educating yourself about other programs. Good luck on getting through the next 24 hours!


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Well, I was really good this morning. Coffee and only 2 of the mozzarella sticks. I couldn't even get into the kitchen because I'm having a Viking oven nightmare -- the repairman was there for 3 hours trying to retrofit and oven fan that had a bum wiring diagram. I may get a new oven but I think I want a different brand. What a special kind of HE product hell.

So by the time DH and I got into the car to get out of there and come back to the city I realized I was starving. We have stairs in the house and I go up and down a million times and I carried a heavy chair and ottoman down yesterday so I got a bit of exercise but not the right kind.

It's just I didn't do great today -- ate a chicken sandwich (with bread) at Mickey d's on the highway. But plain, not fried and no extras or sweets.

So somebody please check on me tomorrow as I will vow now to all of you to go to the gym first thing then report in.

The good thing is that I was so busy painting the screen doors I never ate much dinner last night.

OK manana for sure.

I hope everyone did better than I did today.

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Rococo, you should feel good that you passed on the Big Mac and the fries - could have been way worse!! Will look for your gym report first thing tomorrow.

Sweeby, Mtnester, Neverdone - all of you out there walking today!! Excelllent! One day at a time.

Pauline? Chris? Gibby? Starpooh? The rest of y'all? come on...just around the block. It's still Monday...

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OK, exercise is not my thing. Love to swim, but don't. Love to walk, but don't take time enough.

Rusty, creeky joints. Went to PT for entraped nerve in leg - low back correction. Stretching - maybe exercise is good. Decided exercise is going to happen. Small scale (no meat market gyms with young hard bodies). Yoga - signed up - start tomorrow evening, ready or not. Used to have great self-control at table. Want it back.

Goal: Drop 15 pounds. Tone up arms and thighs; increase upper body strength. Get outa computer chair! Smell the spring, as Sue described.

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Oh, Roooocoooooooocoooooooooooo.............?

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How are we doing ladies?

I walked for 45 minutes today, and can tell I'll be a little sore tomorrow. But the scale was good to me ;-) Down 3 pounds from starting weight after one week. It's probably a downward 'blip' but I'll keep it! ;-) Have a kitchen full of fresh produce -- just gotta get in the right frame of mind to eat it.

Anyone else here?

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Checking in . . .
Way to go, Sweeby !! Three pounds is good !! and a 45 minute walk -- !!
I'm about ready to head out for a walk, but we're due for a huge rainstorm, so I'm sure that whenever I go out, I'll get drenched !! Walked yesterday, and also held fast to Atkins, so now Day Three !! Have to make myself stay away from the scale, and weigh just once a week -- I kind of go by how clothes are feeling, and with Atkins, it's really weird, but the waist area seems to get chisled on first, so results can be seen.

I love the No White Food Diet that someone mentioned, and now I can't find that post -- makes lots of sense --
kind of modified Atkins but with fruit !!

Anna, will be interested to hear how the yoga works out. Keep us posted !!

Celtic Moon, great on dealing with the fear of heights thing !! Empowerment !! We can do anything we set our minds to !!!!!!!!!!!!

And on that note, I'm going to head out for a walk and see all the glorious signs of Spring that mtnester talks about !!

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Celticmoon, I can't get over that you actually climbed up that ladder, good for you for facing your fears! If you were here I'd give you a big hug!!!

W, I hear you on the rusty joints (to the DEA, that's body parts)! Yoga sounds interesting, looking forward to how it goes tonight!
Sweeby, that 3 lbs is VERY admirable!!! I walked for 25 minutes today, sans cigarettes AND somewhat uphill (well, for part of the way-lol) I also haven't stepped on the s-c-a-l-e as of yet.

Chris, how was your walk, hope you missed the rain?

Jane, Sue, Neverdone, Gibby, Ivette~hope you all are having a good day!!!

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Monday was my day off from exercise but last week I did well - five times on the bike and three times on the ball.

Today was my two month follow up with internist to check my blood pressure. In spite of my epiphany, reduced salt and beefed up exercise program, there is no improvement in my BP so I have to start taking some meds for it. She did say it is possible that with continued exercise and dietary changes that it could improve and medication may be discontinued. I'm not sure if that's really true or if she was just telling me that so I wouldn't stop my new program. I think she was shocked to hear about my exercise regime - I suppose she tells all kinds of people to exercise and they don't.

I was kind of hoping I'd take after my mother who never had HBP or high cholesterol but instead I'm ending up like my dad who had heart disease in his 40's and first heart attack around 51 and died at 62.

Fortunately I have seen so many positives from exercise and diet improvements that I think I may be hooked anyway. My clothes are getting too big and DH is really liking the new fit me! So I guess I'll just fill the HBP prescription and keep 'er going.

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Good for you Gibby! Don't let one little non-advance get you off the great track you're on. HBP is certainly not the only reason to exercise.

And way to go Paulines! Those first steps are the hardest -- and without cigarettes, too. Are you quitting those? Cutting back? You can face that scale -- Do it first when the number is likely to be on the high side, then skip a few days. That way, you'll be sure to see an improvement after a few days work.

Quote for the day:

"I've come too far in life to let a cookie boss me around."

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I'm so inspired by you. I ate half a banana, which looks like white food to me. I've been staying away from them, but today I succumbed. I'm not exercising much until my respiratory infection goes away, but I did take a 10 minute walk yesterday when I tested my BG and it was higher than it should have been. In ten minutes, my number went from 137 to 89. Exercise works!

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Wow, Luna ~ I'd say exercise works. Plus, just the fresh air is so helpful when you're feeling yucky.

Hope you, pecan pie & Starpooh (how did I miss you guys in my last post???) are also having a great day!!!

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Well, this morning, my scale registered my weight as 8888--time to get a new battery! So, instead of hopping into the car, I set out on foot to a nearby retail area. It was 45 minutes round trip, minus a couple minutes waiting in line. Walking felt good! Tomorrow, both my scale and I will be starting the day with new energy :-)

Gibby, isn't it wonderful when your clothes are hanging too loosely? I vaguely remember that feeling from long ago, when I was mid-diet and didn't want to invest in new clothes till I met my goal. Now, I can't wait to fit into my "skinny clothes" again.

Sweeby, congratulations on that 3-pound loss! That's a lot for one week; don't be discouraged if you go more slowly after the first week or two. I loved your one-liner, also. There's a lot of truth in the idea that WE are in control of our food, and not the other way around.

Claire, bananas are good for you! They're a good source of potassium, vitamins B6 and C, and fiber. I just looked this up and found a helpful web site that gives nutrition info (see link).

Have a "safe and sane" dinner, everyone!


Here is a link that might be useful: Nutrition data

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Brava ladies!! But please keep this in mind: whatever program you're doing it is extremely important to keep your metabolism up by NOT skipping meals, particularly breakfast. I'm as guilty of this as the next one and it is very detrimental to our common cause. The best thing for metabolism is to eat several smallish meals during the day.

Are we all drinking our liters of water???

No exercise yet. Crazy schedule. But have stuck to WW for two days now.


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Thanks for all the encouragement. Finished 1st yoga session an hour ago and it was GREAT. Had to relax the cross-legged position twice and stretch out one leg because my back was protesting, but managed all other positions and I was pretty steady on the one leg stands. When we got to the part about emptying out the mind of all thoughts, surprisingly for a multi-taking woman who breathes deadlines, I emptied it out and lived in the moment with shallow breathing. Now I am refreshed and back at the desk working on a report for tomorrow, with a quick aside & wave to my friends in the Mojo Support Group.

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Well it sounds like all of you ladies are doing really well :)

Got out for my walk yesterday and today. We have upped our walk to 35 minutes this week and thankfully my shins are no longer screaming!

I am struggling with the food side of things mostly...what else is new??!! I need to get good food in the house ASAP so I don't grab junk.

Celtic - congrats on working on that fear...the pic really puts it in perspective. Wouldn't catch me up there!

Sue - loved hearing about the flowers on your walk! It gives me hope that Michigan will get Spring, too. So far we only have crocus' blooming.

Rococo - I hope you are having a better day today.

Anna - great goals! Good luck on the yoga.

Sweeby - 3 lbs....great!! Keeping the right food mindset is really hard, huh? The weight loss is not only a came directly off your _________.(fill in the blank as you like!) Thanks for your nice comments.

Chris - Hope you got the walk in before the rain came! You sound very determined. I don't know how you stay off the scale for a whole week. I usually do every other day which is probably not a good idea.

Pauline - Good for you getting out and walking...and if you want to tell us uphill all the way we will understand!! That's how it feels sometimes ;)

Gibby - Don't be discouraged about the medication. I think your dr. is right...many people can go off med. over time. You must be sooo thrilled with the baggy clothes!! I remember what a kick that is...keep up the good work!

Claire - I echo what Sue said...bananas are good for you. It is really hard to get out there when you don't feel good.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Ivette - thanks for the breakfast reminder. I feel really good when I eat something 5-6 times a day rather than 2-3 bigger meals. I have my bottle of water sitting right here with me! Do all the potty runs that come with that count toward our exercise goals?? You'll get to the exercise gotta start somewhere, and you're starting with the food control.

Whew! I'm exhausted! I didn't realize there were so many of you!! Sorry to be so long winded. Have a great Wednesday :) I hope the rest of you check in.

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Hi all,

I had another mixed day. I'm just not fully started yet. DH had a friend in from out of town so we had a lunch. I woke up early but by the time I got off the phone it was time to get ready. So no gym.

I was pretty good at lunch, chicken salad on heavy whole grain bread (no white flour) and only 1 slice. But I nibbled at a piece of lemon coconut cake. But only nibbled.

Class night tonight so dinner was coffee and water.

I'm going to have something very small and plain now.

Lots of walking to/from school and up/down subway stairs.

Going to try for gym tomorrow afternoon. My arms looked so horrible in short-sleeve sweater today (it was warmish).

Does anyone else have a fat back? My vexing parts are a fat back and expanded waist.

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Neverdone, I'd settle for crocuses -but today was a sunny 50 degrees, so soon. Very soon. Can't wait to start riding the bicycle I bought last year. Replaced the one I bought in 1976 - turns out that stupid men's racer thing was way too tall for me. No wonder I wasn't comfortable riding it. A short stop and Yikes!! (no straddle room, if you get what I mean). But I love my blue hybrid with the little basket on the front - pops right off for going into the grocery. Fun.

Day off exercise for me today - very sore from the YMCA yesterday. Tomorrow a.m. will be awful - only cure is to go back to the Y.

Kithcencrazychris, that was my long babble post talking about No White Food dieting. But don't take it too literally. It's the sugar and refined flour/starches you want to avoid. Dairy is white but I eat that. And bananas are indeed good for you. But pretty dense with a high glycemic load. I used to have one every day until researching glycemic load info. Now I cut back and have them be more of a treat. Eat tons of apples, oranges, pears, kiwi, etc instead...

Rococogirl, I'm worrying over you. You said you wanted us to enforce that you couldn't post until you went to the gym... either that is one looooong workout, or you're laying low. Any thing we can do to help you get on track?? Know that you inspired me today to drive on by the McDonald's and go a bit out of my way to a health food place to eat something healthy. Had I walked into MickyD's, I wouldn't have been able to resist the fries!

My dog Lucy wants me to commit to a nice long walk with her on the non Y days...

Couldn't agree with Yvette more on the imporatnce of not skipping meals. I can't believe I never used to have breakfast. Now I can't function without it. Pretty much the same every day: chopped pear or kiwi, scoops of cottage cheese and plain yogurt (those are white!), some AllBran Buds (can't stomache the straight AllBran), splash o milk, sprinkle of almonds. And a slice of ham or turkey for protein. Works for me.

Such progress. How many miles/minutes walking you think we've racked up all together in two days?? Definite roll going on this train!!

Everyone, sleep well and have a great day tomorrow!!!

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Rococogirl (and, really, this is for all of us): some days, even with the best intentions, there are circumstances beyond your control and you can't follow the program 100%. Recognize that, on those days, it's a victory just to tread water. Tomorrow's another day. Stay committed!


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Hey, I should have thought to share this really cool meal planning tool right away. Kind of a training device to arrive at perfectly balanced meals with optimal nutrition. It follows Barry Sears' Zone diet, kind of an older, less sexy and more complicated South Beach approach. The idea is to eat good carbs and good fats and to try to balance your carbs and proteins. Sears' method is just way to hard to use, so someone came up with this very cool and cute free tool.

