Tums help needed

trancegemini_waDecember 29, 2008

Hi, this is a bit of a strange question but I have a little dog who has kidney disease and I found a couple of recipes for a home made diet which might be helpful for her.

one of the ingredients is 1 teaspoon of tums powder but Im in Australia and I cant get it here, we do have a similar product of calcium carbonate in a tablet form, but I need to convert the amount so I'm trying to find out how much is in the powder.

Can anyone tell me how much calcium carbonate is in a teaspoon of tums? maybe it says something on the packet? or any info so I can work it out?

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I crushed a tablet and it came to about 3/4 tsp which is 750mg of calcium carbonate so I judge that a teaspoon would be 1000 mg.

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thanks devorah, I really appreciate it. I'll be able to use that to convert the tablets I have here

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I don't think I have ever seen Tums powder. It's always in tablet form.

I have a "Maximum Strength" that says it has 1000 mg calcium carbonate per tablet. It also has sucrose, corn starsh, talc and some other stuff. it's about the size of a dime.

Perhaps your local druggest could suggest a source for just calcium carbonate.

Tums can be constipating for some people. Watch your doggie to make sure it doesn't do the same for her.

Good luck!

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Echoing what Agnes said, I never take a tums without taking a tablet of magnesium at the same time. I have kidney disease and my specialist is okay with my doing this. I don't know if that relates to dogs at all.

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thanks agnes and devorah. The batch of food is quite big so the calcium carbonate only works out to a small amount in there but it's interesting what you said about the magnesium devorah because the tablets here have calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate and magnesium trisilicate in them as well. I'll check with the vet next week and see what she thinks of it.

great idea agnes, If the vet thinks the magnesium could cause problems I'll see if the pharmacy can sell me just the calcium carbonate in a powder. I'd forgotten chemists do that sort of thing!

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