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flouryDecember 23, 2006

Hello, I'd like to know if someone could recommend a good skin cream. I live in a dry cold place, and have noticed as I get older that my usual quickie hand cream isn't enough anymore. After a shower, is there a good all-over lotion I could try? I love Noxema, but the smell is too much, and it's expensive. Vaseline works well to hold moisture, but it's so messy. Any suggestions? And thank you!

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Be sure to use a soap like Caress that has cold cream or aloe in it. It helps! After that, I use Lubriderm. I find that I may have to reapply at night before bedtime.

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You might try AmLactin 12% by Upsher Smith...the PT at my doctors office uses it (where they are washing hands many times per day) but it's good for rough dry skin any where on your body.

Fragrance free so no irritation from perfumes, no annoying scent to compete with your chosen fragrance. (has neutralized lactic acid, a naturally occuring humectant for skin)

It can be a little hard to find, while not a prescription, I buy it at a family owned Rexall drug here, one of the old-fashioned type drugstores.

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I bought some Amlactin 12% last week, and it seems to be a good lotion, but I haven't used it long enough to really tell yet. Eucerin lotion and Neutrogena emulsion are both very good for dry skin.
Mrs H

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I don't know where you live, but if there is a Trader Joe's nearby, you might try their "Udderly smooth" cream. It is really good and only $4 a jar. What a bargain!! I use it exclusively now and I am a diabetic with really dry skin

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The best one to use is Eucerin plus extensive repair lotion.
Have used it for most of my life and have very dry, sensitive skin. It's also the lotion that most orthopedic surgeons will tell you to use after a cast is removed to replenish moisture in the very dry scaly skin that is left when the cast is removed.
Another suggestion that my dermatologist had me start was to use nothing but aveeno moisturizing bar for a soap, when ever I shower or take a bath, and if taking a bath to use the daily moisturizing bath solution in the water.

Other important things to do to help prevent dry itchy skin is never have the water really hot when bathing, and don't take daily showers unless necessary in the winter.

Following these methods has, even in a cold New England winter and very dry heat, prevented most of my dry, itchy skin.

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There was a time some years back that I had dry skin, particulary my arms and upper legs........I used to slather myself with vaseline, with little to no results. Someone suggested using body lotion right after getting out of the shower, that helped quite a bit, I use any kind of cream, but some of the ones others suggested are a good idea. Then I bought some body gloves in the beauty aisle (cost range from $2.99 to 7.99), they are gloves that are a bit abrasive. You use them in the tub or shower, wet them, lather them up with soap and start washing, the scrubbing takes off the dead dry skin. I am 50 yrs. old and my skin is incredibly soft,my husband thinks so too. I have given these gloves to many of my friends who also are addicted to them and love the results. I can't say it would be the total answer for you, but it worked for me. And also try to drink plenty of water......... hope that helps some. Happy New Year

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I used to have dry skin too. I found a great moisturizer..Renew. It is from Melaleuca. They have great stuff.

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I also have very dry skin.Sometimes I itch myself bloody during the night! What I do is I keep baby oil in my shower and before I shut the water off I rub about a teaspoon all over. It can be messy,but it works.Another thing I just discovered-you'll laugh- Crisco shortening. I am perimenopausal and my face is just flaking away. I tried just the tiniest bit of shortening on my face and it absorbed right in and my skin looks great.And it didn't make me break out.

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