Here's the idea. You enter in a typical meal, then tweak the amounts. There are three little faces - one for whether you have a good balance of carbs/fats/protein, one for whether your carbs are good and one for whether your fats are good. Tweak the amounts until you get all three faces laughing - you now have a winner. Superfood.

*And* if you go all out and enter in your lean body mass, etc it will even tell you how much of that meal is the right size serving for you. Portion control, way fine tuned.

It is a bit tedious to load in a meal, but then most people eat the same meals over and over again. Do it once and save it. And this grup does have that TKO capacity for detail, right?? It is a little addictive tweaking ingredients trying to get a winner. Like playing a slot machine. It is actually quite hard to get all three faces laughing. Smiling is pretty darn good.

I used this toy quite a bit two years ago when DH and I each got down to our optimal weight. I liked I could start with what I like to eat and tweak from there. (Some things, alas, like gumbo, are less tweakable than others.) But you can improve on any meal by changing portion size and adding more produce. Eventually it all became so ingrained that I stopped using the program. Kept making the food auto pilot. But thinking about food and this thread, I realize that balancing those elements still guides what I eat. Like all the books say, you have to change the way you eat. And I will attest that when you eat "in the Zone" (= 3 for 3 smiling faces) your energy is good and your mind is clear. I really see a diffence when I don't eat that way.

And the absolute best part is that each meal is a fresh start. Screw it up and you have another shot next meal. No running tallies. Just trying for that optimal nutrition each time you raise that fork to your mouth.

Here is the link. Program is free and comes with recipes. If anyone wants I will share my own stash of tweaked recipes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zoneaware

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Finally checkin' in with y'all.
Well the bad news is that I've been working so much the last 2 days that I haven't been able to squeeze in a quick walk. (Doing some 2nd shifts this week... throws me out-of-whack. Even brought my sneakers to work, but never had the chance to put 'em on.) But my goal was walking 4 times per week so I still have time to catch up!
But the good news is that I'm starving! My problem with food is portion control. (And ice cream, but I've given that up for Lent.) I forget the rule about measuring portions... isn't it something like your fist equals a half cup?

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Celtic and Sue, thanks for the support. I haven't slipped, just not progressed -- yet. Won't make excuses but part is scheduling and volume of stuff to do. I have a list this a.m. and will try to get out later to gym. Sincerely.

So you laggards (you know who you are) your job is to do better than I'm doing! LOL.

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Starpooh, you got me curious so I just stuck my fist in a 2 cup measure and filled with water. My fist displaced exactly one cup. Course I could have the dreaded "man hands" from Seinfeld!

Sears' rule of thumb is a piece of protein the size of your palm and fill the rest of the plate with two fists worth of vegetables.

Wrote and faxed in some work already today, now it is up the ladder again to final spackle, then the dentist and the Y - which hopefully will leave me less sore. Then paint. I can't wait to cover that 18 year old dingy color....

Everybody, have a good one today. Get out there!

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So that explains it! I've been eating portions 2x the recommended size.

My manager handed out bagels at a meeting this morning so I now have this huge two-fisted blueberry bagel sitting on my desk - and calling my name. I will have the willpower to resist temptation until lunchtime!!

celticmoon ~ Thanks for the tip about the Zonaware recipe software. And yes, I would love your tweaked recipes!

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Starpooh, does that bagel have to sit there on your desk? Can you wrap it up and put it in a refrigerator or cupboard (if your office has a pantry), so it's out of sight? And can you have just HALF of it with your lunch today (maybe instead of a slice of bread), and the other half tomorrow?

At my office, they used to have icky-sweet sheet cakes to celebrate birthdays, not to mention candy and snack foods for holidays, or for no occasion at all. Often, the food was not something I really enjoyed or would prefer, if given a choice. I was just eating it because it was offered and lying there in front of me. I would dutifully take my share, and that would invariably start me off on a binge. It suddenly struck me one day that I didn't NEED to eat it: it didn't have that power over me, and I could choose to abstain. I admit that it was much easier if I didn't have to see it or think about it. It helped if I had a safe food, of my choice, to substitute for it.


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Look back at Sweeby's mantra, and substitute as appropriate:

Quote for the day:

"I've come too far in life to let a [bagel] boss me around."


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Can't believe I misremembered my own mantra -- It should be:
"I've come too far to take orders from a cookie!"

Some good points about office sweets. What about just tossing that bagel into a trash can, Starpooh? That alone is an act of Mojo. (Think Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes) Or casually putting it back in the breakroom to blow someone else's meal plan. A large bagel costs a Whole Lotta WW points -- surprisingly many. Unless you absolutely love blueberry bagels it might not be worth it's 'weight' in yumminess. Is that blueberry bagel worth foregoing a tight backside?

But anyhow -- Some great progress! I walked again this morning and ate pretty well yesterday. Today's menu is either lentil or tortilla soup for lunch, and fajitas for dinner. (If I can avoid the tortilla chips, I'll be fine for the day.)

Anyone got any great ideas for "lunch on the run" items? DS and I have a longstanding Thursday lunch tradition - Jack In The Box. We'll switch from eat-in to take-out for him, but I need something portable and tasty that I can bring along for me. Any great ideas?

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Sweeby - I'm not sure what you're looking for in terms of lunch on the run but this is what I've been bringing to work. I used to eat vending machine junk and microwave popcorn at work - way too frequently. I haven't had any of that since January - other than my daily dose of chocolate sometimes comes from the machine.

I bring a bag o' stuff every few days and have a stock of things on hand - some at my desk - some in the fridge. I try to bring simple things that have decent nutritional value. I try not to put anything in my mouth that doesn't have some nutritional value - no chips, refined carb bagels or other breads, donuts, french fries, soft drinks, etc. I do treat myself to chocolate once a day. I do bring Lean Cuisine which is marginally nutritional in my opinion but it's easy to have on hand. Instead of Lean Cuisine I am trying more often to just make a package of frozen Green Giant flavored vegies instead. I make sure I stop at the grocery store and pick some things up if my supply is running low.

I also bring lowfat yogurt, all kinds of fruit (oranges, grapefruit, bananas, apples, grapes, etc.) carrots, whole wheat pitas and hummas, whole wheat bagels and light cream cheese, etc. Sometimes I'll bring a bowl of salad - today I had chicken caesar - I found some relatively low salt pre-cooked packaged chicken since I didn't have any "real" chicken prepared.

This stuff probably doesn't sound too satisfying but I don't eliminate all the good stuff. I use regular salad dressing - though I don't drench my salads. I use a little cream cheese. I treat myself to chocolate.

I used to love that fatty, salty microwave popcorn that is probably toxic in many ways. I'm starting to forget what it tasted like. I'm getting used to this healthy stuff and no longer feeling as deprived.

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Office sweets! That is another huge reason why my weight got down to normal two years ago. I quit my job in 2003 and work from home now. God, we were all so stressed out there, we would devour anything anyone put out. And if it was a bad day, we'd actually send somebody out for junk food: pastries, ice cream, candy, burgers, Krispy Cremes. We were like animals!

Sweeby, search out the low carb tortillas. There are some out there that are just a couple carbs. Lay on some raw spinach leaves or leaf lettuce, plop on some diced chicken or tuna or turkey slice, then cucumber, tomato, peppers, shredded carrots, etc. Then whatever you like for flavor that fits your food plan: salsa, Ranch or other dressing. Sometimes just a bit of feta cheese or parmesan shreds are worth it to put it over the top! Just make a mound of stuff down the middle - not too big or it won't roll up. Turn up the bottom inch or two then roll that sucker. Wrap in plastic wrap so you can peel down and eat. Very portable.

Just back from the grocers: apples, oranges, kiwi, pears, pineapple, peppers, broccoli, asparagus, okra, green'll all be gone before the weekend is out. We are chowing through produce like crazy here. I was hungry and carried around a bag of potato chips the whole time at the store, but summoned the strength to put it back. Made the deli guy give me a big slice of my turkey before wrapping and ate an apple on the way home. Whew, a close one!

Made it to the Y - yikes, am I out of shape and one hurting cowgirl. Couple more times and I should be less sore....

Agree with you Gibby, that when you eat well for a while, you do get used to it. DH is great for major whining after he indulges.

BTW, the Zone site I mentioned last night does have a free download for the trial version. Like Photobucket it works fine without the upgrade. But it was so helpful and good, I really should upgrade and purchase registration. Shame on me.

Hope you are **all** eating well and on the move!

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Hi everyone...just checking in.

Had to get up at 4:30 to get DS to a bus for a robotics competition in SC, so I am about wiped out now...

On the upside, my eating was much better today! I spent 3 hours painting...up and down the step ladder...not like Celtics ladder!! Then my neighbor dragged me out for our walk. If it were up to me, I would have skipped it. Now I'm really happy it's done even though my legs are aching tonight.

Sweeby - Is Jack in the Box a must? Do they have any salads at all? I had a grilled chicken caesar today (-croutons) from BK and it was pretty good. How nice that you and DS have a standing lunch date. Does JITB still have those outrageously greasy tacos I used to love in my teens? We don't have any around here anymore.

Celtic - I will look into your link when my brain is functioning better. Thanks for attaching it.

Don't even get me going on office treats. Our office was famous for the amount of food that could be consumed if it was set out on the counter...yeeeck! Thank goodness I'm not there anymore!!

Keep up the good work everyone :)

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I thought "mojo" meant something else, wink, wink, hubba, hubba?


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I intended to get outside early today but got absorbed in working on something. All of a sudden, it was late afternoon (how does that happen? :-). In the past, I would have just written off today as a lapse. But, instead, I went out for a walk at 5 pm, just because I feel so committed now.

neverdone, my son participated in robotics competitions in h.s., too. It was a lot of fun, and for a while, he thought he'd be a physics major (till he took it in college and found that his interests lay elsewhere). Hope your son's team did well today, or at least had a good time.

Celticmoon, I'm proud of you for putting back that bag of chips and loading up on fruit and veggies! If you make that decision once a week, in the grocery store, you don't have to fight the battle with yourself every day.

Sweeby, can you just bring a container of tuna or cottage cheese (previously prepared as you like it) and a plastic fork or spoon? And maybe a slice of bread and a piece of fruit?

Well, friends, have a good evening!


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Shipping estimate for these items: April 6, 2006
Estimated Delivery: April 10, 2006 - April 12, 2006
1 "Elliptical Trainer"

I'll be ready, I can't wait!

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I tried a new snack tonight - picked up during a shopping trip to Costco. That's a risky proposition because you buy a box of 30 of these things and what if they taste like sawdust? Anyway, they are Kashi granola bars. I've had some Kashi cereal that was good - and some that looked and tasted like eating twigs (or as I imagine twigs taste). Anyway, the granola bars are not too bad and fairly satisfying though not quite the same as a half a bag of lime tortilla chips. They have a little fat but not bad fat. Not real sweet or salty - whole grain, fiber and protein. 130 calories - half that of a typical candybar.

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Way to go Mtnester! That's one to keep you going... Nothing succeeds like success.

Neverdone - Yes, JITB is a must for DS -- greasy tacos, no less. The good news is that those tacos don't tempt me in the slightest. But that spicy chicken sandwich calls to me... Tomorrow I've got some home-made fajitas to carry me over, but on a regular basis...

Librarymom -- LOL! Wouldn't mind gettin' some more of that back either ;-)

And welcome Adichristi. So what exactly IS an eliptical trainer?

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Librarymom, you got me curious about the word "mojo." I remember the old song "Got My Mojo Workin'" but was surprised that the word isn't in my Webster's Unabridged dictionary (granted, it's a pretty old edition). But I found it online, defined by Webster's as: "magic spell, hex, or charm."

I also found a long but interesting discussion of the term at

"Mojo originated as a term with a specific meaning, but in the late 20th century became a very fluid term with many different meanings. It originated as a reference to a type of magic charm. The word traces its origins to Africa and entered English in the late 19th century or early 20th century through use by African-Americans. It reflects the belief, common in many cultures, that some people have the ability to influence others to their own advantage, by casting spells or hexes.

