Snot Missiles

zoewolfDecember 12, 2007

Every morning I ride my mountain bike and every morning - especially when it's really cold (really cold to me is below 55 degrees) - my nose starts to run and/or drain. Am not sure that there is much of a difference. However, it's gotten so bad, that I end up shooting "snot missiles" every 20 minutes or so.

I wear contacts, so using an OTC pill to dry up the nasal passages will also probably dry out my eyes.

Any other suggestions (other than wait till it gets warmer - have done that and it still happens, just not so often) would be appreciated.

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I'm sorry. I have no solution for you, but I just have to bump this down (blech). You are quite right not to take an OTC for this

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"snot missles" LOL. Just think of it as the farmer's nose blow, which I became an expert at when mucking out the barn.

No shame here. Just good ol sensible ingenuity.
Nikki LOL

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