My Christmas present from Social Security

downsouthDecember 30, 2004

I received my second denial from Social Security for disability benefits a week before Christmas. My attorney's secretary called and said he was starting the appeal process, but it would take at least a year, and not to get discouraged.

How important is it to keep going to the doctor during this year and do I need to go a certain amount of times? I do want to get another MRI done of my back (probably in Feb or Mar) because my sister said I could also have bone spurs on my spine and even a herniated disc. I am surprised my doctor has not recommended more tests, as the last MRI was in 1997, yet he keeps writing me prescriptions for pain killers and muscle relaxers.

I don't know what we will do financially if I lose this appeal, even though my attorney seems so confident and he wins "100% of his SS cases", I am not quite as confident as he is. We will probably have to sell our house if we can't get some additional income. You would think after 35 years of working that you wouldn't have to fight for what you paid into all your life.

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Dee, my heart goes out to you. Have you considered going to a different doctor? Seems that a follow-up MRI is overdue by now.

I have bone spurs and compressed disks in my neck. I'm almost 50 and they are starting to cause problems. I can only imagine how good my neck is going to feel when I'm 70.

I hope you get good results and everything you need very soon.


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Pooh Bear

Hang in there. It took us almost 2 years to get approved.
I went all the way up thru the appeals till I got a hearing with a judge.

I have the opinion that these lawyers won't take the case unless they think they can win. They don't want to waste time on it otherwise.

Pooh Bear

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Don't give up, they have to be very careful because of the people who try to get it and don't need it. My son even tried to get it and there is nothing wrong with him. His wife was raised on government money simply because they know how to get it. People like that make it hard on people with real problems.

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Thank you all for your kindness. I am calling my doctor Monday to tell him I want to have more tests done to see if I could have something else going on. I am really surprised he hasn't recommended another MRI. Does anyone know if an MRI is the corect test to see if you have bone spurs or a herniated disc?

If I get denied the third time, I believe it is because my monthly benefit amt. is close to $1,000 and they don't want to pay that much money, even if I have worked all my life. I just turned 55 in October.

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I work with disabled folks and part of my job is to help them get on and stay on soc. security. From my experience, they turn EVERYONE down a few times and you have to fight till the end. I'm sure they will eventually approve you, especially because you have a good lawyer. It my opinion, have as much "proof" as possible, tests done from 4 or 5 years ago won't mean squat to them. Get as many tests done as you need to prove your need. Good luck!!

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Thanks, jennmonkey. I went to see my neurologist yesterday and told him about the difficulty I am having sleeping, because I have to sleep on my stomach to get any sleep. He touched the lower part of my back and asked if it hurt there and I almost jumped off the table. I am scheduled for an MRI on 1/24 so I'll be anxious to see what is going on and why I have daily back pain. I don't know if the degenerative disc disease is worse or if there is something else happening.

My lawyer told me I have a good case, so I'll have to be patient for about a year until SS gets around to reviewing my case. I guess you go before a judge on the third time - my attorney filed my appeal on 12/23 so he said don't be surprised if it's Christmas before we hear from SS. They must really be behind. I am praying I can get approved, as this would drastically help our financial situation.

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They base their ruling on the fact that most applicants can do some kind of work, even though it may not be what they want or what they have been trained to do. There is one woman in my town in a wheelchair that is a part time greeter at Walmark. Certainly that's not what she was trained for, but it's a job. You will have to prove that you have difficulty both standing and sitting. Also that you are in pain. This means close contact with a doctor and all the tests that he can think of. You need a comparison of recent Xray and MRI and those that were taken previously so that the changes can be verified. Have patience, you'll get it. Bad backs are difficult to evaluate.

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