"In African-American folk beliefs, especially in the rural U.S. South early in the 20th century, a mojo was a small bag worn by a person under the clothes (also known as a mojo hand). Such bags were thought to have supernatural powers, such as protecting from evil, bringing good luck, etc. The mojo bag usually contained a mix of herbs, powders, sometimes a coin, and other objects thought to promote supernatural action or protection. The use of mojo bags is a characteristic of the southern American magical tradition of hoodoo. ...

"References to mojos are common in early & mid 20th century rural blues songs. Some of these were blues tunes covered by white rock & roll bands in the 1960s. The tunes thus reached audiences unfamiliar with the rural African-American folk beliefs referred to in the lyrics of the songs. The exposure to uninformed audiences led to misunderstanding and additional uses of the word: usually, to refer to male libido or the p*nis. This misunderstanding was popularized by Jim Morrison of the Doors, who named himself 'Mr. Mojo Risin' --- an anagram of Jim Morrison --- in the song L.A. Woman. This understanding of the word was turned to comedy in the 1999 film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Some other slang meanings of mojo in common use include: charm, charisma, karma, cocaine and thing (as in "Gimme that mojo!")."

Well, ladies, you can choose the definition that works best for YOU! :-)

p.s. Adichristi, I used the elliptical trainer a couple times when I was going to physical therapy. I found it much harder than a recumbent bike, as you have to work your arms as well as your legs. But hopefully, you're already a lot more fit than I am (most of my excess weight is in my legs). I admire your commitment. Good luck with it!


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I don't know whether to laugh or cry! May I join in, too? I'm so sick of myself I can't stand it.

Reading about kitchencrazykris' Mexican dinner prompts me to confess something HUGE. Clarification: it's HUGE for me to admit this to anyone I don't really 'know'.

OK...When my DH retired from the military in the summer of 2004, we moved to my old home town to retire. My parents live less than 1/2 mile away and my brother and his wife built next door. I have been so fortunate to not have run into anyone from high school... until Monday night. I almost died.

See, there was this one girl in high school that befriended me. She seemed fine in the beginning. She was just one of those perky, popular, adorable girls that was on the high school dance line. I was in the band. There were a bevy of us that all hung out and when our friends graduated only CW and I remained in hs from our group. So, we started running around together. Rather quickly CW started confiding to me things that she had told the "other girls". She started thinking I was them. Well, listen ladies...I was very unconfortable hearing about CW's infatuation with older men and what she did with them. I don't remember how she got involved with them, but it didn't take long for me to ditch this crazy girl. She just was NUTS. She did drugs, which I didn't have a clue knowing about and when I was over her house to spend the night she and I snuck out to go meet her "boyfriend". Boyfriend my fanny! It was to pick up something illegal. So, I had a fit with her when I found out. Driving back home, she had obviously taken something and almost got us killed. She was driving up the down ramp to get back on the Interstate going the wrong way. She started driving so reckless and I was absolutely terrified. When I started screaming at her, she then turned OFF her headlights. She almost hit a car and I know she ran a few people off the road. When I finally got her to stop the car, she got the craziest look in her eyes and got in my face and told me that if I ever told anyone about this that she'd kill me.

You know what? I was so scared and so gullible I believed the crazy witch. I called another friend to come pick me up and take me home. I have NEVER spoken to this crazy girl again. Ever. And it's been 30 years.

Well, I took my 20/d, 14/s, and 13/d out to eat Mexican the other night at this new local restaurant. When I pulled up I had a thought, 'What would I do if I ran into CW?' I don't know WHY I thought about her then. I know she lives close to me and her teens are in hs here. My son will be in the same high school this summer/fall in the drumline. I know I'll be seeing her.

Well, we sat down in a booth and my back was to the door. I kid you not, I heard her voice and turned around and just glanced at her and quickly turned back away from her. We had just ordered and I absolutely felt bile rise in my throat. My kiddos were all wondering what was wrong with me. CW and her DH and DS walked past and they seated her to sit DIRECTLY in a booth in front of me with CW FACING ME. I bent down and told my son, "Change seats with me NOW! Do not ask questions, just MOVE!!!" He wanted to know WHY! I told him that if he did not get up ASAP I was walking out the back door.

I kid you not. I could face her, but I look so hideous, I could just hear her saying something cruel. The only thing I can think to say to her is, "Are you still a crazy B?"

Don't I sound pathectic and nice?

Well, my daughter/13, said, "Mom, I want to share some wonderful words of advice you gave me the other day. 'When there are people in this life that you can't get along with, stay out of their way, get them out of your life, and get over it'."

I told my DD, "That advice sucks." She laughed and said, "Exactly what I thought when you said it!"

So, my kiddos had a huge laugh at how utterly ridiculous and so juvenille my actions and emotions were. I actually felt all of that angst surface that I had years ago. I really felt crappier when I saw her figure looked absolutely wonderful. My kiddos swear her skin's like pleather. =0] CW never did see me, though I think she was highly suspect of my actions. Her husband did get a good look at me when he paid my bill. He doesn't know me and I'm sure couldn't pick me out of my hs yearbook.

So, I'm grotesquely overweight.
Highly motivated.
Untrustworthy at this time to actually commit to an exercise schedule. Let me think about it. I will document my progress with good time. I just can't right now. I have to make progress first. I am COMMITTING RIGHT NOW THOUGH. I'll buy a digital scale tomorrow. No more of this other scale.

OK...Sweeby: when you wrote, "Quote for the day: "I've come too far in life to let a cookie boss me around." ...I thought, me too: I'd eat that cookie!

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Hi, just checkin' in...My sister and her husband are in town for a few days and they took us out to a fabulous dinner last night. I passed on the bread and ordered an appetizer as my entree (and enjoyed every bite!) We shared a dessert, (MLC no less) but I quit after I had a good taste. It sounds a little decadent, but I felt good about it. I'm not back on the treadmill yet this week, but hope to start soon.

Fat back?!!! Oh Jane, don't go there!!! I only wish those were my only ''expanded'' places...

Sue, love the definition.

adichristi, Hi! Making a commitment to exercise equipment is a big deal. Congratulations.

Sweeby, you're off to a great start! My DH and I will often split a sandwich and have some fruit. (Right now that's all my simple mind can come up with re: lunch.)

Pauline, good for you! I'm so impressed.

Celticmoon, thanks for the tools.

Ivette, I totally agree about breakfast. I've started looking forward to it every morning.

Gibby, Fantastic. I actually got to wear a blouse to dinner that had been too tight. What a great feeling, isn't it?

You all are doing Great.

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Starpooh, it's hard at first to get the portion control thing down. Just think whole grains and FIBER! It really helps with the hunger. I made a small switch from large apples to medium, which actually made a difference for me. One of the things I did recently was make a meat loaf in the size of the palm of my hand, so each slice would be a portion. It gets easier as you go along.

neverdone, congratulations on your walk. It took me a while to work up to 35 minutes. Way to go...

Sheri, interesting how memories may fade but come rushing back! I recently bought a good digital scale myself and it helps to have the right tools. You're steppin' in the right direction.

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Welcome Sheri! Boy, your story takes me back a few years... But based on that night and high school, SHE's the one who should feel bad seeing you, not the other way around. Of course, I can understand not wanting to run into an 'unfriendly' unless you're looking your best. Looking good's a form of armour, you know?

Everyone still on track?

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I'm going to start walking tommorow, but I refuse to give up chocolate!

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I'm checking in, too.

Did some walking and also went 10 rounds (on a thread-lol).

Been eating those mini-wheats with fruit in the am and watching myself for the remainder of the day. The wonderful weather (60s today, 70s predicted tomorrow) is really helping with my mojo.

Jane, I have a fat back too, my front has somehow swung around ~ it's really not a pretty sight!

Be good, ladies!

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Today is warm and sunny here, and I got out for my walk earlier than usual today. As I put on my sunscreen, I thought I should remind everyone else who is just starting a walking program: sunscreen is a "must," and you need it on cloudy days, too! (I've paid the price for carelessness in the past: four operations for skin cancer.)

I passed two houses (on different blocks) where the kids had drawn hopscotches on the pavement with chalk. I didn't know they still played this nowadays. (I was sooooo tempted to hop my way down the sidewalk, but "adulthood" kicked in, and I didn't want to look like an idiot.) The dogwoods are starting to bloom, but the grass is still pretty yellow. Two houses in my neighborhood still have their Christmas lights up (Ho ho ho!). Several homes are getting new siding or having doors and porches painted or getting new sidewalks and driveways put in. It's great to get out and SEE the little world of my own neighborhood!

For all you walkers: what are the sights in YOUR neighborhood?


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Claire-de-luna Hi, and Thanks...

Sweeby- Thanks....This should explain what a Elliptical is.
Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are revolutionary new fitness exercisers combining the action of every piece of equipment in the gym.

Elliptical trainers will do the work of a treadmill, stepper, power rider and exercise bike using low impact exercise motions that will not jar your muscles or joints.

Elliptical means that you feel like you are walking or cycling on air - thus making light work of hard exercise.

As a free bonus with these elliptical trainers you will also get an electronic calorie counter, timer, speedometer and distance measurer.

mtnester- Thanks... I wouldn't say I'm a lot more fit yet! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have an elliptical trainer. It's a wonderful workout and more fun than a treadmill or exercycle, I think. 45 minutes nightly on the ET has helped me lose 20 lb. since Jan. 3.

Hope you all don't mind my bargeing in on your Mojo Club :)

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awm, it's not an exclusive club! :-) Congratulations on your weight loss, and I'm glad to know the elliptical is working well for you. Did you start at 45 minutes, or work up to it? I was doing 10 minutes at a setting of "2" and pretty exhausted, but that was after an hour of other exercises. Also, I'm not sure I had the rhythm of the movements right.

The bike was hard for me, too, at first, but I did it more regularly and was able to build up the distance and my stamina; again, I always did it at the end of a therapy session, when I was already tired. I've thought about going to a gym versus buying some equipment (which I don't have room for), but I know that walking works for me, so I'm starting with that.


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awm03...Wow, 20 pounds! Now, I am really getting excited. We will have one in about 10 days. What kind do you have? If you don't mind me asking.

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Welcome to those of you that found us :) awm - your not bargeing in...all are welcome. Congrats on your success!

Well, I survived my physical at the dr. today. Had an EKG and 2 tubes of blood drawn so we'll see how the bloodwork comes back early next week. Geez, doctor and dentist in the same might appear I'm looking after ME for once!!

I got my walk in today. We had our best day of the year so far today...65 and sunny! Sue - we are just seeing the 1st signs of Spring in my neighborhood. Just getting buds on the trees and tulips/daffodils up a few inches. There were lots of people walking and kids playing tonight. Isn't it amazing how much motivation and hope you have on a sunny day? Is that true for everyone else or just me after another long winter?

Hope the rest of you are doing as well as you can today!

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Neverdone, you should feel good for getting that checkup!!

MTnester, echo here on the skin cancer. I've had four too! My weight is good, but I have skin and teeth problems out the wazoo!

Got the blue bike out today. Little cruise through the neighborhood and then my absolute favorite: pop off the basket and hit the grocery (forgot coffee yesterday). "Paper or plastic?" "neither, thanks, just toss it in the basket."

Still eating well. Fish fry with friends tomorrow night - no way to eat well there. And I will splurge Monday for Brewers baseball opening day. Gotta have beer and a bratwurst or two. I tell myself it is the big picture, and having gottten back on track with exercise and a decent daily diet will make the splurges not too destructive.

So glad you started this, Sweeby.

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I love working out and was working out at least 4 times a week. But tore the heck out of my shoulder about 6 wks ago and now probably won't be able to fully work out for a year or better. I had no idea I had done this much damage. I just didn't think I worked out that hard.

Do be careful when working out.

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Gosh, thanks everybody! Hope you all are feeling better for your healthier eating habits and exercise.

My ET is a Precor, an inexpensive model, but compact and comfortable to use. It has a nice action. I started out with 45 minutes on the ET last January. The frustrating thing is, I've always exercised, and DH & I got in lots of biking this winter because of mild weather. So I was in the best shape I've ever been in winter...yet I still had ballooned up to 200 pounds (stressful last 3 years). I'm tall, plus being fit, I never looked as fat as I was. People are shocked when I tell them I'm down to 180 now ("You were 200 pounds?! I never would have guessed!")

