Broken ribs pain management help please

loralee_2007December 21, 2007

Hi, I don't normally post here but I'm in a lot of pain and hoping someone can help me. I wiped out last night on some ice and broke 1 rib and cracked 1 other. It hurts to sit. It hurts to stand/walk. It friggin hurts to breathe. And dear god help me when I sneezed this afternoon and actually saw stars!

Doctor told me there is nothing I can do but wait for it to heal. The pain was bad last night, but today it's almost unbearable. Muscle spasms, stabbing pain if I move the wrong way/move too fast. How am I suppose to sleep like this? The broken ribs are on my front (just under my left breast) and I sleep on my stomach (I can't sleep on my back as I have sleep apnea which is exacerbated if I sleep on my back).

Please please please tell me it won't hurt like this for the next 6 weeks! I think I'll go mad!! Would ice or heat help? Any other tips would be so greatly appreciated. I am hosting 24 people, many from out of province, for Christmas supper and I just don't know how I'm gonna do that now....


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Oh jeez I really feel for you! I've never broken ribs as far as I know, but last Spring (2007), I was roughhousing with dog - (about 70 lbs weight)...I was on floor in den on my back and dog pounced on me - on ribs on my left side, front. It hurt bad. A couple days later, roughousing again - this time kneeling on foot of bed and dog came up off floor and socked me again in same spot! OUCH!
Needless to say...I had some bad pain to the point of 'seriously considering' going to not only did my front ribs hurt, so did I feel like my HEART hurt, my side hurt, as well as my BACK ribs started hurting.
I never did go to Doc, - (money issues!) - but I quit rough-housing with dog for a long time. (So, I don't know if it was bruised or cracked, or broken!) I don't think broken or cracked, as I felt like if HAD been, money would not be object! LOL!
3-4 months later still hurting but better, but hurting enough to make me 'concerned' it lasted so long. It finally went away.
I'm guessing if you BROKE a rib, it will hurt for quite some time, depending on your age and pain tolerance, of course.
I didn't try heat or cold packs, so I don't know. Did you try to get pain killers or ? to help from Doc?
I don't sleep on back or stomach, mostly on side...However, I slept anyway I could to feel comfortable!
Good Luck, and I hope someone comes along with the heat or cold answer for you. (However, you could call Doc or maybe even a Pharmacy to get answer.)

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The first thing to do is to forget about the party. Hire someone to come in and do the hard work while you just sit and give directions. It's going to hurt for a while until you heal.

Do you have a recliner to sleep in for a week or two? It will help.

Life isn't going to be normal. Plan on doing the unusual if it makes things easier. You want those ribs to heal correctly and as quickly as possible.

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Ouch Cathie! Doc told me it will take around 2 weeks for the sharp pain to go way and it will take 4-6 weeks to heal.

Fortunately, sleep was awesome last night. We have a king size tempur pedic bed so I had no pressure points and I felt awesome when I woke up. Getting IN bed or OUT is enough to make my eyes water, but thankfully I had a wonderful sleep.

Agnes, I wish I could hire someone but it's just not in the budget. Thankfully, I don't have extreme pain when I'm standing. The worst is if I'm sitting. So I can still stand and peel potatoes, etc but my mom will be here so I know she'll help.

I went back to the doctor today and he gave me a killer prescription for Tylenol 3's (160 of them) so that should help me during the day which is the worst as I have so much to do and am too stubborn to not get it done.

Made me feel better (ie: not a baby lol) when he told me he couldn't believe I had walked around for 2 days like this with no pain meds. I told him I'm a farm girl, you get injuries and just deal with it.

What crappy timing. bah humbug.


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