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shamira_momDecember 17, 2005

Hi all!

I have a basal cell carcinoma on my nose, and am looking for alternatives to mohs surgery.

I have been recommended a cream called 'Curaderm' which is unique in killing cancerous cells and not healthy ones.

Has anyone else herd of or used it?


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The danger with the "escharotic" treatments like Curaderm are that they may remove only the upper part of the tumor and leave a deeply embedded part to continue to grow, and later require really invasive surgery. When you have a tumor removed by surgery they send it to the lab to make sure the surgeon got the whole thing.

The danger with these "100% cure rate" methods sold over the internet is that they have no way to track success or failures ... the claims of 100% cure rate are usually the sign of a quack remedy.

I looked through the various reports on Curaderm and the supposed active ingredients ... it follows the usual pattern of something being reported to have "anti-cancer" properties in experiments and then nothing happens. Usually this means that the preliminary reports couldn't be reproduced by other labs, or it was too difficult to get it to work.

The reports I cold find that have dates are from the late 1980s and early 1990s ... it's not a good sign when a product is not widely used and the research is old.

And the incredients and applicaiton method they recommend: it has a Salicyclic Acid and Urea at relatively high concentrations ... these alone may be enough to eat away at the cancerous area. (wart removers have the same incredients).

I'd suggest the surgery - it's got a far better track record.

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First surgery for a cancer on my lip didn't get all the cells and the dermatologist sent me to a Mohs surgeon. He tracked all the cells down and removed them. There has been no recurrence of the cancer for 10 years. I had a very good plastic surgeon who reconstructed the lip area and no one can tell there was a problem. I, too, would advise the surgery.

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I met a guy once that used Curaderm on his dog. It seemed to work just as the literature states. He found the process simple and much cheaper than having tumors removed via surgery.

I've considered using it myself (not on my dog) because places I've had burned off with liquid Nitrogen have come back in 10 years - and I'd like them to be gone for good. But I will wait for more evidence and consult with a doctor before I purchase it.

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I had basal cell on my ear and the dr. had me use Aldara to clear it up. Your dr. may be very right about the need for
Mohs surgery. If you are uncomfortable with this, maybe you could get a second opinion.

You may have already had this taken care of by now. Let us know how it's going.

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Ever seen anyone who has had incomplete removal of a basal cell carcinoma on the face.....several times?
It's not pretty! Get it all removed the first's a lot less disfiguring than repeatedly carving away at your face.
Linda C

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I had a small basal cell carcinoma removed in 1999 that was under my eye. The first slice didn't get it all but they checked via biopsy and the second one did. I can't even call it surgery. The doctor just rubbed some numbing cream on and sliced it off. The second removal still was an area smaller than a pencil eraser. It didn't leave a scar.

I don't know what mohs surgery is but I'd never trust some cream to remove cancer!

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Have you considered radiation? It is painless and leaves
no scar. I have had both the Mohs and radiation. The
downside is the Mohs will leave a scar. The radiation is
quite lengthy, having go every day for a few weeks for just
a minute of radiation.

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Hi everyone!

I wanted to ask any and everyone for some much needed advice. I am 32 and was just diagnosed (after strongly and repeatidly asking my doctor to rebiopsy an area on my nose) with a BCC. She offered to treat it with cream, radiation or a Mohs surgery. They are definitely pushing the radiation bc they are VERY concerned about my being young and having a scar (though I'm hacked all over from all my biopsies). For me, I just want to get rid of it so I want the mose effective method. Which would you recommend I do? I am not even considering the cream...Also, does a doctor need to qualify to do this? Should I go to a plastic surgeon if I go the Mohs route? I work with someone who had this done by this doctor and it was a nightmare and looks terrible. Thanks in advance!