So I had to get a grip on overeating. An article in the Wall Street Journal last January by health & nutrition editor Tara Parker-Pope (she & Jane Brody of the NYTimes are my favorites) talked about the ins & outs of nutrition tracking software: good -- clearly shows your eating habits, tells you how many calories a day you should eat to lose, say, 20 pounds in four months; bad -- must diligently enter data, you're tied to your computer.

I tried one of the nutrition trackers that she reviewed (2 week free trial), and I liked it. It's been enormously helpful. It gives me a calorie target every day that I must meet to lose weight, and it analyzes the nutritional content of my food too, so I know what percentage of my intake is from fat, carbs, protein, and how many grams of fiber I've consumed, and what grams or micrograms of vitamins & minerals. For me, who's in front of a computer all day anyway, it's been the only thing that's helped me control my runaway eating -- I've never been able to do it through willpower alone. Something about seeing those numbers & graphs every day helps me put on the brakes. It's been easier than WW points, and I'm not exactly sure why -- maybe because all the guesswork & vagueries have been eliminated. Oh, the software will analyze recipes too, and will figure out calories per serving.

I bought a digital food scale and some nice stainless steel measuring cups, and now I weigh & measure *everything*. Not as much of a PITA as it sounds, really. It becomes second nature after awhile.

Hope this doesn't sound like an infomercial. But I'm so glad I spent the $50 on the nutrition tracking software (there are less expensive ones, and even the free one through, but it's a little awkward to use).

Anyway, good for you guys for your efforts to eat better & get moving. What a great way to celebrate Spring and the arrival of warmer weather. I know you'll be glad you made these decisions.

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awm03 - what nutrition tracking software do you use? I tried the mypyramid and I kind of liked it but I couldn't figure out how to go back to previous days if I forgot something. And it did seem a bit awkward as you say.

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I bought DietPower. Here's the original article from the WSJ that names some other brands & sites:
Diet Trackers

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Where's the rest of the Mojo gang today? Just checking in to say I got my walk in again today. It's so much easier with our beautiful weather.

Today I felt hungry most of the day....ggrrrr! Maybe hungry is not the right word. I felt like I wanted to snack all day.

What are your weaknesses? Mine are most definately sweets. I have been really craving a frozen mocha cappuchino all day, but I held off. However, I did have a 1/2 Reeses peanut butter egg! How do you keep balance without going off the deep end? Can you let 1 cookie boss you around (or whatever the saying is), or does it take 4 or 5 to satisfy a craving? I feel like I am teetering today, but didn't do anything too crazy. What do all of you do to get past the "screw it" attitudes that sometimes overtake your better judgement?

I really need to focus on the positive things I accomplished this week. (am I answering my own question?!!LOL) Have a good night everyone. :)

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I'm here! Busy day...

*Half* a Reeses peanut butter egg? How on earth did you stop at half? For me, one bite is never enough... If I can tell myself that something looks 'greasy' or 'artificial' or 'sickly sweet' or 'lumpy' then I can stifle the temptation to try it. But if I try a bite and it's good, if there's more, I'm sunk...

Walked for almost an hour this morning -- the weather is cooperating, and so far, my determination is hangin' in OK. Met a friend for lunch, and traded the fries for a salad. Went to a movie and dinner with friends and kids (Ice Age 2 -- LOVED IT! Super cute movie) and didn't even touch the popcorn, then didn't eat at McDonald's while the kids played.

All this good behavior better pay off at tomorrow morning's weigh in! ;-)

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Wow - Sweeby - you are doing great!! Your weather must be beautiful. Snow is finally melting here and it's starting to get in the 50's.

I am still on track with my exercise bike but slacked off on the fitness ball this week. I'm having a party tomorrow night and I had a lot of errands and stuff to do this week - just didn't have time for all that and 80 minutes of exercise after work. And I'm NOT a morning exercise person.

I seem to have pretty much lost all interest in those salty snacks I need to avoid. I had a couple bad incidents with some hershey's chocolate eggs over the past couple days though. I never should have bought them but I wanted something in my candy dish. I need to buy something I don't like. Neverdone - I can't believe you only ate half an egg - that is admirable. Other than the calories, does anyone know just how bad chocolate really is for you?

I have been drinking more water - not nearly as much diet soda as I used to drink. Also more whole grain fiber type foods. It does seem like those things do keep you from feeling hungry.

Hope everyone is making progress. If anyone is having a bad day, I hope you can put it behind you and just try to make the next day a better one.

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Good thought Gibby... I slacked off today. Work piled up, other house stuff commanded attention, blew off the Y. Slippery slope. One day. That's how it starts. Saturday and then Monday exercise before the baseball opening day debacle would be good.

Sweeby, you are doing great - no matter what the scale says tomorrow.

Neverdone, I've taken to the Zone snack notion - about 100 calories mid morning, mid afternoon and evening. Just a little something to turn off that appetite! Seems to work.

On fluids, someone promoted a diet plan that incorporated cranberry juice. Scwalzeiberger or something? Pre diebetic turnaround theory. Anyway, the argument was for a metabolism tuneup with diluted cranberry juice 3 or 4 times a day. Not the Ocean Spray sugared stuff, this is real 100% cranberry stuff like Knudson's. Way tart. It is expensive at like $6 a bottle, but no way can you drink it straight. Need to dilute it 8:1, so a bottle actually makes 8 bottles. Very refreshing. DH and I are addicted. Highly recommended.

We ditched the Friday fish fry. DH needed nurturing at home tonight. (without details: Iraq war vet, suicide, very sad family. Tough job for him this week)

Hoping for a better day tomorrow for all.

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neverdone: I gave up sweets for Lent, but before Lent, I was allowing 1 Creamsaver (30 cals) after dinner every night for dessert. I'm experimenting with having a tiny bit nightly to see if it prevents me from feeling deprived. Now that it's Lent, I'll have 1 serving of Lemon Essence or Cherry Essence prunes for 100 cals, or 1 Medjool date for 66 cals, but only if there's room in my calorie budget. Jane Brody, the NYTimes health & nutrition writer, loves ice cream & keeps a gallon in her freezer. But she restricts herself to half a cup every night. If she can do it, so can we, right?

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IMO: The best diet is the one mentioned above - stay away from the white stuff. Always choose brown rice over white; wheat pasta over white; sweet potatoes instead of white. The reason for it is the sugars. This plan alone will usually dramatically make a difference in your diet plan.

About bananas: Yep, they're white. Yep, good for you too. Same with apples or other white fruits. The difference is that it's a natural sugar, and that's much better for you.

In general, try to limit your sugars. Many people will say, "I'm tired, I need a candybar." Actually what happens is you get that spike in your blood sugar level and you'll feel more awake for the next half hour or so, but you'll crash right after. The long-term effect is that you've slowed your metabolism (and your ability to burn fat).

This is also why you shouldn't skip meals. If you're not eating enough, your body will hold onto fat because it's wondering when it will get more food to keep it going.

You're more likely to lose weight with a higher calorie diet (to a point, of course, and combining with exercise) than limiting yourself to, say, 1000 calories a day. That's just not healthy, and you won't have the energy to get out there and do something - anything.

As far as exercise, you don't have to be out there running an hour each day. Find an activity you like and try for 10 minutes to start. Increase by a few minutes each time you do it. Also don't forget the little things. I've never told anybody this before, but it's been 3 years since I've been in an elevator. Sounds silly, I know. LOL. But my office is on the fourth floor of my building and I do most of my work either on the third or fifth floor. It adds up.

Walking is a great activity, probably the easiest you can choose, especially if you have a treadmill and the weather doesn't make a difference. Try a walk each morning BEFORE work. No gym required and you'll start your day on a good note - and it's over and done with. I don't mean to make it sound easy. I know it's not. But it's worth it, for yourself and your family. I'm so much less of a b!tch when I exercise.

I think you get the most bang for your buck with the elliptical. When I first started it, I couldn't last more than a few minutes before my tongue was hanging out. Now 1/2 hour goes by like nothing. Just keep moving, even if you alternate among activities. If I really feel like I want to be tortured, I'll use the stairmaster. It works your butt amazingly, but frankly, it's a torture machine. If I don't like it, I won't stick with it.

Is all this too much info? Should I shut up? LOL I'm just so happy everybody is working on the mojo!!!

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Don't you dare shut up! I didn't realize about the white stuff. I'm psyched knowing about the brown rice and sweet potatoes, major carb addict here.

Lor, what's your thoughts on starchy veggies, such as peas & corn and nuts, especially walnuts & pine nuts? I have a great Hawaiian brown rice recipe, but it calls for those things, not alot, but enough. I could live on this rice ~ but I'm guessing if I love it, it's baaaad.

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This has been such a crazy stressful busy week for me I've not had a single minute to exercise but I've tried to offset that by walking as much as possible -- walking instead of taking the bus or a cab. I'm still way too stiff and my lower bach aches as I've not been "exercising" but I hope next week will be better and I can head to the gym.

Still, I did cut back and managed to lose 1 pound I think. I don't get on the scale but I can tell by how things fit and how I look before I get dressed. Not enough though.

Re the sugar cravings -- when I went on So Beach and lost weight two summers ago all my usual sugar cravings went away. It was unbelievable for me as I can eat a whole dinner and still want sweets.

So what helped me so much was having those mozzarella cheese sticks around the house. I just pop one and it's like a glass of milk -- some protein and no hunger. I was completely off carbs though, no bread, fruit etc. on the diet. It was the only thing that has ever worked for me.

So I know now that if I'm craving carbs or sweets I'm eating too much of those and try to cut back. Maybe that will help you Pauline.

Another thing about the gym. Until I tore the cartilege in my left knee 4 years ago (my trainer was training Venus Williams at the time -- I so had the wrong trainer who made me do 90 squats with 10 pound weights in each hand and I wound up on crutches) I was able to do the stairmaster. I was a real addict and I must say I love that machine. That in combination with the leg press got rid of the flab on my thighs and gave me definition behind. I only wish I could still do it!

So I had to move to the ellipitical because it is easier on my knee. I cannot have an incline and I hate the bike. It is a wonderful machine that helps me burn fat every time. I'm on usually for 30 minutes but when that gets easy I go for 45. It's great cardio.

When my legs are weak and I haven't been exercising the elliptical can be strenuous. Then I start on the treadmill for 10 or 15 minutes to warm up and transfer over and do 15 minutes. That combo might be worth a try for someone who hasn't been on the elliptical before.

I do swear by that machine. Now I just need to get to the gym and use it!!!

Had a big milestone yesterday: basic living room pieces are all in place. I've been working on getting these for a year. No coffee table, pillows or curtains yet but the big stuff is done. It feels so good when I walk by that room and DH is thrilled too. Big event here yesterday!

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Jane, Congratulations on pulling your rooms together. I know that's Big.

Well I gained two pounds while my sister and BIL were here this week. Sigh. I'm donning my Scarlet attitude, where tomorrow is another day...

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re brown rice: Do any of you own a pressure cooker? Pressure cookers make the best brown rice - a nice, creamy texture. I cook up 2 cups worth & keep it in the fridge all week for recipes like this:

1/2 c cooked brown rice (175 cals)
1/2 c black beans (114 cals)
2 T Salsa (10 cals)
1/2 cup chopped cherry tomatoes (about 26 cals)
1 cup shredded lettuce (7 cals)
1/4 pepper, diced (5 cals)
1/4 cup shredded cheddar (114 cals)
TOTAL: 451 cals.

This has been my favorite lunch these days.

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It was so quiet yesterday; I was hoping everybody was just busy and not falling off the wagon! (And Claire, I think you've got the right attitude; don't give up, just bounce back next week!)

Well, I've lost 4 pounds since my high point last week (1-1/2 pounds since Mojo Day), so I must be on the right track. I haven't made enormous changes in my diet, but eliminating a few "trouble foods" has stopped the craving for sweets. I've been substituting non-lactose milk and soy yogurt as a late afternoon snack; although they have some calories, they seem to "stabilize" me until dinner, and I don't have that constant desire for one snack after another.

