head lice question

forensicmomDecember 26, 2010

HELP! I just found head lice on my 9 year old daughter. She has very thick long hair and I noticed a bug on the top. After inspection, I realized that there were more of them. I checked my other two daughters and noticed a few dandruff looking things. I assumed they were nits but how do I tell if it's just the seborreah dermatitis that they already have? They have white patches and flaky skin in spots. I'm not sure whether to treat the other two or not.

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Nits are extremely hard to pull off, the dandruff will brush off. Nits and lice need to be killed with a special shampoo then comb their hair very thoroughly with a special comb (the "nitpicker!"). It wouldn't be a bad idea to do all the kids' hair because if one has it, most likely they all do.

Change all bed linens and throw them in the washer on the hottest setting, and and stuffed animals that can be washed should go in there too. Wash all their clothes and especially hats too. PITA, but getting it done once is better than not doing a thorough job the first time and having to redo it.

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I would say definitely treat all of your children. I have seen many horror stories with the chemical shampoos, including it melting all the hair off my friends 5 yo. I have had excellent results using mayo. coat the hair and scalp with a liberal amount and wrap the head in saran wrap for at least 4 hours. Wash with regular shampoo and comb out the nits with a nitcomb. This can be repeated the following day if you feel it necessary. I have five children and many years experience battling lice that has come home on my kids through the years. I feel much better using a natural remedy on the child and the chemical on the furniture/pillows. Washing the bedding the machine seems to work fine. Good luck!! Work quick!!

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When I was in grade school most of the kids had headlice.the ones that did not used some kind of head pomade on their hair.If you grease your roots the lice cannot crawl on the grease. try some white vasiline on your roots.It may look greasy but it's harmless and chreap.

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"try some white vasiline on your roots.It may look greasy but it's harmless and chreap"

NO NO NO! You will be SO sorry. Glob some vaseline on your hand and try to wash it off, not even dish liquid will get it all off right away, and being in your hair is just 100x worse. My cousin wanted to be a punk rocker for Halloween one year and his mom gave him a mohawk with Vaseline, we used scrub brushes with every type of cleaning solution (we even resorted to powder cleanser) but NOTHING took it all out. We had to shave his head, I am glad I wanted to be a ballerina!

I know you Goldy, you have your heart in the right place but I know first hand this is not a good idea.

Stick with an OTC lice shampoo or use a soluable natural solution like mayo. I have heard Mayo works, but you really have to coat every hair and leave it on for so long and if your kids aren't very patient you might have a house that smells like a sandwich for a while and some greasy stains on your furniture.

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