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The MOHS surgery I had was performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Also on the face. Left cheek just below the outer corner of the eye. As explained to me, the procedure removes the largest area that they know is affected first and then they take thin slivers around the perimeter of the area, test for cancer cells and continue in this fashion until no cancer cells show up. This procedure is different to previous (or other) methods that indiscreminately remove a very large area to insure that all the cancer cells are removed. In other words, they only remove as much as necessary to get all the cancer without causing more scarring that necessary.

I would definetly use this method over other types of surgery or a cream that is not proven.

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As far as alternatives go for cancer and other diseases Google hydrogen peroxide therapy. I've been researching this for several months. It's a popular therapy in Europe and other countries throughout the world but poo-pooed in the US because it is inexpensive. They reason it is dangerous but after you find out their reasons, plain common sense will make them transparent.

Logically, healthy tissues thrive in oxygen; diseases don't can't. This is all I will divulge. Remember... hydrogen peroxide gives oxygen to the blood! Do your own research and don't believe all you are told about medicines. Good luck, long life and laughter!

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Can anyone recommend either having the Mohs surgery OR the radiation. I know the pros and cons of each but I'm still not sure which is the better route! I would never even consider the cream! Thanks all :o)


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I've had Mohs surgery for a basal cell carcinoma right under the inside corner of my right eye. My dermatologist (who is listed as one of the Top Docs in the US) was concerned about it being so close to the tear duct, so he referred me to a Mohs specialist. I am extremely happy with the surgery, and with the result. I have a teensy tiny scar that is almost imperceptible -- you have to know where to look and even then it is difficult to see. I would not hesitate to have Mohs surgery if I have another skin cancer.

I've had three skin cancers on my face. Two were squamous cell - one on my forehead, and the other on the side of my nose. I was going to a different dermatologist at the time, and he just had me come back to his office where he removed more of the area surrounding the cancer. I wish that I'd had the Mohs surgery instead, but I didn't even know about it at the time.

Here is a quote about Mohs surgery, taken from the web site linked below:

"The cure rate for Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the highest of all treatments for skin cancerÂup to 99 percent even if other forms of treatment have failed. This procedure, the most exact and precise method of tumor removal, minimizes the chance of regrowth and lessens the potential for scarring or disfigurement."

Here is a link that might be useful: Mohs Surgery

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Before you jump into the above spam "cures" I suggest you search on phrases like Jim Humble scam, or you can go to Amazon book reviews and read the one-star reviews.

For unbiased opinions and suggestions for effective natural cures, search on topical skin cancer treatment. The site is run by a survivor. I only know him from the site. I'm a twenty year melanoma survivor and have healed other skin cancers as well. Find the forums on there and you'll see some amazing cures.

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I am amazed that anyone would ask a question like that. This is not something you can use a home remedy on, this is your face if not your life. I don't know how old you are or if you have any small children. What if you try something and it removes visual stuff but not all of the growth????? Your children will not have a mom.

My husband had basil cell and had it removed right away.

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Mohs Surgery [quoted from an online source]
Mohs micrographic surgery is a state-of-the-art treatment for skin cancer in which the physician (usually a dermatologist) serves as surgeon, pathologist, and reconstructive surgeon. ... The end result is a very high cure rate (over 99% for new cancers and 95% for recurrent cancers) with minimal removal of healthy tissue.
The Bottom Line
Skin cancers should be medically diagnosed and treated. Those located in readily visible areas (eyes, nose, lips, or scalp) should be treated with Mohs surgery."

My point of view: This summary makes it sound like Mohs surgery is just a minor procedure. If you have a strong enough stomach to look at photos of people who underwent Mohs surgery, do a Google search on "Mohs surgery" and then click on images. What you'll find are photos of people who had big chunks of cancerous tissue taken out of their face and needed multiple extensive surgeries to reconstruct what was left.

There are before and after photos of an attractive young woman who had a small basal cell carcinoma on her nose and got lucky with reconstructive surgery. Notice how extensive the surgery is for what started as a small red bump. At one point she looks like Zorro slashed her face.

Keep in mind that multiple reconstructive surgeries may be needed and each one exposes the patient to MRSA and other hospital-borne infections.

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