Yesterday, I didn't walk because I was feeling very sore. I had a bad injury 6 months ago, and I reinjured my back last week. Walking didn't seem to bother me at first, but by Thursday, my hips were hurting, too, and I'm afraid I let my back do too much of the work. My PT therapist said I must avoid hills and inclines, and in my neighborhood, there are very few level streets. I'm about to head out for a walk now, but I'll take an easier route. When school is out, I'll go to the track at a nearby high school.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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A lot of good reports all around! Diets, exercise routines, checkups, rooms decorated ;-)... All good mojo.

The scale was good to me this morning - another pound. I slept right through my usual morning walk, but promise to walk this evening. So many new houses going up around here - I just love to see them all. Plus the flowers blooming, trees so 'springtime' green. -- Life is good.

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Oh, I can feel myself on that slippery slope...that "I'll go the Y tomorrow instead of today."

Agree with you all the way Lori on the diet recc. The absolute key to feeling good is stable blood sugar. Yes eating sugar will raise your blood sugar, but white bread, white potatoes, white rice will raise it more. And what goes up must come down. The craving comes with the downside. If you eat in a way that doesn't make your blood sugar shoot up, then there is no problem because there is no abrupt drop.

How do you know what jacks up your blood sugar? People have actually served as subjects, eating X carbs of a given food and then had serial blood draws. In the most common measure, "The Glycemic Index" foods go up against either straight glucose or slice of white bread (= 100). Eating foods down around 55 is good.

*But* this measure concerns comparing how your body converts one carb vs another. And your body can quickly turn carbs from beets, fruits and other very good stuff into sugar. The Glycemic Index doesn't really consider how few carbs are in these vegetables. Yes, your body converts beet carbs to sugar quickly *but there aren't that many carbs in beets!* You would likely never eat enough carrots or beets or whatever to impact your blood sugar.

This is my objection to South Beach. It relies on the Index. Almost as crazy as Adkins demonizing all carbs.

An alternative is to look at foods' "Glycemic Load", and leave the Glycemic Index to scientists studying the processing of carbohydrates. The Load takes into account how much of a food you would have to eat to consume X carbs and adjusts accordingly. Much more sensible. Done this way, beets, carrot, most fruits (except dried and some tropicals) are shown not to impact blood sugar. On this measure you want to aim for 10 or less where you can.

Another very important factor is that you don't eat just one thing at a time. Your blood sugar will respond to the entire meal. So some high Load foods mixed together with lower Load foods won't skyrocket your blood sugar the way they would if eaten alone.

And my favorite point: Something else affects the carb/blood sugar relationship. Carb processing is slowed by the presence of, are you ready? Fat! Yes, fat is your friend here. Which is why ice cream does not raise your bloodsugar. Fascinating.

And one of the absolute worst foods: white rice. No wonder we talk about being hungry again a couple hours after Chinese food! You want to guarantee you'll crave carbs after a while? Rice cakes. Who knew?

How important is this Glycemic Index/Load business? So important that in other countries (Australia is one, I think) food packaging must report it by law as part of the nutritional information. Why not here in the US? Most likely Con Agra and the grain lobby. Same industry fattening cattle is bent on fattening us. And along the way, contributes to the rise in diebetes. Shameful.

I am absolutely convinced that understanding and using these concepts is why DH and I each lost 20-25 pounds two years ago. And kept it off.

Now is all *that* too much information? LOL. Then check out the link. Look up your regular foods and see if there a few minor changes you might try: one cereal for another; oranges for orange juice; polenta or taco shells for white rice, etc. Then monitor your cravings. You will be able to tell if this is a helpful direction for you. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glycemic Load vs Index chart

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Celticmoon, that nutritional info is fascinating. I've read a little about the GI and GL, but I don't really have it all straight in my mind, and this helps. I need to study it some more. I think it confirms my feelings, from experience, that I can eat certain fruits and vegetables safely; as long as I don't get that glycemic dropoff, I'm OK. (I'm also familiar with the fuzzy-minded zombie I become when my blood sugar is too low.)

The link is primarily for Australian versions of common products. Presumably, the U.S. formulations are comparable, if not identical. I'd like to read more on this and come up with a list of foods to try or to avoid. I do eat white rice, white potatoes (as well as sweet potatoes), corn, and pasta (DH likes some kind of starch with dinner), so I'll try brown rice and other substitutes, too. Thanks for the info!

p.s. On my walk today, I saw hyacinths and a new house or garage being framed. I also met an old friend I hadn't seen since last summer. Getting outdoors is GOOD!


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Yeah Sue, a lot of the foods are Australian and European. Pretty tedious process to have subjects eat a food and get blood drawn. From that perspective I am amazed so many foods have been tested! The link below is a more updated and ongoing database out of University of Sydney. Click on the GI database bar to explore foods. Nice tool allow searching by food type or GI/GL parameters.

As a demonstration, I went way way off the wagon this evening, starting with potato chips, escalating to sweet sauced ribs and a Guiness, and then to cap it off: carrot cake! Man, do I ever feel weird!! Awful actually. Don't try this at home, kids.

Next meal, fresh start. Can't wait.

Here is a link that might be useful: ongoing glycemic data base

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My workers doing more land clearing and making me a paver patio are GONE/finished for now, as of yesterday. So, now I will be able to do yard work, get in the hot tub, and work out somehow. I haven't bought that digital scale yet, but may tomorrow.

I now need landscaping advice. arggh...heading to that forum.

I'm so proud of you that are actually working out and moving. I truly am! It's encouraging to hear your progress!

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Sherilynn, glad you've got the workmen out of your house and can focus on the next phase of the project.

Celticmoon, I found that second link very helpful for understand what changes to make. I think I'm already making a lot of good choices with respect to GI and GL (I normally eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables and no baked goods, except for a slice of whole-grain bread with my lunch), BUT... I usually get hungry in the late afternoon, so I recently decided to eat raisin bread as a late afternoon snack. That slice (which often became two or three slices) must have been causing my blood glucose level to spike. By 6 pm, I usually was not hungry, but I felt too fuzzy-headed to concentrate on either work or cooking, so I tended to fool around on the computer (reading this forum, for example) for a couple hours, until I finally cooked dinner late in the evening. (DH works late most evenings, so it didn't matter what time dinner was finally ready.)

*Raising right hand* "I hereby solemnly resolve to abstain from bread and other high-GI snack foods in the late afternoon and to eat only fruit, raw veggies, salad, or milk/soy products at that time. Furthermore, I will start cooking dinner at 6 pm." Let's see what a difference THAT makes! Thanks, Celticmoon, for the "education"!


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Sue, you are soooooooo close to eating and living "in the Zone". One rule: a meal's nutrition lasts 4-5 hours, a snack maybe two hours. So snacks are critical between widely spaced meals, or you will get stupid *and* weak. Both meals and snacks need to balance carbs and protein. Dr. Sears would likely say that when you are fuzzy brained, you shorted yourself protein last intake. (low energy = too few carbs, fuzzy thinking = too little protein). Try a small turkey slice, just one ounce, with that bread, even peanut butter in a pinch, or switch to milk, or an egg (ditch some of the yolk), or cottage cheese and fruit, or half an apple and some cheese - basically something small (100-150 calories) that combines protein and carbs. Problem isn't the raisin bread, it is the lack of a bit of protein along with it that makes you fuzzy later.

Try that and see if you stay sharp right into dinner time!

Hope the rest of you are doing great today. I am eating better after yesterday's debacle (what was that about??!), but still found reasons to skip the Y, like more painting...I gotta watch out...

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Sounds like we've got some good diet and exercise plans going on, and that's great. Improving our health is so important. But I really, really don't want this thread to turn into "just another diet and exercise" thread.

Let's not forget the other aspects of our lives -- our self-confidence, our spiritual selves, our closest relationships, careers, children, habits, ethics, friendships, foibles and phobias. Making improvements there is, IMO, EVERY BIT as important as eating right and exercising.

I thought I'd post another definition of Mojo -- This from the Urban Dictionary:

1. Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. Esp. in context of contest or display of skill such as sexual advances or going into battle.
2. Good luck fetish / charm to bolster confidence.
3. ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude

So - Who's done something great lately? Or perhaps, something 'small' that was, for whatever reason, difficult yet important?

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Sweeby, you rock.

The "karma bus" is bound to make a very nice stop at your door. That is such a lovely coda to your post.

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"3. ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude "

&*&!! My mojo ain't bouncin' back from negative attitude right now! DH & I got 10 miles out on our bike ride today, he flipped over the handlebars. Just got back from the hospital. Looks like a torn rotator cuff. Our Italy bike trip is 12 days away. Darn, darn, darn... Oh well. Could have been worse. He hit his head really hard on the pavement, but thank God for helmets. Nothing was broken, no bad abrasions. And we're still going to Italy, though not sure if he can handle the biking part. Not looking for sympathy, just amazed at the irony of it all.
I guess on the bright side, I didn't come home & stuff my face from stress!

Hope you all had a fruitful fitness weekend.

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Wow awm, glad DH is OK. Italy will be fabulous, biking or not. You will bounce.

Sweeby, such a powerful (but intimidating) invitation to celebrate all victories. Good thought though.

I did finish the tower skylight painting today, and I am pleased to have made myself repeatedly climb up there. That was an accomplishment for me. In the past I have had to hit the deck (drop and sit) at cliffs or other high points. I did not panic and I did not fall - but I did tip the roller tray today as I was stretching, and dumped a good cup or two of paint before I realized it. And of course it landed on the carpet where the drop cloth wasn't. What a mess.

Difficult, yes. Important, eh. Not really in the grand scheme of things. But I'm happy it is done and very happy I did it.

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Sweeby - Thank you soooo much for your post. I was thinking the same thing, but wasn't sure how to get it across without sounding like a wet noodle! You said it perfectly! Although weight is a big factor for many of us, there are many other areas we need to work on.

I already stated one of my victories in an earlier post. (It falls under your category of difficult, yet important) I went for a physical this week, and am still a little nervous awaiting the test results. I hate going to doctors and only go when I am REALLY sick. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a physical. I've thought about it for years, but just kept putting it off.

awm - hope DH will recover quickly.

celtic - working to overcome your fear of heights is definately a victory to celebrate. You should be proud of yourself.

Congrats to all of you that are getting on track with your diet and fitness.

I will think about what other changes or improvements I want to make. What about the rest of you?

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Very good post Sweeby. Here is something that has weighed on my mind for awhile that I'm working on.

I have kind of lost touch with some of my friends over the years. Some of this has to do with them having families and being busy, some of it has to do with me being busy with work, but some of it just has to do with me being a person who can be quite happy doing things by myself in my free time not surrounded by alot of people. But it concerns me that I'm becoming kind of a "loner" aside from time spent at work and with DH. My mom was kind of like this too and really spent her last years quite isolated except for time spent with me and DH.

So, I made a major effort to reuinite some close friends from college. I organized a dinner party at my house this past weekend. Some of us have seen each other a bit but this group has not gotten together for probably five years. I had not seen one of the people who came in over 10 years - probably closer to 15.

I'm not a regular entertainer (like some of the people on the cooking forum). I like to cook and do things like that but I have to give it alot of thought, planning, etc. and I'm a bit of a perfectionist so it's kind of a big deal.

Anyway, it was all very delightful and fun. We poured over photos of our skinny, wrinkle-free, young selves when we were in college which had us laughing hysterically. And we shared all kinds of trials and tribulations of the past few years including breast cancer, various gynecological disorders, DH career dilemmas and midlife crises, etc.

I was so happy I made the effort to do this - we made a pact to get together once a year. I didn't say it but I thought - you never know what may happen - and how many more times we'll all be able to do this.

In spite of the big soiree I managed to ride my bike 4x and did the ball routine 2x, made something from Cooking Light for the dinner, and limited myself to two tortilla chips - which someone else brought.

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I'm hoping no one got too offended at that addendum... It's important, I think, to stay focused on the larger picture of our whole lives.

I'm having a major mojo challenge today -- feeling helpless and frustrated, and can't seem to see my way clear to a solution. My younger son has some developmental disabilities, and we're trying to firm up his educational arrangements for next year. Trouble is, we don't really like what the school (private LD) has proposed -- another year with the same teacher and same group of kids. (Two years is the norm here, so there's no "held back" stigma.) Our concern is that our son is the highest-functioning kid in this class, and we don't think the teacher's personality is a good fit for him. She's chronically stressed-out, impatient, inexperienced and teaches to the class midpoint, which is understandable, but below what our son is capable of. We've already asked her for extra work, and it only lasted a week. There is another group of same-age kids who our son is friends with, and they are moving on to another, very talented teacher, who is very individual in her lessons. Trouble there, is that our son would be the lowest-functioning kid in that class, probably by a decent margin. A third possibility is a class where my son loves the teacher and she loves him, but the kids are even lower-functioning than where he is now. The only reason I'm even considering it is that the teacher-kid bond is so great and the teacher does her academic work one-on-one.

