Periodontist Question - AM I crazy or is he?

colorcrazyDecember 1, 2010

For six years, I went to a periodontist who did everything - cleaning deep scaling, filling cavities, etc. He was the sweetest man and had a wonderful staff. Dr. Jack died of cancer last spring and I'm not crazy about the dentist who took over his practice.

So this morning I went to a new periodontist near my office. The xray machine was broken and they did not tell me when I came in. then he starts checking my gums with his assistant recording it on the chart. You know - 1,2,3,2,2,3,4,5,2, etc. Get this - he never noticed that I was missing four teeth, so his assistant had recorded the numbers for the wrong teeth. (I had four teeth pulled as a teen when I got braces. My teeth were literally too big for my mouth.) There is no visible gap because of the braces.

Then he says he is shocked that no one recommended removing my wisdom teeth. I am 62 years old - will be 63 next month and no one has ever suggested this.

The last straw was that he did not clean my teeth and suggested instead that I come back for Scaling and Root Planing, and adding an expensive antibiotic. ($3K per side, which the insurance would likely cover.)

After I left, I realized that he seemed more like a slick salesman than a healer. Please let me know if I am being too suspicious or if you think he sounds unscrupulous.

What do you think? Should I shop around?

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Definitely get a second opinion, for any major surgery you should seek more than one opinion. Good luck!

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Been there done that, I talked to my neighbor about it and she recommended hers. He was great.

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Very definite look for a new one. First, the teeth need to be x rayed and do you really need a periodontist all the time?? Most people don't. Ask other people, your doctor, a nurse you know and trust, and check them out with your dental association.

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You are right Mariend, I don't need one all the time. I stayed with the last one because he did everything, was close, reasonable, nice, great staff, etc,

But now I do need one. Thanks, everyone, for the advice.

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Don't let him come near your teeth anymore!!!

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Our current dentist has become more of a saleswoman than ever, mostly with DH. I'm at the point that I only get cleanings and X-rays from her, I go to the university for anything else. She is just too expensive. DH's whole family used to see the dentist she took over from, we are the only ones left that see her.
She was getting DH for antibiotic treatments for a long time & I didn't know, it was $300 out of pocket every time. I wondered why his appointments took 2 hours.
I would shop around, I know I'm ready to find a new dentist now, too.

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