Can this floor be saved?

djohn36755September 1, 2012

Sad day - we put our 15 year old dog to sleep this morning. She had kidney faillure this last year and my entire downstairs is compromised. It is factory-finished oak flooring in a medium stain. In spite of our diligence - she often had accidents that have resulted in dark patches of stains. I know the idea would be the rip it all out but we cannot afford to do that now. I wondered if we could have them sanded - re-stain a dark color and refinished? I'm not obsessed with perfection but would like them to look better. There doesn't seem to be any odor but the discoloration remains. Thanks for your ideas!

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You can try to sand and refinnish them but the dog urin usually soaks down in the planks fairly deep. It might take a few try's.

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