light box for SAD?

shaddy101December 9, 2007

I am seriously considering purchasing one of these as I live in Wisconsin, and have hated winter for as long as I can remember. Wanting to hole up, like a bear in the winter, going to bed with the chickens, you name it.

I am hoping there is someone else on this forum, that perhaps has already purchased one of these, and genuinely feels better because of it, or can truthfully say it does no good at all.

What have you to say?

Would be much appreciated, as there are so many pros and cons about this depression and treating it with light as opposed to drugs, which I despise.

Be glad to hear from anyone who might have a comment.

Thanks you for your time.

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I had a friend who felt much better with the use of a light box. She had no energy in the winter. As a matter of fact, she had to be careful not to use the light box for too long. Otherwise, she would have so much energy that she couldn't sleep.
Good luck.

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My sister and a friend use one and both have said that it helps them a lot. I am getting one soon because my SAD has been getting progressively worse as well. Last year, I took a Caribbean cruise and didn't need one; this winter I have no vacations planned:(

The only con is that if you are not truly SAD, then the light box won't help. I feel bad for you- I'm in NC and barely make through winter; I think I would have gone to bed with the chickens long ago in WI!

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I have used a light box for SAD for over 10 yr. Also you can get full spectrum lights that are florscent screw in bulbs at some stores. We also have full spectrum florscent tube bulbs in the kitchen, and a few other spaces. I get ours at Home Depot, and they are reasonably priced. Also taking vit. d. in the form of cod liver oil helps in winter. I take 800 IU or units a day, I use the flavored liquid oil, and sometimes the capsules. There is a forum on one of the big email carrier sites (can't post the name, as this site does not permit it, but it starts with y. Lots of tips, helps, and ideas there. If you join a forum look for one with the most members, as there will be more activity.

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My sister recently replaced some light bulbs in her apartment with some full-spectrum bulbs from Blue Max Lighting. She said it helps a lot.

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So my wonderful hubby got me a lightbox for Yule. I am doing much better this year, despite no cruise. I feel more energetic and I don't have such a short fuse. I still get up waaaayyyyy too early and it's waaaaayyyy too dark.

On a good note, today I noticed my daffodils are starting to come up, we got our first baby squirrel at the wildlife rehab center, and I heard spring peepers (frogs) tonight. Spring has sprung, and not a moment too soon.

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Bright full spectrum lights do seem to help. If I'm working in my studio with these lights on I work well at night until quite late. But if I just sit in a chair with a book I'll fall asleep at 8PM --Even under full spectrum -- it takes a lot of them -- they have to be bright -- to energize you.

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