I'm feeling like there's no 'win' here... And that the problem is chronic, not this-year only. This school was a perfect fit for him 4 years ago, but doesn't seem to be anymore. Which is sad, because it's a lovely warm and supportive environment, and I doubt there's anything better out there... My son seems to fall right into the gap between 'learning disabled' and mentally retarded, so no *program* seems to fit.

Any words of wisdom?

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What did I read recently: wisdom is experience tempered by pain.

Everyone over a certain age has pain whether they share it or not. Some are able; others cannot so easily especially in a place as public as the internet.

Sweeby I don't think you offended anyone by your addendum and it was a lovely thought for all.

I think some of us haven't posted because we don't have much success to report diet-wise. Also, I gotta tell ya I was a health editor for a while and that glycemic index stuff (which I also was tested for at one point!) just makes my head spin although for sure it will work for many. I know my body and know how I can lose and just keep telling myself that if my activity level exceeds my caloric intake I will lose weight and I know that's true, of course. We all know it's true cause Oprah's trainer tells us so.

So I'm not doing fabulous but not sinking either. My hat's off to you ladies who are tracking and trekking and losing -- go for it!! I really want to keep up.

But if anyone else is functioning on the same low level here that I seem to be then this misery would love company if you want to post and admit it and maybe we can poke each other into moving faster. Or I can be the only one, which never bothers me.

Sweeby, re you DS. (((((momhug))))) Unless it proves too stressful for him, it seems to me that putting him in a class with the higher functioners could help his self image and performance in terms of his feeling that he's in a peer group of those who can accomplish rather than not --but he would need to be a child who can respond to being pushed; some can and for others it's not so good. And the teacher must be part of the equation.

But it's a delicate assessment because I wouldn't want to put my child into a group where he's destined to feel he's failing or the "worst" one either. My concern about the middle is that it might foster less growth since it's the most comfortable place from what you are saying.

Long ago I briefly taught a group of little boys who were quite slow some reading skills and they were very aware of who was able to do what in their little group.
So can you talk to him about it? I think some kids can be very realistic about how they fit and where they are comfortable so I wonder if he has any ideas?

If not, then you will instinctively know your child better than anyone and trust yourself to decide.

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My heart goes out to you, as a parent who has traveled the road you're currently on. It's difficult when there isn't an ideal, or even feasible plan offered to meet all of your child's educational needs.

Could DS be integrated into the classroom with his friends and be assigned a specialist to provide extra assistance on a one on one basis (in and/or out of the classroom setting)? Especially as you say, that teacher is receptive and gears to individualized instruction.

I have to run, but let me put on my thinking cap.

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I loved that you added to the ''mojo'' definition. I have no suggestions for you, but know you'll do the best thing for your son when the opportunity presents itself.

Regarding functioning on a low level, I have been hovering over my 23 lb. mark for a few weeks. Between getting sick, having company and generally being worn out, my scale hasn't budged, except to go up. Neither have I been on my treadmill. I'm not worried, since I know I'll get back to this when I start feeling better, however I'd like to celebrate a 25 lb. loss and it's just not happening.

On the plus side (and sometimes it takes whatever you can conjure up), I was able to walk to my neighbor's house without huffing (there are some big hills) to leave a little April Fool's package for them on their front porch. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing this little gift (a box of Boudreaux's Butt Paste...guess what their name is?) tying it up most attractively with a note that read: On this April Fool's Day, we've been looking for an appropriate time to say, Thinking of You! I topped the bow with a stack of three Life Savers, because for some people Butt Paste may well just be. (A life saver that is.) OK, I'm squirrely, but it was a beautiful day, and that walk to their house was something I wouldn't even consider doing in the past. I'm feeling good, even if progress has been slow, so I'm celebrating that.

You might say I've come a long way, even though I don't seem to be going anywhere!

I love hearing about everyone's progress.

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I've never come over to conversations before, but thought I'd give it a try and I saw this thread. I'm hoping I'm not too late to join you all.

3.5 years ago I was in the best shape of my life - doing a triathlon and loving how I looked and how I felt. I also met my husband 3.5 years ago. He can eat whatever he wants. I got complacent, sedentary, and ate out alot. 30 pounds later, here I am. So, my goal is to get my activity level back up to where I'm happy with how I look AND feel! Step 1 - signed up for the 39 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer at the end of May. Now I gotta do it!

Turnaround Date: Monday, April 4, 2006
Weight: 175
Exercise: Gym 3 days per week, walking on weekends (long ones)
Mood: Focused on Success!

Off to the gym!

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Sweeby, I'm not at all offended, either! :-) Each of us seems to be expanding the topic by discussing our own personal issues and concerns, anyway, and that's fine with me...we'll be into Part 2 pretty soon anyway. So it's agreed: we define our mojo as the drive to get back on track with our lives; weight loss and exercise is only one of the routes to that goal.

As for your concern about your son's class assignment, the higher-functioning class makes the most sense to me. You already have experience with each of these teachers, so you know what to expect from them; none of them is an "unknown quantity." You know that the current teacher won't give your child extra stimulation and enrichment materials to develop on his own. However, the teacher with the high-F class will give your son individualized attention, and, in a class with his friends, he will push himself to keep up with them. It sounds like the teacher will have realistic goals for him and will help him achieve them. Do you think the school will reassign your son on the basis of your request?

gibby, your reconnection with your old friends sounds like fun. I'm also feeling a need to reestablish contact with family and friends that have slipped out of touch. Working on my genealogy, I've been so excited to find distant cousins, but there are also family members I used to KNOW, when I was a child, and I haven't written to them yet---I know I should do that, before it's too late, as they're already in their 70s and 80s. I'm also looking forward to my 40th college reunion. Some of the workshops deal with exploring new directions and making transitions at this stage of our lives. I have a feeling that, as great as it will be to see old friends again, I will mostly find part of my SELF again. At least, I hope so.

It has now been 7 months since I retired, and I have to decide what to be "when I grow up": should I work again (rococogirl, I was also a medical editor) or just take it easy? I'm still recovering from burnout and my back injury, so I've put off a decision for a while. But part of getting my mojo back is simply getting more out of each day; after a few months of drifting, I think I need to set up a more structured day (those of you with jobs, classes, and small children probably don't know what I'm talking about!). When you don't have anything scheduled, you can sleep late, not get dressed till afternoon, and put off chores till tomorrow or next week. It's easy to just read the forums all day! I still have a lot of projects to accomplish around the house, and I'm beginning to see that a simple plan for the day would help me get the work done. Losing weight, getting more exercise, and getting a handle on what may be a glycemic problem should give me more energy to achieve that and live a more orderly, productive life.


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Thanks Rococo, Pauline, Claire & Sue for your support! I know there isn't an easy answer to this one, but I feel like doing nothing would be a failure, and this issue is WAY too important to fail on.

To answer your questions, DS would be "the worst" in the higher-functioning class, no doubt about it; he's been there before, and it did dampen his self-esteem. I hear you about the informal social heirarchy about who does well or poorly in school and which classes are 'better' than others - but that pecking order is remarkably minor at this school. (Nothing like a school for autistic kids for blurring those subtle social heirarchies ;-) And as to extra help, we already do some of that, and would absolutely have to do more to keep him afloat. Probably a good thing in any case. Sue - I'm not sure the director would put him into that class if I ask; that teacher is very popular and it may be too large anyway.

On a good-mojo note, I did have a pretty candid discussion with the director of the school, discussing our reservations. The only thing I soft-peddled was my opinion about the current teacher's personality. I know the director has heard complaints about this teacher - mainly from the other teachers (they hate her) - but I'm concerned about saying too much negative in case it gets out and my son has her again next year... (I was room mom this year, so DS and I are both in her good graces.) I've also lined up appointments to talk to the other private LD schools in the city and put out feelers looking for Sp Ed parents at our local public schools. So I guess I'm doing everything that can be done. And since there IS no silver bullet, I'll have to be content with that.

Rococo - Sometimes not sinking is success. What was it they said at my most recent first WW meeting? Breaking the inertia is the hardest step. Once you get moving, it's much easier to keep moving. How about one small step in any arena? Make it an easy one.

Claire - I LOVE your April Fool's joke! Clever, spunky, and witty. Definite mojo stuff.

And Gibby - Calling some old friends is great -- just the type of thing I need to do. But I'll have to work up to it as it falls into the 'small but difficult' category for me too.

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I just wanted to add another comment about Sweeby's post on the mojo. I think it is such a good idea to be open to all thoughts about life improvements and obstacles to overcome. I think more and more about how I could be improving and how I should be living as I rapidly approach 50.

Plus I think it's all quite relevant to the idea of being fit and healthy. I don't know about the rest of you but how positive I feel about other things in life has a big impact on how much I care about my diet, exercise, etc. There have been times when I've been in a funk - eating ice cream - taking a nap - etc. So I think it is a nice idea for the group to be open to the entire mojo.

claire de luna - I loved reading about your day - everyone should be celebrating their victories like you are - even if they seem small.

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I agree Sweeby that there are many Mojo dimensions. DH and I were talking a while back about balance and we drew on his office greaseboard a kind of manadala or wheel, and came up with six pie slices:

physical (health, strength, flexibility, diet)
spiritual (religious, meditative, moral)
social (friends, relatives, neighbors, community activity)
intimate (immediate family, communication, closeness, sexuality)
material (saving, budgeting, security, housekeeping)
productive (work, hobbies, learning)

It is still up there as a reminder to seek balance. Attention to each area seems so important. Facing challenges and coaxing growth and movement/evolution - there's some serious Mojo.

May we all move.

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Oh Sweeby, I'd forgotten you have a son with issues. My heart goes out to you. How old is your son? We found out late in the game that our 22 1/2 year old has a "hidden" LD (NLD -- kinda like Asperger's Lite, but enough disability to really screw up these transition-to-adulthood years). Later we found out our youngest has ADD (no hyperactivity at least). He lasted one semester in college last fall. We're "regrouping" & will try, try again.

Anyway, that third option in the lower level class -- hard-working nurturing teacher, good one on one -- may be a decent choice. Trying it for one year might be okay. I'd definitely avoid the high strung teacher. Think back to your own school years and remember how a cold unfriendly teacher was so off-putting. Your son probably picks up on the negativity, even if he can't express it. And if your son lacks self-comforting abilities, then a teacher with good warm interpersonal skills is extra important. You always perform your best for someone you like.

kisaacs, welcome! Good for you that you're doing something about your weight before you get too far gone. I'll bet as a former tri-athlete you'll get your groove back fast.

CdL: Patience, gal! You've come so far. Don't dispair, just a leeetle perseverence, and you'll get through this stage just fine. You're strong. You can hang in there until your mojo starts workin' (Koko Taylor singing in the background).

rococo: small steps, now. Even the little things you do will pay off on the long run. You say you're not sinking, but still: you've been walking, you've been cutting back some calories, you've lost a pound, & your clothes fit better. That's good progress! Don't worry about how far you need to go. It'll discourage you. Set your focus on the little things, the doable things, for now.

Life improvements: at 51, I'd like to be moving on to other things & some self-focus, but still too focused on my sons, and necessarily so, for that yet. Losing weight & exercising consumes much mental energy as it is. One improvement at a time! Down half a pound to 179.5 today.

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Well, Sweeby's mojo rehab suggestion #3 has finally prompted me to post, after lurking on this thread since the beginning.

Bizarrely, I have to get back to the gym and my karate classes to gain some weight, since I'm hovering at 93lbs at the moment. (I know, it sounds impossibly light, but I'm 5'1" and usually weigh 100 or so-- although in another life I weighed 150lbs)

Some of you may remember my post about the sky falling on my head sometime in mid Nov, in mid renovation when my DH told me the reno had sent him over the edge and he was contemplating leaving.

