If you have had gall bladder removal surgery, please talk to me.

cream_pleaseDecember 17, 2006

I had laparascopic gall bladder surgery eleven days ago. The surgeon also repaired an umbilical hernia at the same time.

My incisions are healing fine, the bruising is moderate, and I'm slowly seeing an increase in strenth. The problem?

No matter what I eat (and I eat very little, and mostly plain, fat free foods) it causes bloating in my mid and upper abdomen.

It was not so much at first, but more in the last 4 to 5 days.

Have you had this experience? How did you find relief or help? Any idea what causes this?

I thought after gall bladder surgery I'd be able to introduce normal food slowly back into my diet, but not the case, as everything seems to have the same bloating effect.

Hope these questions don't gross you out, but there's always someone out there who's gone through stuff before you.

I'd really appreciate your answers.



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Check with your doctor. Eleven days is not a long time. You are still healing internally. Don't try to rush things.

You said "Mostly plain fat free foods" For a while, you really need to be able to say "Always" instead of "Mostly"

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Thank you, Agnespuffin,
My doctor said essentially the same thing today.
Your point re: still healing internally is correct.
Thanks for taking time to answer.

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Yes! It's just too soon. I was not back to a normal diet for about 3 months. Even with laparoscopy, you can expect some adjustment, as your digesive system has lost a major contributor. Small meals or nibbling is what I remember having to do.

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Thank you, Linnea.
It's always helpful to hear from someone who has personal experience to share. I trust you are doing well now.

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I had my gallbladder removed in July because I was having problems with my stomach, vomiting daily. My gallbladder was diseased, but it didn't cure the vomiting. I had many more tests run and they figured out that my stomach emptied very slowly, and what didn't empty into my bowels quickly enough was thrown up. They put me on Zelnorm about two months ago and I haven't vomited since.

I had been warned that the gallbladder removal might not solve the stomach problem, but it was definitely needing to be removed.

I had a nuclear scan on my stomach to diagnose this, I had to eat a radioactive hard boiled egg. No lie. Then I had to lay in the scanner for two hours while it digested. They watched how long it took to digest and that is when they realized I was a "poor emptier" (my official diagnosis!). The Zelnorm has gotten me back on a regular diet, although I am careful because a lot of fatty foods will still cause heartburn and make me feel ill.

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I had the lap. gallbladder removal last April and my doctor told me nothing about eating differently! I do notice that certain foods don't "agree" with me anymore, notably granola-type cereals.

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I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago and it seemed like I got diarhea right after I ate! It has somewhat slowed down now, but I still have instances.

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I had the surgical removal long before the laparscopy and had and still do the same problems. My doctor told me I'd never be able to eat "normal" again. My problems are with fats, gritty like cornmeal or grits type things, and sugar. I have diarhea immediately after eating and sometimes during a meal and also a lot of gas. I choose to eat what I like and suffer the consequences when I'm at home but try to do better when out. My gastrologist said he doesn't have a problem with me taking Immodium daily during the week and not on weekends so I've been doing that when I go out and it really seems to help. I hope you all get better.


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Bloating and/or diahrrea afflicts about 40% of those whose gallbladder has been removed. For some it gets better over time (months or years) but for many it does not. Bile which has been stored by the gallbladder is now being dumped directly into the intestines, and that can be irritating. A low fat high fiber diet is helpful to reduce the amount of bile being produced and take it through the system faster.
A low fat high fiber diet is beneficial for everyone, and you will feel better if you adhere to it.

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My daughter had it a few weeks ago and recovered very quickly. She did get sick about 5 days after surgery b/c she ate Mexican food. Other than that, it's been clear sailing.

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I had nausea for years but ultrasounds showed no gallstones; finally, at a different radiology center, another ultrasound did show stones. I had the laprascopic cholesystectomy ( gallbaldder was filled to over-flowing with countless small stones) & went home the same day. After a minimal recovery period, I have had no more nausea & can eat anything now: Spanish food, pizza, fatty ice cream, etc. & have no problems at all. My mom had the procedure done but years before & had the major open abdominal surgery done back then. She also had no lasting effects (though her recovery back then was a week in the hospital & on a gastric tube) & she too could eat anything afterwards so I guess everyone has a different reaction to gallbladder removal & the diet afterwards.

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i had my gallbladder removed 4 days ago and i still cant eat alot of foods or alot at one time. but i did find out that i have celiac disease and it was helping my gallbladder mess me up. i now have to stay away from all foods that have wheat, glutton, or barley. everything is connected. so anyone who is having problems with gas and general pain should ask the dr to run a blood test. most food has wheat or glutton in it. now that i had the procedure done and staying away from foods with wheat. i can eat with out the gas and pain.

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I just had gall bladder surgery one week ago today, and thinking it would be much more quickly healed have wondered about the awful bloating and belching I've been having. I was, we thought diagnosed with IBS, so gas was an issue, so we have yet to know if that's the case or it's the healing process. I've been staying on low fat, high fiber, and not eating much. I have followup next Tuesday and will bring this up with the doctor as well as these helpful entries. Thanks all.

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I had my gall bladder removed last June and the bloating seems to be worse not than it was before. It doesn't matter what I eat. I do not eat alot either. I am not sure where to go from here. It hurts and I get alot of acid reflux now also.

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Hi everyone. I thought I would stop in and share what has helped me. I had my Gallbladder removed Via single incision lappy about a month ago. my surgeon told me to stay away from spicy or fatty foods for a week and then after that I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted. I listened and as soon as that week was up I went for it! I was on a pretty much zero fat diet for a year due to horrible attacks almost nightly...So I was ready! I handled the food fine. They only thing I noticed at first was that I was rather constipated after the surgery ( I was always very regular) and also that I kept getting really bloated (couldn't even button my jeans) and I would get really bad gas pains. This was happening nightly since my surgery. The bloating and gas would wake me up in the middle of the night, I was so uncomfortable. I have had steak twice since surgery and both times I have had extreme gas pains that almost felt worse than my gallbladder attacks!

Anyways, after some extensive web searching I found a couple of sites that said I should try digestive enzymes. Apparently since we no longer have gallbladders it is harder for us to digest proteins and fats...and just about everything. So after reading some reviews I went to GNC and bought their "Super digestive Enzymes." It was the best 14 dollars I have ever spent. I take one after breakfast, one after lunch and two after dinner. I have been taking them for a week now and I feel COMPLETELY better. after the second night I haven't had any gas pains or bloating. Last night I put it to the test and my husband made Pork chops, Cesar salad and baked potatoes with a ton of cheese and sour cream. I slept like a baby, no gas no bloating. If you are still having problems I suggest giving it a try. also I find it really irresponsible that Surgeons don't tell us how not having a gallbladder will affect our digestion. They make it sound like we will be 100% better after surgery. However, I am grateful I don't have attacks anymore...and I am VERY grateful I don't have to spend 300 dollars for an ER visit anymore! : )
Good luck everyone!

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