About a month ago I asked him to leave. He'd spent the previous 6 months sleeping in his clothes on the couch. He wouldn't come within a 5 ft radius of me. He refused to go out anywhere with me, saying that he felt tense and uncomfortable in my presence.

We were in marriage counseling at the time. After he left I made it clear that I wanted to continue working on the relationship, going to therapy etc but within the week he terminated counseling (the therapist, who was seeing me individually that week, actually told me we were broken up.)

Anyway, I think I've made it through the worst; still have limited sense of time and space, but have started working on new project. Am seeing v good CBT therapist. My girls (6&9) seem to be weathering everything ok, esp now that I've ceased to be a puddle. 'Tho I know it's hurting them and cannot just cannot bear to think about it.

Things with DH remain in saga mode. Am learning beaucoup, but still have trouble not feeding into DH's view of me-- ie I'm the crazy hysteric, and he's the beleagered rational man whose abusive wife kicked him out.

En tout cas, the mojo thing is definitely of interest to me! I know I have to fight to not descend into the pit of self recrimination and hatred.

Oh and just a note to all those trying to lose weight-- if I can lose 50lbs, believe me anyone can!

Thanks for listening. (It's all very personal and purple isn't it? Should probably change my G'web 'handle' to something a little more anonymous...)

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Congrats to all for your perseverence and support of each other! Have been spending much less time on the computer and more reading BOOKS and walking with DH after dinner. Have no idea about poundage, but I have way more energy and long walks are always good for the marriage :-)

nsmontreal, hugs to you! Bless your heart- your world did fall in on you. Glad you honed in on this thread - it's not 'just' about losing weight, but about being happy and healthy. Please take care of yourself and check in often.

Sweeby- thanks for starting this- glad to know about the 'white' food.

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Glad you're here Nsmontreal. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how things were going. I hope the counseling is helping (helped me tremendously in the past) and that you get the results you're hoping for. Tough sometimes figuring out what that is, or rather, what it ought to be...

Reading BOOKS Pecan -- good for you! I'm doing some of that too, trying to read the classics my liberal California education didn't consider important. I can feel those brain cells stretching ;-) But it's a little tough when I'm reading and DH comes into the room with that "since you're not doing anything..." attitude.

Everyone still 'on the wagon' today? I'm making progress on the DS school front, having organized what it is we want (3 things) and come to the conclusion that we can't possibly find it all on one place. But we may be able to hit 1 of the 3 at the school we're at, or 2 of the 3 if we change. But I'm moving forward with a clearer vision and purpose today, which is what this thread is all about.

Rococo, Paulines - you here?

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I just landed. Had a small slice of pizza for lunch but I'm not kicking myself, just still walking more this am and did some stretching and situps last night. But excellent protein/veg dinner last night. More walking and stairs this pm and tonight.

My goal is the gym tomorrow and continuing protein/veg no white stuff for the rest of the week.

Must say I had great satisfaction over the weekend in feeling my house was finally settled (last furniture delivered) Our reno began May 03! It is possible!!

My UCLA Bruins lost last night but they made it to the finals so I was really proud of them.

Nsmontreal -- I almost posted last week as I was thinking of you and wondering how you were faring. As long as you have the support of a good therapist you will come through this. We all have and while it can take a long time I can only say that I hope you will come out the other side stronger, more self-knowledgeable and happier as I and so many others have. You deserve to be happy and I believe you must for the sake of your children.

Being underweight from aggravation is never good but you could keep in mind that infamous phrase often attributed to the Duchess of Windsor. LOL!

Awm -- thanks for the shout out yesterday. It really did help.

Sweeby -- sounds like you're making progress on the school issues; good thing.

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Sue, our weather's been chilly past few days, in fact, snow is predicted tomorrow :(, but as soon as it warms up, I'll be back to walking and share sights & stories with you!

I'm here, Sweeby. You're sounding a bit more hopeful and positive re' DS, I'm so glad.

kisaacs & nsmontreal, glad you're joining us!

Rococo, that's great news about your house being settled!

Today was a busy day, ran out early and grabbed a half a sub on the return trip home (well, it was a whole sub, but I only ate half). I have to make it a point to eat breakfast in the morning, and then I find it's easier to stick to healthy eating the rest of the day.

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I DID IT! Went to a luncheon today-and drank only a few sips of wine, passed COMPLETELY on the bread and knocked the whipped cream off the berries for dessert. I don't remember ever passing on bread before... Having a support group really does help.

Question about 'the whites'- what about milk and cottage cheese? I can't take calcium supplements (migraine) and have kept the bone density up with 3+ glasses of skim a day. Please don't tell me I have to put chocolate in it :-)

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Attagirl pecanpie, way to stick to your goals.

re white food: no reason to eliminate skim milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cauliflower, canned artichokes, onions, mozzarella cheese, turnips, fish or water chestnuts from your diet just because they're white. All these things in proper amounts are good for you and add variety to your diet.

Personally, I don't believe in avoiding "white foods." You can have anything, just as long as you stay within your calorie limits. Of course you're better off substituting whole grains for refined (usually white) and monitoring your sugar intake -- but these things certainly aren't going to do bad things to you if you consume them occasionally and in moderation. You can get fat on fruits & veggies, even, if you eat more than you burn off. It still boils down to calorie amounts consumed.

Okay, how many servings of fruits & veggies did everybody have today? I had 8, but am including the componants of a *huge* salad at dinner time.

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Uh Oh, I started this "white food" thing, so let me fix it.

I just use "White Food" as shorthand for refined flour and sugar. Cottage cheese, milk, cauliflower - all very OK - even though their color is white.

Perhaps I should have said "White Granulated/Refined/Starchy Food", but somehow that doesn't have the same ring...

Kudos to all doing well. I've been swamped with work - let too much go while painting.
I will get to the Y
I will do my taxes
I will get to the Y
I will do my taxes
I will get to the Y....

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Pauline - I can relate to your weather/exercise issues. I haven't gotten my walk in the last 2 days because the weather was cold & windy :( Where did Spring go??? I guess I'm gonna have to break out a workout video, because today doesn't look much better and I have to keep moving.

Gibby - good for you for arranging a reunion! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I had a get together with 5 HS girlfriends at my house about 2 yrs ago, and we had a blast. Sadly, we haven't all gotten together again as a group, but have seen them all individually. I sometimes get aggravated that I am always the catalyst for group get togethers. Everyone has such a great time, but some will never reciprocate by hosting anything. Why is that? I know people are busy, but I think old friendships are so important to maintain.

Sue - I can really relate to your feelings since leaving your job. I remember your dilemma about whether to leave, and I am so glad things worked out for you! I left a VERY stressful job of 18 years almost 3 yrs ago, and have never looked back. It took me a long time to feel like myself again. I have really tried to enjoy the slower pace of life now, and get used to not just "living for the weekend". When I first quit, I was like a whirlwind around my house getting all kinds of things accomplished. Since then I have taken master gardening and interior design classes. It was a new concept for me to take a class simply for enjoyment. Have you considered this? Many times I've thought about jumping back into the workforce, but I am so afraid of getting back in the cesspool of stress. You are smart to try to put some goals & structure into your days. I need to make that a goal of mine too.

Sweeby - it sounds like you're well on your way to making your decision about DS's schooling. You've gotten some great advice here, and in the end, should follow your gut.

Celtic - your breakout of the areas of life to focus on is a good one. It is good that you keep it visable to work on achieving balance. (get those taxes done!)

Nsmontreal - I missed your post you referred to. Sending hugs your way! Hang in there.

rococo - congrats on getting your home done! What a huge accomplishment.

pecan - good for you for making good choices. Don't you feel great when you do the right thing?

Okay, I now need to get my a$$ off this couch, pop my video in and get my day in gear!! Carpe Diem!!!

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Perhaps you already know this but other good sources of calcium are sardines (if you can stand them), and the green cruciferous veggies like kale and collard greens. I believe arugula helps as well, also asparagus. Lots of others in this chart.

For those of us who take supplements the latest study says they don't do much anyway.

Veggies are better I'd venture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calcium content in veggies

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45 mins. on elliptical; 7 servings of fruits & veggies. Anybody else have a successful dieting day? Hope so... Hang in there, everybody!

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I was really lame on vegies - so lame I won't even comment. I did have 4 or 5 fruits that day and I went to the grocery store tonight to restock so I should be in better shape for a while. I'm getting worse about evening meals now that I'm exercising most nights after work. If I'm working later, really busy or out of town on the weekend and don't plan for the week I am in trouble. I don't eat bad things usually - I just don't have all the right stuff for a decent meal. So I end up having more carbs and not enough vegies - though I do pretty much stick to the whole grain vs. white stuff.

Anyway, today was a great day because it finally got over 60 degrees and I went for a 30 minute walk instead of riding the exercise bike. What a treat!! Being that I have only one real leg and one prosthetic leg, not every day is a good walking day. However today was a good day plus it was one of the first "warm" days so what more could you ask for? How about an adjustable prosthetic foot that allows you to wear different heel heights for the first time in twenty three years - got one of those today too!

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I'm so depressed you guys. I'm so PROUD of all of you. But I just can't seem to get it together. A good day, a bad day. Stress eating, stress starving. Drinking WAY too much vino.

What is WRONG with me? I could cry. Meanwhile, I just get huger and huger.


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nsmontreal- curious to learn how you lost 50 pounds and kept it off.

And curious to know if you were married to your husband when you were 150pounds.

Good luck through your separation.

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Ivette you're living in a construction site, shlepping like a horse, working a job, being a mom, taking design classes (like you don't have enough to do right now). And more.

So you wonder why you're eating for comfort?


I say lose the wine, cut bread and sweets you've got a start.

And any exercise (says she who hasn't done any either).

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Ivette, what Rococogirl said! When you're living in so much stress/mess, you're accomplishing something if you just tread water!

gibby, sounds like you are doing a lot of things right. Next week, you can put more veggies on your shopping list, so you'll be prepared.

pecan and awm, way to go!

kisaacs and nsmontreal, glad you're joining us!

neverdone, it's interesting that you've had a similar experience with leaving a stressful job. I haven't looked back, except to affirm to myself, every day, that it was the right decision. I was only 60 years old when I was going through all that angst last year, and if the nature of the job had not changed so much, I would certainly still be working. I never considered this to be "retirement"; I told my clients that I was leaving "for health reasons" (which was true, but not the whole story), and they jumped to the conclusion that I was retiring. Some of my coworkers did, too, so I just let them think that. My friends, of course, knew the truth. It was nice being congratulated for quitting my job! Anyway, since I sort of stumbled into a premature retirement, that's probably the reason I'm floundering a bit now. In the next week, I'm going to concentrate on developing a more organized plan for the way I spend my time.

I think it would be lovely to take some classes, and I'll explore that option. Actually, my genealogical research is an education...but I'd like to learn more about the historical context.

But, enough about me! Except to say that I've walked almost every day and have had no dietary indiscretions. I've been eating a more substantial lunch (e.g., tuna and veggies instead of yogurt) and then having fruit or carrots plus a protein snack (yogurt or milk) in the late afternoon. No pre-dinner fuzzy-headedness!


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Pirula, nothing's wrong with you! Be kind to yourself and don't worry about the stress eating days. Re:vino-- this is precisely why I took up karate, to stay off the wine! (I doubt that my instructor would find that a good reason to join mais bon.) I find exercising in the evening sometimes helps the morale as well...

My case is sort of complicated because I had an eating disorder in my late teens to early 20s (long, long ago.) It went away very gradually and when it did I still weighed about 30lbs more than usual. I went back to school at 27 and started exercising (just weights and cardio 3x week-- never more, never less.) I met my partner at 30, and the last 10-15lbs came off during that year. I remember feeling surreptiously terrified as I lost weight. I had spent so many years obsessing over my appearance, and it turned out to be such a monstrous red herring.

I hate to speak Oprah, but being empathetic with yourself and learning to respect how self healing the body really is goes a long way when it comes to weight loss. I'm not entirely certain that it has much to do with discipline or restraint. At least for me. It is a 'journey' though, and perseverance is key. So is forgiveness, as odd as that sounds. Health, not extra weight, is the real issue.

Thanks for your responses to my above saga. It helped so much in Nov, and am v glad to reconnect now. What an extraordinary bunch of people you are! It makes me giggle to think that virtual voices on a kitchen website can make such a difference but it's nice to experience the internet's warm, fuzzy side. French intellectuals would not agree, I know.

Rococogrl, did you truly go through something like this and come out the other side? It seems impossible. I dread the crying the most.

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My particular version of course, but yes. It took me a long time and I'd never say it was easy or fun but for some of us it is necessary. It turned out wonderfully for me and I believe in doing the work and learning the lessons and making better choices afterwards as a result because what's being chosen is an enhancement, not a trade off. This is core work, never a lark. Mourning the relationship is the first step though. I like to laugh, not cry, but it's important to let the emotions out lest the grief and anger make you ill. And it's important for your children to see you grieving as they must too, in a way. It's a loss for them as well.

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Hope it's not too late to climb aboard. I had a pretty good exercise routine before my knee injury in Fall 2004, but since then I've had to watch what I do or my knee would begin to swell. Anyway, I gained a few pounds (10 more or less), but that's not the problem. It's the jello feeling in more parts of the body than I would like, SO my turnaround date actually began in the New Year. However, with my sister's diagnosis of cancer, I found myself very busy tending to her needs and not doing enough exercise. Result? BURNOUT/flab. So my real turnaround came three weeks ago.

I was going to the water aerobics class off and on at the gym, but now I'm being consistent and workout at least 3/week. DH and I walk at the park (3 miles) about 3/week also, and I go the gym at night with him and do a little weights (shoulder problems), use the bike and also the treadmill. This varies but we've been going 2-3/week.

As far as dieting goes, I try to avoid junk foods, and eat lots of salads and veggies with my meals. We've also cut back on red meat, and we don't eat white rice or white flour (most of the time). I'm a big fan of brown rice and whole wheat/whole grain breads.

Oh, another thing I decided was important was also to get back to reading (El Zahir by Paulo Coelho is my book of choice right now), and spend less time on the computer and more time socialising and catching up with long, lost friends.

Turnaround Date: Monday, 13th March.
Weight: Have about 5 lbs to lose
Exercise: 4-5 days
Mood: Very determined

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What a great group of people you are! Fascinating, strong, wise, fallible... I just love women and think we make the world go 'round! Where would we be without our friends?

An adjustable foot - how cool is that? And it's great that prosthetics have come so far that walking for exercise can be a joy.

Ivette - don't be so hard on yourself. We've ALL been down in that wallowing place, and it IS terribly hard to get out of it. Do you have a turning point coming up? Some major change in sight? It might help if you can identify some event that will help trigger and anchor your own personal turnaround. (For me it was finding a hormone imbalance and starting treatment.) You have to be mentally ready, but when you are, we're here for you.

A fabulous thing happened this morning. It was still dark and I was tired when my alarm went off, but I dragged my drousy behind out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and left the house for my morning walk before I could change my mind. And within the first 2 minutes - there it was. That wonderful rush of fresh air, energy, vitality and the lift of spirit you get from exercising. I felt great, charged, powerful again.

Yesterday was the two-week anniversary of my turnaround day, and I've lost 6 pounds and am feeling better about my life. It's not "all better" -- life's too complicated for that. But the tide has turned, and it's getting better.

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Sweeby, you are doing great!

Welcome aboard, Marioposast...too many letters - may have to dub you "marip"!

Sounds like some of us are dutifully on track, some are stuck and the rest are back and forth. (I'm in the latter group). We can just keep trying.

Pirula, you have been in my head all morning. I've been debating whether to chime in with support, or to coax you to consider that you might have a clinical depression. Much harder to will yourself out of a depression. I could say more on what to look for, but you may know all that already.

Meanwhile it might be nice to gift yourself with some special "feeding". Daffodils bedside or one spectacular flower for your computer area. Spritz of cologne on your pillow. Rental of a classic chick flick. Rasberries and a bit of wondrous chocolate. If you don't want to give up the vino, cut back but drink a better class of vino - expensive enough you will have to stretch that bottle out over a few days. Pretend you are French and have it with perfect cheese. Oh, and be sure you are not simply thirsty in the evening - force a few glasses of water before the wine. Mostly, see that this is a rough time and you truly deserve anything that will help you feel better. You know you have our support - seems like many of us have been through that can't-get-out-of-bed-or-stop-crying place.

As for my check in: I was up until 1am, but finished the taxes!! (can't believe I am the only procrastinator in this motley crew. Fess up, the rest of you). It was awful because I had to reconstruct my entire year to figure and document mileage and other petty expense details. Good news is that because I earned less than expected, and we gave more away, and we deferred more income (yay, catchup retirement contributions for those over 50), we will get a nice refund. And duh, I guess I should have used the married rather than single tax tables during the year to figure my quarterly tax payments. My stupidity amazes me sometimes - I couldn't figure out why I had to pay so much!!

And I got to the Y this morning. So far a good day.

Hope you all are having a good one too.

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I'm a procrastinator, and a friend of mine sent me a link to flylady, but I won't sign up for newsletters. I hear they bombard you with 'tips' :D

Mari would be just fine Celtic.

I too am trying to get myself organised this spring and start working on my lists of 'things to do.' It's amazing how you can get stuck in a rut and then it sort of cascades into the health and exercise aspect of your life.

Thanks for starting this thread Sweeby. I like the idea of checking in and being accountable on some levels.

Have a great day everyone.

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Wow Sweeby - six pounds - that is great!

Pirula - I've been thinking about you too! I think I kind of know the type of funk you are talking about. I've had those times where I am just unmotivated, uninspired, and just don't feel like doing anything but eating and drinking vino!! At times like that I've found I could change completely overnight if I had some fun/interesting project/event to focus on. I haven't had this kind of funk in quite a while - I'm not sure what changed. Though I have gone alcohol free - not sure if that had anything to do with it. Anyway, hang in there!

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Oh Sweeby! That's wonderful news -- I'm so happy for you! Just think: if you keep up the good work, by next week you'll have lost even more weight!

Now Ivette: you DO have it together. But you have a full plate for now. rococo's right-- lose the wine, cut the bread & sweets, and you've got a start. Little things add up before you know it. Sounds like you're really pressed for time, so when you shop, maybe you could load up on canned beans & lots of frozen veggies to throw into crockpot soups & stews. That'll add volume but few calories, and are quick & easy to boot.

Hey, mariposatracianara, welcome!

neverdone, do you have some favorite exercise videos?

Off to bike ride. Need to buck up & brave the cold...brrrr! Checked my BMI at the CDC web site. I am officially no longer obese: merely overweight.

Here is a link that might be useful: BMI calculator from Centers for Disease Control

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I took the day off from exercise today. DH was up at 1:30am trying to carry on a conversation and again at 5:30am - and I didn't even get to sleep until 11:30pm. YIKES - I need my sleep. That combined with a grueling day of work and I was ready to come home and just go to bed immediately.

I did manage to redeem myself on dinner though - salmon, broccoli, squash and skim milk. DH helped make dinner which was a rare treat. I think I sounded really haggard when I called to say when I'd be home. Okay, I'm out of here - going to be early tonight - and I can't wait for the weekend!

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I only have a minute, but I wanted to thank you. You guy are sweet. Not to worry, I am not depressed. Been there, done that, this ain't that.

Just overwhelmed I guess, and there just aren't enough hours in the day. I have a hard time bothering to diet if I can't work out. Is that just an excuse? Maybe. I dunno. I have GOT to figure out a way to get to the gym. It doesn't help that I had it together for six months before I left Cairo, lost 16 pounds, was running two miles, and now I'm a mess again. Well, at least I know I can do it again.

I've got to walk 39 miles in two day at the end of the month. Yah, that should be a boost eh? Jeez. I HAVE to do it too, I've raised over $4K and I cannot let my friends down!


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Wow Ivette - $4K! That's outstanding! How can you call yourself 'a mess' when you've done that? What's the cause?

And taxes?... Celtic, how can you call yourself a procrastinator when you've got them done? I haven't even started yet! I positively *hate* doing taxes.

An update on the school 'thing' -- I talked with the director of our private school, and she pretty much nixed the low-functioning class as too low, and the high-functioning class as already full. She said she'd look into the various class mixes, but I didn't hear much hope. I've started the process toward public school enrollment, and brought DS by the school yesterday when I dropped off his information. He got to meet the diagnostician and the principal, and was thoroughly charming, shaking hands, saying "nice to meet you Mrs. ___" and remembering names. It'll be interesting to see what kind of placement they propose for him. It could be a great opportunity for him - being around more typically-developing children in a typical classroom for the first time ever. But it will also be a challenge to his self-esteem, and if we go that route, he will be forced to confront his differences. Scary all around.

Is everyone still here? KitchencrazyChris? Starpooh? Lori? Claire?

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I'm here this morning with a sore throat. I was getting ready for the gym yesterday evening when the weather changed (tornado-type storms). Maybe it was a good thing because I started to feel really weak as the night wore on.

Hoping to maybe walk a little if I don't get knocked down too severely with whatever I picked up.

I gave up chocolates (my real weakness) for Lent. Come Easter Sunday and I'll be a maniac with those chocolates :(

We've eaten brown rice for at least 20 years. I also make whole wheat breads and muffins, and try to sneak in some whole wheat when I make pizza as well. We use whole wheat pasta for lasagna and the kids really love it.

The other thing I changed with the kids was to start buying organic peanut butter with no added oil, sugar or salt. You'd be surprised at what the regular store brands add to their peanut butter.

Have a great, productive day everyone. I'm off to take something for this sore throat. I wonder if it's strep???

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Ivette - $4K is awesome! By the sound of it, you're doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer too! I've never done it before, but the Boston one is at the end of May. I'm almost done with my fundraising, but only $1800, not $4K!!!

As for my eating and workouts - I've been trying to eat breakfast which has definitely helped with the cravings all morning, and I don't eat the junk anymore. Made it to the gym on Mon, volleyball on Wed, and gym this afternoon. Then lots of walking this weekend.

Keep up the good work everyone!

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1703 cals eaten today. Will burn off about 300 of that after 45 min. on the elliptical. I need to stay under 1588 cals today to continue my weight loss: 22 lbs. to date. I tell ya, calorie counting works.

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Hi all -

Glad to see so many of you hangin' in!

awm & sweeby - congrats on your losses!

Ivette - Don't be too hard on yourself. I think most of us can relate to being in that rut with weight that you just CAN'T drag yourself out of. Someone mentioned to start with small things and work into a more of a program when you are mentally ready. Every small accomplishment & good choice is a victory! Signing up for 39 miles?? Huge victory!

For the last week & 1/2 I have been trying to make small changes to get myself on the right track. I've been walking 5x week. I've also tried not to totally deprive myself, but to make better choices and eat small portions more often. So far, Ive lost 4 pounds, so I am happy to be moving in the right direction!

In the past, I have found that my biggest challenge is to keep going. I feel like I have so far to go, and get overwhelmed with the big picture. Does anyone else have this problem?

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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Hey, neverdone. Good on you re your 4 lbs. lost & your small changes in the right direction. Keep it up!

re overwhelmed: yes, sometimes the best you can do is muddle through but make sure to do the right things bit by bit. Perseverance, I think, is more important than talent in a lot of ways. I have another 50 pounds to lose, but if I dwell on that, I get discouraged. Focusing on making the day's calorie goals is more do-able.

How's everybody else doing? Hope everyone has a happy & healthy weekend. Whole grains & fruits & veggies, y'all!

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The weather here is gorgeous today! Maybe 65 degrees, clear, light breezes. I walked for an hour today and am full of energy. Gotta go do something positive for the rest of the day...

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Sweeby and all:

I have you wonderful supportive people to thank- I believe I'm onto something that will probably change my life. After a couple of weeks of this no white food business, I have realized a few things-
-I'm not hungry between meals
-I don't get that 'eating dinner WHILE fixing dinner' binge going
-far more energy
-not a migraine the entire time

-no problems with a previously 'unhappy gut' which I had attributed to arthritis meds ripping my intestines up

I think there is a good chance that I'm gluten-sensitive, as a piece of whole-wheat bread Thursday started immediate unpleasantness again. I hadn't had any gluten-containing foods since I signed on to the Sweeby Program- pretty much fruit, veggies and meats, all simply prepared. My appointment for a test is in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I really do feel better- thank you all!

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